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Dean Ashton- Back from the Brink, Back to the Beginning

An injury plagued striker becomes an ingenious manager.... Hopefully...
Started on 21 August 2013 by Bubba
Latest Reply on 22 August 2013 by Bubba
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It is reported that Steve Davis has been sacked by Crewe Alexandra chairman John Bowler. A club official told us that Steve Davis came to work this morning in a “foul mood” and “went mad”. Reports suggest that the former Crewe player and manager came to blows with certain players and then began throwing abuse at Chairman John Bowler.
Former manager Steve Davis

A statement from the board read:

“We are all extremely disappointed in Steve Davis. As our manager he was meant to be a leader and an example for our players and staff. We had no qualms in letting go of him and we are now looking for a replacement and hope to find one as soon as possible”

When asked about who Crewe were considering for the job Bowler replied:

“For obvious reasons we cannot name any names yet but we’re looking at a young manager who can lead this great club into a golden era of prosperity”

Crewe Alexandra Chairman John Bowler

Most fans seemed to accept that such behaviour shouldn’t be tolerated and that, even though he led Crewe to promotion, Steve Davis’s sacking was the right call by the board and John Bowler. When questioned on the Boards comments about possible candidates for the managerial position most fans seemed excited and extremely curious….
Nice idea mate, keep it up! Crewe have some great youth players, that's for sure!
2013-08-21 16:10#130115 Blue : Nice idea mate, keep it up! Crewe have some great youth players, that's for sure!

Thanks man :) Hoping to keep at it until FM14.... Its my first story though so it'll be difficult.
Just in case anyone wants to know.. my story will be played with the 13.3.0 update with no edits. All leagues are there with the majority view-only. There will be first window transfer budgets. This is my first story so it won't be brilliant.
It doesn't have to be brilliant. Just try and your best and keep at it. Don't lose hope if you start losing games or aren't getting a lot of comments. We all come from humble beginnings.
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The Call

DA=Dean Ashton
JB=John Bowler

I was sitting in front of the TV watching Sky Sports. The presenter began listing every club’s signings. Pre-Season was one of the most exciting things about being a footballer. You always felt optimistic before a new season and always had the banter with the lads. Carlton Cole told me that the Hammers were having a good pre-season. It was times like these that made me nostalgic. If I hadn’t been so injury prone I could’ve become an England regular.
The sound of my phone ringing brought me back to the real world. I picked it up and saw that it was a private number. Confused, I answered it...

"Hi Dean it's John Bowler Chairman of Crewe Alexandra"
"Oh.. ahm.. Hi Mr Bowler what can I do for you?"
"Listen Dean, I just wanted to know what you're getting up to these days?"
"Nothing much why?"
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10 yearsEdited

There has been a shock appointment in Crewe Alexandra today as ex-pro Dean Ashton has been appointed by John Bowler as Steve Davis's new replacement.

Ashton(28), who began his career with Crewe before moving to Norwich and then West Ham, retired from professional football due to an ankle injury at the age of 26 and, although he took his coaching badges, has never given any indication of returning to football.

A statement from the board read:

"We wanted a young, hungry and ambitious manager and we fully believe that Dean fits that category. Dean knows what the club is all about having started his career as a player here and because of that we believe it is fitting his first venture into management is here at Crewe Alexandra."

The new manager had this to say:

"It's an honour and a brilliant chance for me to start my career as a manager at Crewe. I've taken a break from football for the last few years and I now feel that I'm ready to come back to it. I really hope I can be a success here and possibly guide Crewe to the Championship"

These are certainly ambitious words from an ambitious young man. The majority of fans feel the job should have gone to someone with some experience in management and, although they adore Dean Ashton, they think he should of began as a coach rather than manager.

