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All Players Free Role

Started on 6 January 2009 by ishark
Latest Reply on 6 January 2009 by ishark
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If all my Players Were free Roles.. would I concede shitloads of goals? (obviously not the keeper) but If I had attacking defenders eg: Lescott That score alot of goals for the club in defence would it be more attacking but still have a constant defence? or will all my players walk around the pitch like a in-school football game where noone has set positions?

Sorry if it is actually a very dumb question =D

Thanks iShark
i wont answer that question.

try it out urself first :)
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RedArmy20 : i wont answer that question.

try it out urself first :)



I scored 3 goals in under 20 mins. (Torres, Carragher, Agger) but then.. I ended up winning 3-2. But they DOMINATED in my half. and Everwhere in the pitch, I got Lucky.. Unless I have a few errors in the type of Formation I used..
well just have your attack free roles and a constant defence, it has worked in the past - Dutch total football just need a hell of a lot of money to get amazing players, im thinking Man City
well now that you have tested it out u might have already understood what free role means.

Free role is mainly for attacking players. usually attacking midfielders, wingers and second strikers.

If you look at the likes of Rooney and ronaldo at united they have a given free role.

a player like arashavin plays with a free role.

ronaldinho kaka etc. they usually play with a free role.

When u give a player a free role it usually means that he can go here there and everywhere.

in attacking cases it will make ur overall play a bit more mobile. The players that have a free role are equal to a sweeper or a DM. not that you should give them a free role in the game because its a bit fucked up.

But attacking free role players are supposed to "fill up" everywhere in the attack as well. Thats a part of their job as a free role.
Many of your players need to be good positioned and shouldnt be given a free role.
While an attacking midfielder, winger or a striker will just add another dimension to your attacks.
ohh and also make sure your free role players have very good "off the ball"
Some of the more affordable free roles would be Montolivo, Lucho Gonzalez, Fernandinho, Elano, Aimar, Arshavin, Riquelme and Di natale or Udinese. They always work best with a good DM or two other CM.
Thanks All :)

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