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Duncan Ferguson: Fighting His Way To The Top

Started on 27 August 2013 by BeanyUnited
Latest Reply on 30 August 2013 by Louis O.
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David Moyes Resigns From Everton Post

Everton in the last decade have gradually been improving without much money to spend thanks to the guidance of manager David Moyes who has got his Everton side challenging for Champions League places without even competing in the transfer market in comparison to the other top four contenders.

But Everton favourite David Moyes has shocked the footballing world and has devastated every single Everton fan with his immediate resignation from the job which he was due to keep for at least another three years on his current contract still to run. Everton chairmen Bill Kenwright had this to say.

"Everton Football Club is a proud club and we are hugely shocked by what has happened in relation to our manager David Moyes I have not been able to get a hold of David to ask why this has occurred out of the blue. But regardless we are already on the look for a new manager but with the club in crisis like it is it may be difficult to find a manager quickly so the fans have to be patient. That is all."

Bill Kenwright was obviously shook by the shocking exit of Moyes and did well to keep it together like he did. The lookout for a new manager will be under away instantly with Mark Hughes and Nigel Adkins favourite for the job so far.

What it means for the club

The club is currently in disarray and this will take time out of the clubs pre-season and player bonding sessions. It will also make it a lot more likely that Baines or Fellaini will leave the club if not both because they are most likely going to be unsettled by the new manager and think of this as a prime opportunity to make a big team move.
Good start and good luck!
Good luck mate :D
DUNCAN FERGUSON!!!!!! Good luck Beano! ;) Great start also I love the "What does this mean for the club" bit

Duncan Ferguson Hired

Everton icon Duncan Ferguson has been hired by Bill Kenwright just a day after David Moyes shockingly resigned from the role without any warning.

It is reported that Ferguson has been given a one year contract to start off with to see if he can impress the board in his first season as a football manager but the pressure will be on Ferguson who will need to compete for Champions League in his first ever season which is a lot to ask especially if Baines and Fellaini get the transfers that they wish to have this summer to 'big' clubs.

Ferguson said he will leave all comments to the press conference which will occur in two days at 10 AM.


Premier League: The fans and the board expect a fight for top four but I expect more realistically a fight for places between 8th-5th which runs beside my sides predicted place of 7th. I am hoping for 6th-5th but with possible big name departures and a lack of depth in the side that will be an achievement in itself. Especially with Everton being well known for being hard to play with on football manager. It will be a hard season ahead but I am willing to give it a fight!

FA Cup: The board and fans expect me to get to at least the 6th round of the FA Cup but I can see a possible quarter-final place if the draw is kind and we avoid sides such as City, United and Chelsea in the first few rounds.

League Cup: Not of any major importance to me and I will play it with reserves/fringe players in the early rounds but I do get to the quarter-finals from there on in I will play my main team to try and get the trophy.

Everton FC Information

Team Name:
Everton Football Club (formally Saint Domingo's FC)

1878 (became Everton Football Club in 1879)

Goodison Park

The Toffee's (Peoples Club sonsidered semi-nickname)

Fierce Rivalries:
Liverpool Football Club

Other Rivalries:
Manchester United, Tranmere Rovers, Manchester City


First Division

Champions: 1890-91, 1914-1915, 1927-28, 1931-32, 1938-39, 1962-63, 1969-70, 1984-85, 1986-87
Runners-up: 1889-90, 1894-95, 1901-02, 1904-05, 1908-09, 1911-12, 1985-86

Second Division

Champions: 1930-31
Runners-up: 1953-54

FA Cup

Winners: 1906, 1933, 1966, 1984, 1995
Runners-up: 1893, 1897, 1907, 1968, 1985, 1986, 1989, 2009

Football League Cup

Runners-up: 1977, 1984

FA Charity Shield

Winners: 1928, 1932, 1963, 1970, 1984, 1985, 1986 (shared), 1987, 1995
Runners-up: 1933, 1966

Full Members Cup

Runners-up: 1989, 1991

Super Cup

Runner-up: 1985–86

FA Youth Cup

Winners: 1965, 1984, 1998
Runners-up: 1961, 1977, 1983, 2002


European Cup Winners' Cup: 1985

People of Note

Players: Brian Labone, Dixie Dean, , Graeme Sharp, Duncan Ferguson, Kevin Campbell, Kevin Ratcliffe, Neville Southall, Peter Reid, Tim Cahill, Bob Latchford, Dave Watson, Leighton Baines, Alan Ball

Howard Kendall, Joe Royle, David Moyes, Harry Catterick

Facilities and general information: Top training and youth facilities, perfect grass pitch with undersoil heating, basic corporate facilities, poor stadium condition.

