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FOOTBALL ICON! Will you be the next pro-star?

Started on 11 August 2013 by Seni
Latest Reply on 12 August 2013 by Seni
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Seni's avatar Group Seni
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Football Icon

Hello guys and welcome to FOOTBALL ICON! The TV show that see's 16 year old's compete against each other for a chance to win a pro-contract at a world class club. In previous editions, the players have had the chance to win pro-contracts at clubs such as Chelsea and Inter Milan. In this season's edition, the players will get the chance to win contracts at a club with one of the most prestigious youth setups in the world, Barcelona!

How it will work

In total 25 players will participate in this edition of FOOTBALL ICON. These 25 players will be placed into the Barca B squad. Everyone will start of with a youth contract and will be 16 years of age. The players will be judged on their match ratings per month. The player with the lowest rating will be released from the Barca B squad. Instead of being unemployed and monitoring the players, I will be the manager of the Barca B squad, therefore everyone will be played and no pre-contracts will be offered.

This will be continuous until there are 14 finalists. These 14 finalists will then participate in the final of FOOTBALL ICON. All 14 players will play a fixture that I personally will live stream and then the media will vote who they think was the best player. ANY MEMBER STILL PARTICIPATING IN THE COMPETITION CANNOT VOTE!! The player who gets the most votes, will win FOOTBALL ICON and will be offered a pro contract at the club.

Throughout this show, I will post screenshots of how you're player is doing, who the player to watch is, and who is most likely going to be released from the squad.

Sign up now!

You are only allowed to pick two key attributes for each section:



All you will need to state to sign up is:

Full Name:
Place of Birth:
Favored foot:
Height: 175-185 cm (you choose)
Weight: 55-70kg (you choose)
Technical(2 key attributes):
Physical(2 key attributes):
Mental (2 key attributes):

I will not be signing myself up for this :) First come, first serve, and good luck to all the young footballers going for that pro-contract, once again, welcome to FOOTBALL ICON!
Justice's avatar Group Justice
10 yearsEdited
Full Name: Santa Maria
Nationality: Spain
Place of Birth: Barcelona
Favored foot: Right
Position: DL
Height: 185CM
Weight: 70KG
Technical(2 key attributes): Tackling, Marking
Physical(2 key attributes): Pace, Stamina
Mental (2 key attributes): Positioning, Composure
Nathaniel's avatar Group Nathaniel
10 yearsEdited
Full Name: Nathaniel Mair
Nationality: Scottish
Place Of Birth : Elgin
Favored foot: Right
Position: RW/AMR
Height: 175-185 cm (you choose) 175cm
Weight: 55-70kg (you choose) 60kg
Technical(2 key attributes): Dribbling and Crossing
Physical(2 key attributes): Acceleration and Pace
Mental (2 key attributes): Determination and Creativity
Full Name: Jesús Christó
Nationality: Spain
Place Of Birth: Madrid
Favored foot: Left
Position: ML
Height: 178CM
Weight: 62KG
Technical(2 key attributes): Dribbling, Crossing
Physical(2 key attributes): Pace, Stamina
Mental (2 key attributes): Off The Ball, Creativity
Full Name: Shane Swanston
Nationality: Australian
Place of Birth: canberra
Favored foot: left
Position: centre midfield
Height: 175-185 cm 180cm
Weight: 55-70kg 60kg
Technical(2 key attributes): Technique , passing
Physical(2 key attributes): strength , pace
Mental (2 key attributes): composure , concentration
Full Name: Andrew Heskey
Nationality: Peruvian (Perú)
Place of Birth: Lima
Favored foot: Right
Position: STC (Poacher)
Height: 175-185 cm (you choose) 170cm
Weight: 55-70kg (you choose) 60Kg
Technical(2 key attributes): Dribbling, Finishing
Physical(2 key attributes): Pace, Acceleration
Mental (2 key attributes): Anticipation, off the ball
Full Name: Ziechael
Nationality: American (f*ck yeah!)
Place of Birth: Hell, Michigan
Favored foot: Left
Position: AMC
Height: 175-185 cm (you choose) 182
Weight: 55-70kg (you choose) 65
Technical(2 key attributes): Long Shots, Free kick taking
Physical(2 key attributes): Agility, Balance
Mental (2 key attributes): Decisions, Creativity
Full Name: Connor Wisely
Nationality: English
Place of Birth: Slough
Favored foot: Right
Position: AMR
Height: 175-185 cm (you choose): 176
Weight: 55-70kg (you choose):63
Technical(2 key attributes): Crossing, finishing
Physical(2 key attributes): Pace,Stamina
Mental (2 key attributes): Work rate, determination
Full Name: Alou Ayalé
Nationality: France (Mali second)
Place of Birth: Sikasso, Mali
Favored foot: Right
Position: CAM
Height: 175-185 cm (you choose): 177
Weight: 55-70kg (you choose): 59
Technical(2 key attributes): Technique, Dribbling
Physical(2 key attributes): Pace, Acceleration
Mental (2 key attributes): Flair, Creativity
Full Name: Atolani Oyewumi
Nationality: Nigeria (Second Nationality: England)
Place of Birth: London, England
Favored foot: Right
Position: CM
Height: 175-185 cm (you choose) 175 cm
Weight: 55-70kg (you choose) 55 kg
Technical(2 key attributes): Free Kick Taking and Finishing
Physical(2 key attributes):Pace and Balance
Mental (2 key attributes): Creativity and Determination
Full Name: Andrei Fortan
Nationality: Estonian
Place of Birth: Kuressaare, Estonia
Favored foot: Both
Position: AML
Height: 175cm
Weight: 62kg
Technical(2 key attributes): Crossing, Dribbling
Physical(2 key attributes): Pace, Stamina
Mental (2 key attributes): Creativity, Determination
Full Name: Olga Plitstitsov
Nationality: Swedish
Place of Birth: Stockholm
Favored foot: Right
Position: DC
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 55kg
Technical(2 key attributes): Tackling/Marking
Physical(2 key attributes): Jumping/Strengh
Mental (2 key attributes): Positoning/Anticipation
Ok guys, we seem to have quite a number of midfielders. We need more defenders, at least 2 goalkeepers and a couple of strikers please :)
2013-08-12 02:33#127156 Seni : Ok guys, we seem to have quite a number of midfielders. We need more defenders, at least 2 goalkeepers and a couple of strikers please :)

Seni, I am 195 cm/80kg in real life. may I have that?
Full Name: Timmy Ivo Bendiš
Nationality: Croatia, (Second: Basque... Because, why the hell not)
Place of Birth: Dubrovnik
Favored foot: Right
Position: DR
Height: 195cm (failing that, 185)
Weight: 80kg (failing that, 70)
Technical(2 key attributes): Crossing, Marking
Physical(2 key attributes): Acceleration, Natural Fitness
Mental (2 key attributes): Positioning, Work Rate

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