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Joga Bonito - Santos F.C

Ronaldo is back in football
Started on 8 August 2013 by andrew98
Latest Reply on 15 September 2013 by Rablador
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The Peixe searchs for a new manager

Claudinei Oliveira, ex-manager of santos, has been sacked by Luis Oliveira, president of the club, because of the bad results and the bad type of game that Santos is planting against their rivals.

"This decision will not affect my relation with the players and the staff of the club, I know that It is my error that the players have not understood each other and understood the tactics that I proposed"

Now all the people is thinking, who can be the new manager?
All the people sees that the closest to take the position of manager is Ronaldo, but others says that is Marcelo Bielsa. Santos president is going to announce the new manager the next week.

"Of course I would accept",%202013-0377.jpg

ESPN interviewed Ronaldo Nazario in the press room, he thinks that he can take the job of manager of Santos F.C, he also talked about his retirement from professional football saying that he want to come back but as a manager.

"The day when I retired from football it was the saddest day of my life, the next days I felt that I had a empty space in my heart, I start talking with a friend that is a fitness coach and he told me that It will not be a good a idea to play again professional football, so he proposed an idea, to be a manager."

"The next day I discussed with my wife and she told me that it was a good idea, so now I am searching for a team where I can manage without pressure"
Oooh, Ronaldo :P He doesn't look that fat :))
Some of the flair demonstrated in Brazilian football is outstanding, it's so exciting :)) Good luck :)
2013-08-08 19:28#126290 Louis O. : Oooh, Ronaldo :P He doesn't look that fat :))
Nop, but he is very hungry
2013-08-08 19:30#126291 Lucas_C : Some of the flair demonstrated in Brazilian football is outstanding, it's so exciting :)) Good luck :)
He is one of the best football players of all time, he was a beast in Barcelona. Thanks :D

The Legend is back

The president of Santos F.C has announced the new manager of team, Ronaldo Nazario has been chosen to take the position of manager. We interviewed the president:
"The discussed a lot with Ronaldos agent about his contract, but Ronaldo didn't gave a lot of importance to that, he looked excited and happy". This is how the president of Santos F.C described the negotiations with Ronaldo Nazarino.

We also interviewed Ronaldo and we ask him how he feel:
"I feel very good to be back in the sport that I love, the president received me very good like if I was part of this family. I will try to make this team like the one of Pele, a machine of goals".

Team Introduction

Team History and Facilities



Ronaldo has a squad full of young players, more than the half of squad are 23 years old or less. Santos F.C has been selling a lot of their stars like Elano and Ganso, two key pieces for the team that are gone, but we still have our main star that is Neymar, but for how long?

[spoiler=Squad Part 1]

Key players

With Ganso and Elano or without them we still have a great team but I need to re-build it and put all the pieces in their places, here are some key players from Santos F.C.
[spoiler=Jorge Fucile]

Young Prospects

Here you can see some prospects from the Santos F.C, the future legends of the club are now in the hands of Ronaldo.

[spoiler=Felipe Anderson]

Ronaldo reveals his first signing

"I am delighted to be able to welcome Romario to the club" was the first sentence that Ronaldo said in the press room presenting his first signing, Romario, he is a 18 years old player that comes from Vitoria.

"He has a brilliant future, but all depends in him" said Ronaldo. In the other hand we talk with Romario and he said: "Its a dream that Ronaldo choose you first for his team, I will do my best to win a place in the first team".
Good luck with Santos, Mr Ronaldo.
Good luck Andres! Joga* bonito! I bet you can make an interesting piece of writing of you (Ronaldo) teach Ney,ar some stuff!
Good luck, I did a Santos story with Ronaldo as manager ( ;) ) so it'll be interesting to see how you do.
2013-08-09 04:18#126340 Arvind : Good luck with Santos, Mr Ronaldo.
Cheers Mr. Arvind

2013-08-09 04:19#126341 Pauker : Good luck Andres! Joga* bonito! I bet you can make an interesting piece of writing of you (Ronaldo) teach Ney,ar some stuff!
Aaa my bad. Yeah I will teach him how to eat, he is very skinny :P

2013-08-09 05:39#126345 AlexTHFC : Good luck, I did a Santos story with Ronaldo as manager ( ;) ) so it'll be interesting to see how you do.
What a coincidence.. :P
Cheers :)


This was the smallest season that I have ever done, I only have played 2 matches and I don't have the time to program more friendly matches, theres only 5 days left until the Sao Paulo State league starts.

Our first match will be vs Guarani, a second division team. In other news I am going to make some "sacrifices so I can extend the contract of Neymar that expires in 2014, so guys what do you think, sell him or renew his contract?

January Update

This was a very good month, good results vs teams of second division and below, we only scored a small amount of goals compared to the numer of shots and possession that we had. We need a striker with experience, we need.. A POACHER!!, but we still poor.

Games Results - Sao Paulo State League

Guarani 1 - Santos 2

Santos 2 - Ituano 0

XV de Piracicaba 0 - Santos 2

Santos 3 - Portuguesa 0

Santos 1 - Mirassol 0

Player of the Month
Best player of the month, Arouca, our brazilian "xavi", 4 assistants in 5 games and a key player in the circulation of the ball in the field. In summary our best midfield player.

February Update

Perfect month for me, we won most of the games playing good and pleasing our fans. There are only 8 matches left we need to make final effort and qualify to the Playoff´s!

Games Results - Sao Paulo State League

Comercial(SP) 0 - Santos 1

Guarantingueta 0 - Santos 2

Santos 1 - Palmeiras 1

Paulista 0 - Santos 1

Santos 3 - Sao Paulo 0

Sao Caetano 0 - Santos 0

League Table - Sao Paulo State League

Player of the Month

In all the matches Neymar played very good, but his best game was vs Sao Paulo, he scored 2 goals and now he is the player with more goals in the league. Neymar is our "MESSIah".

You are reading "Joga Bonito - Santos F.C".

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