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Tactical & Training advice needed

Started on 9 August 2013 by Caelis
Latest Reply on 9 August 2013 by Caelis
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Goodmorning all (for those living in europe anyway),

I got questions about tactics and training. We first start of with tactics.
I'm trying to find the perfect tactic for me
i like to play attractive attacking football (read score lot of goals) without conceding much (read don't want to lose to often). I also like to develop young players trough the youth system. (read those are the 2 board promises i have too so i want to make it happen).
I have one tactic that i found on the internet (yes i'm no good at creating my own tactic) wich is the following
GK goalkeeping defend
DL/DR full back automatic
DLC/DRC central defender defend
MRC central midfield defend
MC advance Playmaker attack
MLC central Midfield support
AML/AMR Inside forward attack
SC Poacher attack
Fluid Attacking

Its not a bad tactic but i struggle to make goals (could be player related or players not yet ready for first team) and i concede a lot meaning i lose important matchen like derby's etc.

I'm now trying Barcelona Hair-Raising Shooting Machine
and i will also give that Elhazal 352 goal machine a chance once i can download it.

For what my players inventory concerns lets jus say i have pretty good players for all positions
i got wellington nem, admilson, fierro and other good players.i got player for almost all the role's possible.

I play in the belgium First division with anderlecht (who else :-p)

I'm just wandering what should be a good tactic
any advice on this is welcome.

What concerns the training. someone once told me that you should put training during the season on balanced average and put indivudual role focus to each player.
But with this the players will only develop in one role i want to have player who are good at different roles (if i wanne try different tactics this is a must). Any good training advice is welcome.

Thanks in advance for all incoming advice

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