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signing players

sz if this has been covered
Started on 27 August 2013 by chumbawamba88
Latest Reply on 2 October 2013 by Eddielogy
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doing a barca / real save just for fun chelsea came in with a bid for pedro so i just say why not tho want lampard as part of it as he was transfer listed went to negotiate hes on 140k a week and hes 34 in game tho he wants 190k a week why is it players always want more no matter the rep of your club weather its players currently on transfer list sitting in reserves understandable if there moving up a couple divisions tho if they was on 4k a week championship/league 1 they always seem to want close to 30k is it just to do with rep or something like how much free wages you have to offer or your remaining transfer funds

and if you see a prospect try to buy them they always want double hes value tho if you was that club trying to sell that prospect u struggle to receive an offer anywhere near his value

is this just me or have you experienced this
The reputation of club is nothing for them. All players would like to transfer to any club that they can earn much more than the amount in the old club. Don't forget the salary for the players also determines the type of team value(E.g: Back up, Reserve, First Team or Key Players). All players will definitely try to achieve a First Team value. Same for my case, wanting to sign a player and offered 180k/week for him, but Barca beat me. And the irony is, I have helped Bayern won 15 Bundesliga, 6 UCL , 7 German Cup and the club ranking is 1st.

Do check out the player's agent too to land the player into your club. Some agents will like to have both player and themselves benefited from the move or other conditions.

What I can suggest is to try to play around with the contract bonuses and locking system in the contract. Some players will definitely renew the contract provided the bonuses are very good. Keep in mind that the final salary should not be a very big gap from the player's demand.(Usually players are unable to achieve things like top scorer,making it into as the League best player unless they are in their best years)

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