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Regen players

Started on 4 January 2009 by The !RedDevil!
Latest Reply on 5 January 2009 by Fackman
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does anyone else get annoyed with regens?
i hate them, because every year about 30 new absolutely amazing wonderkid regens come. now in real life that many good new prospects never happens, now some have like 18 for all technical stats, even though they hae no experierence and have never played a game, it is rubbish.

and i have also noticed that in my game all the best regens come from either argentina or france, nowhere else, so they are overloaded with wonderkids whilst other nations have none, this could ruin the international competitions.

they need to sort the number of amazing regens coming through or it could ruin the game for me, is it just me that thinks this?
it should be random but if you say that all the regens come from only 2 nations than soemthing is wrong.
It's not just you, I was hoping they would have sorted this out for 09 but obviously not. All the regens on my game also seem to have awful physical stats. And as for where the regens come from it seems the game just picks two nations, for me all the good regens come from Bulgaria and Brazil.
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oh well. so take advantage of it. i bought in one Saudi Arabian striker, 12.5m and guess what? according to genie scout, he's godlike player. HEH
I never had any problems with all the regens coming from two countries. It was always evenly spread out between nations where it is likely that great players will come from. Although that, I did get like 10 players from Germany all with potential around 185:con Bought them all!:p
i just think there are too many amazing ones!
Yeah there are too many but one thing your forgeting, they do need good guidence and training to reach their potentail. But yeah, too many......

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