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United we Stand, Oxford United.

Started on 26 August 2013 by ChloeAJLee
Latest Reply on 27 August 2013 by ChloeAJLee
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As I woke up I stretched and yawned. I slowly manouvered myself out of the bed and began to get ready, I put on my favourite T-Shirt, a green lacoste T-Shirt with a small strip of Blue along the bottom. I switched onto the T.V. and put on my recording of Match Of The Day. Every post match interview when talking to the managers I pictured myself once standing there as a manager myself but of course we all knew that wouldn't happen. I was a huge Oxford United fan (Breaking away from the story a sec im not) and always went to see them play weather they were at home or away, weather it would be sun or rain, I'd be there watching my team play.
"Go on, Cross it, SHOOT!" I shouted as we took the lead against Oxford City in a pre-season friendly. Oxford lead 2-0 at half time and I ran into the bar to have a quick pint before going back out to watch the play resume for the 2nd half. But as I ran I quickly stopped their in front of me was the Oxford Chairmen. "Hello" said the chairmen. I was stunned. "Hell...o," I stuttered.
"I've noticed you come here often," said the chairmen in a deep voice.
"Yes every game," I replied.
"Well I am looking for a manager, as our currant manager is stepping down after this match," My eyes lit up with hope. "and I was thinking you could be the replacement,"
This was my dream to be a football manager and here was my chance, with the team I love. "Yes, I'll take it!"
Good luck
Good luck :)
I regret to say that i will follow this story.
Wellsy+ Justice- Thank you

Tokenginge- You won't regret this!

Oxford in tricky 1st round tie
Oxford United will face a tough 1st round in the capital one cup. The league 2 side will face relegation candidates, Millwall Town. Oxford have already strengthen the team under new manager, Taylor Nelson with the 3 loan signings of Neil Etheridge from Fulham, Harry Bunn from Manchester City and Joao Teixeria from Liverpool. On the other hand, Millwall have just the 1 new signing, Bob Harris from Blackpool.
The tie is the be played on the 15th August.

You may want to resize your logos, as they are rather big, but other than that good luck against Millwall. Let's hope the Lions win :P
Looking good so far. Good luck.
TokenGinge- Yeah i'm very much still a budding writer and learning more everyday, that is one thing I'm learning

ItsOkay- Thanks
Great start, keep it up!
Jo5hk- Thanks
It was matchday. The day I dreamed would happen, was to happen. It was my first competitive game as a manager, as a Oxford United manager. I woke up very early and left the house for work. We had a 2 hour training session before I picked the side to face Millwall. I was thinking to myself, how can we beat Millwall? I looked through many videos of them playing, especially ones they played recently. We were massive underdogs. Nobody favoured us. But I was determined to take us to the 2nd round. I finally read out the starting eleven and who was on the bench.
"Neil Etheridge, in goal."
"Mullins, Raynes, Wright and Newry in defence from right to left."
"Williams, Joao, Meades and Rigg in midfield, But I want you, Joao, to support our two strikers, Kitson and Constable, as much as possible."
"On the bench we have Clark, Rose, Hall, Potter, O'Brian and Bunn.
2 hours had passed and in 10 minutes we had Kick-off. My stomach growled at me, I thought I had diaear to be honest, but no it was just the nerves. I watched the fans file into the stadium and the boys practice on the pitch. I was ready. Ready to win.
Nice updates, good luck with this :)
Few pictures wouldn't go amiss but other than that - great.
JS- Jeff Stelling CK- Chris Kamara

JS- Welcome back... And there's back a Goal at the Kassam stadium, who's it gone to Kammy?

CK- It's gone to the home side, Constable gets the ball and puts in out wide for Sean Rigg who passes it back to Newry but Rigg gets it back and crosses it in for Constable to head home. Oxford 1-0 Millwall.

*30 mins later*

JS- There's been a 2nd at the Kassam, have Millwall equalised or have Oxford doubled their lead, Chris.

CK- Well Oxford have doubled their lead. Joao through balled it for James Constable's second. Oxford 2-0 Millwall

*5 mins later*

JS- And ANOTHER goal at the Kassam and it's Oxford 3 Millwall 0! Dave... Kitson! with the goal for the Ox's

JS- and we head over for the half time scores. *reads scores* Oxford United 3 Millwall 0

*15 mins later*

JS- and during the break, there's been a 4th in the Oxford game as Liam Trotter slots home to make it 3-1, a glimmer of hope perhaps for Millwall.

*Final few mins in the game*

CK- It looks like Oxford are going through to the 2nd round here, Jeff. MCDONAAALLLLDDDD! 3-2 and Millwall are back in it. A long ball into the box and Oxford were caught napping as McDonald headed into the back of the net.

JS- Not long left for Millwall but can they score 1 more?

*2 mins later*

JS- And Oxford cause a upset in the cup... Oxford 3 Millwall 2. The Oxford manager is extatic. A great debut for him.

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