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The Winning Formula

Started on 15 August 2013 by JasonRM
Latest Reply on 19 October 2013 by The-forgotten-one
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JasonRM's avatar Group JasonRM
10 yearsEdited
Chapter 1- Unemployment
Section 1

It was a rainy day in London. I know, shocker. It was always rainy during the summer in England, and it just added to the dreary nature that London at night seemed to convey. The highlight of my day is going to the bar and watching the news, the footballing news that is. That's where I'm headed now.I'm wearing a hoodie and a baseball cap over just so that no one will recognize me. Why, I don't know. Not that anyone would recognize or care about me. I've practically vanished for just about 3/4 of a year. I've disappeared. The bar I always go to is called London's Crown.Nobody understands the name, and neither do I. Thankfully, It's close to home. As I walk into the bar, I notice some drunk Chelsea fans fighting some Drunk Arsenal fans. I steer clear of them. I walk up to the bar and orde Nobody r myself a beer, a Miller Lite to be exact. Then I stare at the uninteresting news on the Television. Bale reportedly to Real Madrid. Rooney to Chelsea. Nothing special. Then they move on to jobs. Apparently, the Soceidad job, the Sporting job, and the Inter job are all open to any unemployed manager who needs the pay to support a family. Myself included. This bar is sweltering, and even by beer can't cool me down. I need to take this sweatshirt off. Here, much better. "ROBERTO" "ROBERTO". Oh no, Busted.

Hey guys, I'm starting a story. My last story until FM14 comes out. This story is actually going to be written in the format of a Book, just to keep it organized. I hope you all enjoy! :)
Good luck :P
Good Luck with the story
Good luck! :D
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10 yearsEdited
Chapter 1- Unemployment
Section 2

I turned around at the sound of my name, expecting to see the drunk Chelsea fan I saw yesterday. Instead, I saw 3 young boys in Chelsea Uniforms.All had Super Frankie Lampard on their back. The young boys ran up and started talking with me.

Roberto thinking
Little Boys

Roberto, Roberto. You're my hero. You won the champions league for us! I can't believe you're actually here. Can I have your autograph. Please! Please!

[I can't believe that these boys are still obsessing over me.Jose Mourinho is manager now! Why don;t they love him

Here, pass me your pen. I'll sign it.

Roberto, are you going to get a new job? Maybe at Chelsea?


Well, I'm considering moving to a new club, but I haven't been getting any offers.And Chelsea, I can't go back there. You guys already have an incredible manager, he's the special one.

I guess so. I don't like Mourinho that much though. He seems kinda like a stuck up jerk.

Right on Kid!

He may seem like a jerk, but I know from experience that he's a nice guy. He'll lead you guys to success

Have you looked into moving out of the country?

Well, Not really! I'll have to consider it. Thanks for the advice! I have to go now though. You go back to your parents and keep on supporting the mighty blues.

You bet I will

End of Interview

Hmm, managing abroad. Seems like a terrible idea. I'll never be a football manager again. Little ignorant kids, they're just so stupid.
Good luck :))
Nice start, good luck :)
Exceptional start, I love storyline stories, if you catch my drift! Good Luck!
Chapter 1- Unemployment
Section 3

I walk back to my apartment contemplating what the kids said about managing over seas. It seemed like a pretty bad idea. The only kind of football I know is kick and run, not the passing football they play in Spain or the brutal football they play in Italy. Maybe an English club will want me, I could always move to the championship. Man, what a step down. Roberto Di Matteo- Champions League Winner to Roberto Di Matteo-Championship Manager. Why exactly did Roman fire me? Because I lost the competition that I excelled at the season before. We couldn't he give me another shot? Why? RINNNNNNNG RINNNNNNNG! God damn phone. Always interrupting during times of dispair.

RDM: Hello

??: Hello Roberto. I'm calling from Spain. I was wondering if you'd be able to come and meet me.

RDM: Why? Why would I come all the way to Spain?

??: Well Roberto, you're a football manager, aren't you.

RDM:Well, I was. Then I got fired

??: You're unemployed?

RDM: Yes

??: I've done some research on you Roberto. It's not hard to find information about somebody now in the digital age. I know that you go out drinking every night. You don't have a job. You're on the verge of depression.

RDM: Who are you?! Tell me now!

??: I'm Jokin Aperribay Bedialauneta. The President of Real Soceidad.

RDM: What do you want from me?

JAB: I want you to come down to Spain and meet me in person. Maybe have a little chat about the club that I reside over.

RDM: No. Not unless you tell me specifics about this "chat"

JAB: *sighs* Roberto, Soceidad has no manager. That's a problem. La Liga starts in a couple months, and we need a manager fast if we want to stay in the Champions League spots in the table. I'm going to give you a chance to turn your life around. You could be Manager of Soceidad Roberto. I've booked a flight for you. Tomorrow at 8:00. I'll be in my office at Anoeta. Be there, or the offer is off. *hangs up*
Excellent Update! Sociedad are a team I really like, so good luck there! Restore some pride to the Di Matteo name!
You're joining the dark side AKA Bilbao's rivals. Good luck :)

I did a save with them, so if you are them, you should have a lot of fun ;)
This has left me drooling. Can't wait for more posts!
I like Sociedad and Di Matteo even more, so I will definitely follow :D Nice start too.
JasonRM's avatar Group JasonRM
10 yearsEdited
[Chapter 1- Unemployment
Section 4

Last Call for Flight 3794 to San Sebestian. Last Call!

Ugh. I can't believe I'm really doing this. I walk up to the counter.

bold- Ticket Lady
Italics- RDM

Can I have your ticket please?

It's right here

[One second. I just need to scan your boarding pass real quick. OHMYGOD! Are you Roberto Di Matteo.I saw you on the Television. Chelsea manager?!

Just scan the pass please. I have a flight to catch.

Can we PLEASE have a picture? My boyfriend is a huge Chelsea fsupporter.

Can I PLEASE go through. I NEED to get on that plane. (sarcasm)

Alright, Alright, Go.

*conversation ends*

People these days. Such jerks. People should just do their jobs and get on with life. Anyway, I need to get to Anoeta by 8:00. If I don't make it on time, my life will be back to wearing hoodies and getting drunk.

Please fasten your seatbelts for take-off. All electronic devices must be turned off at this moment.[Please enjoy your flight to San Sebastian. Estimated time of arrival is 7:13

Alright, I should make it in plenty of time. Still, if something were to happen...

Please fasten your seatbelts in preparation for landing. I hope you all had an enjoyable flight. We will be arriving soon at San Sebastian Airport. Time of Arrival is 7:24

Phew. We're leaving that plane at I should be at the Anoeta in plenty of time.

*Bold-Taxi driver


Hello Sir. Where do you want me to take you?

Arouca Stadium please.

Arouca! Why Arouca! The season is over. I can't take you to Arouca.

What do you mean? I need to get to Anoeta now. I have a Job Interview!

For what? There are no games at Anoeta now! We cannot go to Anoeta!

Look, I understand. No games now, but I'm Interviewing for Manager of Soceidad.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Very Funny Kid! You should be a comedian someday. We're not going to Anoeta.

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