Dean Ashton will have a hard job in his hands as The Railwaymen are predicted to finish in and around the relegation zone and it remains to be seen whether Dean Ashton can cope with the pressures of football management....
Crewe Alexandra

Founded in 1877, Crewe Alexandra is a professional English club currently playing in the npower League1. The club play their home games at The Alexandra Stadium and possess top training facilities and good youth facilities. The club’s training ground is Reaseheath. The Crewe reserve team play at Reaseheath. The club also has good junior coaching and an established youth recruitment network. The club is affectionately known as The Railwaymen and retains a fierce rivalry with Port Vale and Stoke City.
The club enjoyed probably their best spell of success during the 2000s. Although now enduring a seventy-five year barren spell, having not won a competition since 1937, The Railwaymen still have a history of which they can be justly proud. Crewe finished runners-up in the English 3rd tier for the only time in 2003, and won the Welsh Cup in 1936 and 1937.


Top training facilities
Good youth facilities
Established youth recruitment

Affiliated Clubs


2012-2013 Expectations

-The minimum expectation is that the team achieve a mid-table position within the npower League 1 this season
-The minimum expectation is that the team reach the Third Round of the FA Cup
-The board do not regard the Johnstones's Paint Trophy as important and so will evaluate your performance based on results in other competitions
-The minimum expectation is that the team reach the Second Round of the Capital One Cup


£200K Transfer Budget
£23.09K Wage Budget
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My tactics for the season

I don't know how to put a screenshot of my tactic up here so i'll just explain it to you..


This will be tactic against medium-weaker teams. It involves a regular back 4 except the two full backs bomb forward. There will be a defensive midfielder to cover the two CBs and two CMs: 1 will be a DLP and the other a BBM. My two wingers will be either Ws or IFs and my striker will be a Poacher.
-Style will be set to Very Fluid.
-Strategy to Control.


It's the same formation except it's a counter strategy. Will be used against stronger opponents with the hope of snatching a goal

I have yet to decide on a third tactic but I will add it when I think of one

Great start mate! :)
This is a fantastic start for your first story! Keep it up :D
Great for a debut story. Good luck.
The Madridista: Thanks :) hopefully it'll continue :P

P-KIDDY:Thanks I'll try my best :D

Toon: Thanks :)
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Thanks to Ziechael for the banner ;)
My First Press Conference

DA=Dean Ashton
DA=Dean Ashton narrating
JB=John Bowler

I was sitting in a waiting room just outside the press room. Inside I could see John Bowler answering questions thrown at him by the media. He made it look so easy while I was here about to be thrown to the wolves. I'd never dealt with the media before, well obviously I had spoken to them as a player but this was different, I had no manager to swiftly guide me through it. As I began compiling answers in my head a loud voice brought me back...

JB:" Oi! Dean! C'mon you're up!"
DA:"Hmm.. What?! Oh yeah ok thanks John."
JB:"Look kid, it's quite obvious you're nervous, but just remember you have to act like you know what you're doing. Make sure the media and fans think you're confident."
DA:"Yeah that's all well and good but I'm not feeling that confident.."
JB:"How can you not be feeling confident!!!? You've played in front of thousands of people and even played for England!!!"
DA:"Yeah but.."

I didn't have time to say anymore as John shoved me into the media room, where I was blinded by the flashing cameras of the Paparazzi. I tried to look calm and confident as I sat down and received my first question....

J:"Hi Dean I'm Chris Rigby of the BBC. You've been away from football for a while now and at just 28 don't you think it's a bit premature to begin managing?"

DA:"Ahm.. No I don't really. I'm a firm believer that it doesn't matter what age you are as long as you're good enough and you'll just have to wait and see whether that's the case."

J:"You sit here today as the new Crewe manager. As a big fan and former player of the club, surely this must be a dream come true?"

DA:"It really is. I cannot stop smiling, this is a wonderful feeling."

J:"Hi, Mike Lee of the Crewe Chronicle. What would you say is your tactical approach to the game?"

DA:"Well I'm a big fan of Barcelona and Spain. I enjoy that tiki-taka quick tempo, short passing style,but I also enjoy the quick, counter-attacking football that Bayern Munich played under Jupp Heynckes."

J:"Will you be making transfers soon and if so, who will they be?"

DA:"I'm not quite sure yet. I will examine my squad and determine where we are lacking. As for who, obviously I can't say but I will be looking to sign a mix of youth and experience."

JB:"Aright lads, that's enough our new gaffer has a very busy schedule ahead of him today."

Thank God for that! I felt like I'd handled myself reasonably well and I was now excited to meet the players.....

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