Stadium Capacity: 39571 all-seater

Other Info: Average junior coaching, above average youth recruitment
Good start Beany, will be following so good luck! :)

Three Transfer Requests Shocks Everton

The first few days in charge of Everton has not been very good for new man Duncan Ferguson as sources close to the club claim that Fellaini, Baines and new striker Jelavic have spoken to Duncan Ferguson individually and all expressed a strong desire to follow Moyes out the door.

Fans have flooded forums and radio call up sport shows to express their devastation about the fact that their three key players are all on the way out.

It is hard not to feel for Duncan Ferguson who hasne't even had his first press conference yet and his three star players all want out. Ferguson will have no choice but to sell our sources understand such is the desire of the three players to leave Everton, but his job now is to get the best fees for all the players before he agrees to let them go. But he will also have a very hard job of replacing them.

However what works in Ferguson's favour is not only can he get good fees for the three players they are also the three highest paid players so with their sales it will open up a lot more money for him to put towards the transfer budget.

Manchester City, Manchester United and PSG are all rumoured to be extremely interested ithe players but it is uncertain what one of the players they are in for if not more than one. But whatever happens this will be a very hard and long summer for Ferguson and Everton fans.
Damn, hopefully you can get a bit for them :)

More Transfer Sagas Surround Everton

Things have got to worse for Everton as reserve striker Anichebe has expressed a desire to leave especially with French powerhouse PSG rumoured to be interested in him as a backup option for star striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Bids for Baines, Fellaini and Jelavic have been submitted by several top clubs which have yet to be identified. With Ferguson's first press conference due tomorrow morning we hope that we can learn more about all four of these transfer requests and more about the bids submitted.

Everton fans are distraught at how several big players are all flocking to leave but have full faith in the manager Ferguson to make the right choices when it comes to incoming transfers.
OOOO Things are getting interesting here now :P

Ferguson's First Press Conference

Today is the day all Everton fans have been waiting for since Duncan Ferguson had been hired as the Everton manager. Everton fans will be hoping that he can shed some light on the transfer sagas that have rocked Goodison this summer.

At exactly 10AM sharp Ferguson entered the press room to the flash of hundreds of cameras taking photos of this moment. The unmistakable sound of video cameras coming to life could be heard as a very quite buzz entered the press room. Ferguson took his seat and smiled as he waited for Everton's PA man to start of the pre-conference speech about what is off topic. But thanks to Ferguson's instructions no questions were off the table and the press room came to life as they knew they can write what ever story they wanted tomorrow morning.

J: Journalist
DF: Duncan Ferguson

J: "Duncan I am the lead reporter from The Sun and would like to ask. What are your feelings about the current transfer sagas going on here at Everton?"

DF: "Well losing your best players is never going to make a manager happy is it? I am not going to stand in the players way if they really want to leave but I will make sure we only get the best possible fees for them or else they won't leave. So this is a warning to any club wanting to buy the players who have asked to leave. If you even consider bidding way below the expected fee then we will reject the offer out of hand. We have minimum fees we want for the players and we will accept nothing below that."

J: "Reporter of The Guardian here. Do you think your violent past will hinder you in any way?"

DF: No not at all if anything it will help me. I will not be intimidated by any situation or any mind games by opposition managers. It will also help my players since I will install in them a never say die aggressive in your face attitude that will teach them to never give up."

J: "Independent chief reporter here. How do you think you can do this season?"

DF: "I am aiming for a Europa League spot this season then we can finally kick on and push for top four.

J: "I am from SySports and I would like to know if you will be taking cup competitions seriously?"

DF: "Of course I will why wouldn't I? But now thank you for your time but I have to go we have serious transfer negotiations to deal with. Thank you bye."

Bids For Want Away Players Accepted

Today Everton have announced they have accepted bids for Baines, Fellaini, Jelavic and Anichbe all today. Everton's released a statement on the situation.

"Everton can officially announce that they have accepted bids for Baines, Fellaini, Jelavic and Anichbe. We have accepted a bid of £24.5 million for Baines from Tottenham Hotspur in upfront cash. We have then accepted a bid of £28 million upfront from Manchester City. A fee for Jelavic has been reached with PSG for £15 million upfront. Finally we can also announce that PSG have also bid and we have accepted a fee of £7.5 million for Anichbe. We are happy with the fees we got and will allow Duncan to invest all the money and free wages into the squad."


I have decided to use three very fast paced and aggressive tactics that suit Duncan Ferguson's style of play to the ground. It revolves around using fast wingers to bomb balls into the box for strikers to get their heads onto them. Also all three tactics revolve around two solid central midfielders who hold the defence together while also having an attacking threat.

This tactic will be the main tactic I will use in nearly all games unless I think I am gong to lose the fixture.

This tactic is just for closing out tight games with a short amount of time left.

A tactic very much for teams that I think will be all over me!

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