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Fantasy League of Champions

Season 2
Started on 11 August 2013 by Michael
Latest Reply on 20 August 2013 by tbendis
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Michael's avatar Group Michael
10 yearsEdited
Ok guys, not a huge banner for now, but I'll make this quite big for a second season (Ziechael can do 3rd season)

I will stretch the following rules:

A starting budget of 150 Million Pound
- At least 3 goalies
- At least 6 players which are 19 or younger
- At least 11 players which are 23 or younger
- At most 7 players which are older than 32
- A squad of at least 25 players
- A squad of at most 35 players

I will have 16 starting places, I may stretch it to 24.

What I need from you:

6 letter name:
Name of Stadium:
Name of city playing in:



1. Michael (Organiser Season 2 and 3rd place Season 1)
2. Ziechael (Organiser and winner Season 1)
3. Van Persie (2nd Season 1)
4. tbendis (4th Season 1) (team in)
5. Louis_O (team in)
6. Justice (team in)
7. Welsy1498 (team in)
8. AlexTHFC (team in)
9. Pixel (team in)
10. Bourani44 (team in)
11. Diazepamll
12. Jozef
13. JoshMcCallan
14. Rablador
15. Kane
16. Walsall_Craig
(17. -) Nathaniel (team in)
(18. -) edu1878
(19. -) Pauker
(20. -)
(21. -)
(22. -)
(23. -)
(24. -) Mohamed


Teamname: Heriod Skidmark Eyers DFC
Nickname: The Brown Stars
6 letter name: HeSkEy
Name of Stadium: Heskey Stadium
Name of city playing in: Rectum

Logo: tbd
Tenues: tbd
Louis O.'s avatar Group Louis O.
10 yearsEdited
Teamname: Evil FC
Nickname: Fat Bastards
6 letter name: Evil FC
Name of Stadium: Volcano Lair
Name of city playing in: Dr Evil's Secret Island

Justice's avatar Group Justice
10 yearsEdited
Teamname: King's Football Club
Nickname: The Royals/KFC
6 letter name: KINGFC
Name of Stadium: The Coronation Grounds
Name of city playing in: Brussels

wellsy1498's avatar Group wellsy1498
10 yearsEdited
Teamname: Samurai Morgan's
Nickname: Morgs
6 letter name: SAMGAN
Name of Stadium: Highbury Moat
Name of city playing in: London


Away :
Kane's avatar Group Kane
10 yearsEdited
Teamname: Mortal Wombats
Nickname: The Wombats
6 letter name: WOMBAT
Name of Stadium: The Wombat Arena
Name of city playing in: Thong, Essex, UK (is that available, if not, somewhere close)


AlexTHFC's avatar Group AlexTHFC
10 yearsEdited
Teamname: Tottenham Saviours
Nickname: Heroes
6 letter name: Heroes
Name of Stadium: Alex Arena
Name of city playing in: Margate


Stocke's avatar Group Stocke
10 yearsEdited
Teamname: Quiltenham United
Nickname: The Golden
6 letter name: Qltnhm
Name of Stadium: The Only
Name of city playing in: ⅄llʎndehir

Logo: Logo #1 Logo #2
Tenues: Home Away
Nic's avatar Group Nic
10 yearsEdited
Teamname: Booboo
Nickname : Booboo Kitty f*ck
6 letter name : JayBOB
Name of Stadium : Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Name of City playing in : New Jersey

Logo :
Tenues : Home Kit

cheers AlexTHFC for the amazing kits!
Tamname: KCC Dinamo Jelenovac
Nickname: PTSPovci
6 letter name: DNPTST
Name of Stadium: Brana Jelenovac
Name of city playing in: Zagreb

Logo: BCC
Tenues: BCC
Jozef's avatar Group Jozef
10 yearsEdited
Teamname: Raynes Park Vale
Nickname: Vale
6 letter name: RP Vale
Name of Stadium: Watery Lane
Name of city playing in: London
JoshMcCallan's avatar Group JoshMcCallan
10 yearsEdited
Team Name: Pugs United
Nickname: Pugg
6lettername: PuGGXI
Name of Stadium: The Kennel
Name of city playing in: Newcastle

Rablador's avatar Group Rablador
10 yearsEdited
Teamname: Bethrington Bewbsly
Nickname: The Beths-by Babes (Credit to Kane for that :P)
6 letter name: BETHBJ
Name of Stadium: Estadio Luisa Zissman
Name of city playing in: Bangkok
Team Name: FC Saddlers
Nickname: Almighty Reds
6 Letter Name: FCSadd
Name Of Stadium: Fellows Park
Name of City Playing in: Staffordshire
Logo - tbd
Tenues - tbd
Nathaniel's avatar Group Nathaniel
10 yearsEdited
Teamname: Bayer NeverLusen
Nickname: We Don't Lose
6 letter name: BayNLu
Name of Stadium: The Unbeatable Arena
Name of city playing in: Aberdeen



Kits :

Ziechael's avatar Group Ziechael
10 yearsEdited
Teamname: The Champions
Nickname: Champions
6 letter name: Champs
Name of Stadium: Champs Crib
Name of city playing in: Leeds



- Home
- Away

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