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AC Milan : Reclaiming what's ours

Started on 1 September 2013 by TheGooner
Latest Reply on 4 September 2013 by TheGooner
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The Dutch Legend Returns

Marco Van Basten leaves Heerenveen to take AC Milan Hot-Seat

Today, Massimiliano Allegri stepped down from the role as AC Milan Manager after joining the Italian side in 2010. The Italian manager was certainly not one to be shy when it came to saying Good Bye. Massimiliano will be missed as he led AC Milan to there first Seria A win in 2010.

However, another tactical genius will me replacing him and it is ...... Marco Van Basten. The Former Dutch Striker and the Former Milan striker said that he was itching to reunite with Milan. Allegri will be missed but Van Basten will surely do as well as he did. Marco Van Basten has always been a fan favourite as he scored crucial goals very often. He scored 90 Goals in 147 games.

Although Van Basten was a team player, he also did extremely well as an individual. He picked up the Ballon d'or s , 2 World Soccer Player of the Year Awards , 1 Fifa World player of the Year Award and in Pele's list of the Greates Living Footballers , he was rated as the No.1 Dutch Player . The Fans will hope that his Managerial career will be as illustrious as his playing career.

"I am very happy to be back with Milan. I hope that my best efforts will be much aprecciated. I hope that I can out Milan back on top of Europe. It is a great honout to manage such a wonderful club and play for it too.I look forward to meeting all my new players. "

Surely, the First thing on Van Basten's agenda will be to replace Kevin Prince Boateng who has just gone to Schalke as he wanted to go home.
Good start, will be interesting to follow since there have been a few great AC stories here.
Only found out van Basten was Hereneeven manager last week. Good luck!
Thanks for the comments

Little Robin, Meeting the Mauro and Transfer Talk

I'm in my office, as first team training has just ended. It has been a week since I was appointed as Milan manager and the firm majority of things have been going very well. So far , life has been very successful. There have been a few ongoing transfers involving the club at both ends.

We are trying to recruit the services of Kaka and Robert Lewandowkski. Kaka is a living legend of A.C. Milan, bringing him back would be a huge achivement.

Me : Mauro! Mauro!

*Mauro runs in panting*

Mauro : Yes Sir.

Me : Where is he?

*Mauro sits down*

Mauro : Where is who?

Me : Robin...

Mauro : Oh, Little Robin, He's in the changing room.

Me : Please can you go and get him ?

*Mauro stands up*

Me : Thank You.

*5 minutes later*
* Robinho walks in*

Me : I've been expecting you.

Robinho : I know and that is because you know I'm unhappy at the club. I want to leave. I am offically handing in a transfer request.

Me : Do as you please. It is your loss. For a matter of fact, Arsenal and PSG have already made enquiries. Your a star. I can't keep you if you want to leave. I guess I just have to replace you.

Robinho : Thank You for understanding.

Me : It's a manager's duty. Just know. Your always welcome back. You'll be missed.

*Robinho gets up silenty and walks out*

Robinho's agent informed me that Robinho is interested in returning to the Premier League with Arsenal. Robinho believes that it will put him back on the Footballing radar. We have recruited some members of staff such as coaches and scouts.
Good start to the story m8, good luck :)
Good stuff Seni's brother, Gooner! Try and get a good fee out of Robinho, because he sucks!
Good luck!
2013-09-02 00:56#132904 Pauker : Good stuff Seni's brother, Gooner! Try and get a good fee out of Robinho, because he sucks!
I'll get at least 15 million
TheGooner's avatar Group TheGooner
10 yearsEdited

The Transfers : In and Out

We are interested in regaining Kaka and we asked Madrid how much he would cost and they said that he was unwanted and would only cost £7.5 M . We were thrilled. We made a bid and it was immediately accepted as expected. We offered him a contract and he accepted it as we came to a compromise with his agent.

Robinho has passed his medical at Arsenal and will now be playing for them. On the bright side , we sold him for £17.75 M but when the Kaka deal is finished we'll have a good £16 M. We have loaned out Niang as we believe that he will improve a lot on loan.He went to Monaco for a season. Kaka will be replacing Boateng for a few years and then when Hachim Mastour is old enough his services will be recruited for the first team.

Robino won't be kissing that badge anymore.

However, Kaka will be kissing it once more.
TheGooner's avatar Group TheGooner
10 yearsEdited

The Chat with Mario . A different Mario.

It's a done deal. We signed Kaka and I' m very happy to say that Kaka will now be wearing the No.9 shirt and he will be the club's new vice capt...

* Phone begins rigning *

Voice : Hello ! Hello! Mr Van Basten , is that you?

Me : Yes it is and how may I help you sir?

Voice : I'm Mario Nagel. I don't know if you know me but I'm Luiz Gustavo's agent.

Me : Hello Mario. What can I do for you ?

Mario : I'd like to offer you Luiz Gustavo . Bayern Munchen told me that since they have Bastian Schweinsteiger and Javi Martinez, that Luiz is unwanted. As his agent, I'd like to offer him to you.

Me : How much is he worth ?

Mario : He's worth £9.75 M but Bayern are only asking for £7.75 M. They just want to get rid of him.

Me : We are trying to save some money so that we can get a new winger/striker so I'll give you £7.5 M.

Mario : That is acceptable. I'll tell Bayern that they've gotten some interest.

Me : Thank You for bringing it up.

Mario : My Pleasure.

Me : Good Bye

Mario : Good Bye Sir

So that's a new midfielder under our belt. Poli, Noccerino and Kaka will now have some quality competition. We need to get back on top , where we belong . We can do that my performing well in this year's Champions League. We are in the second pot so we are bound to get a top team in our group such as Chelsea, Arsenal, United, Madrid, Bayern or Barcelona. We will have fight very hard to go through.

Before we start thinking about the future, we have to qualify first. We were very close to buying another partner for Super Mario and Matri but unfortunately he decided to join Chelsea. That player is Robert Lewandowski. Initially, we were linked with Newcastle's Yohan Cabaye but he said that he didn't want to leave the BPL. And to be honest, not many can blame him. The Premier League is the best league in the world. Right now in this new era, Juventus have been dominating the Italian league. I want to change that. Milan have always been on top but then all of a sudden they have fallen so far behind that they now come fourth. I want to change that. Milan to get back on the World's radar.

With fans support I believe that we can win the Serie A. That can only happen if the players give every match their all. We need to bring in a young keeper as Abbiati and Amelia are getting old. Recruiting the services of someone like Jack Butland would be ideal. Due to the fact that past few years Milan's trophy cabinet has been getting a little dusty and that they are climbing down the ladder, not many high Calibre players are interested in joining us. That is very unfortunate but when the day of glory comes, they'll regret it. Our squad is fairly strong.

We are interested in winning the Italian Cup. That will be a huge confidence booster. The fans will be satisfied with an improvement.
TheGooner's avatar Group TheGooner
10 yearsEdited
I just heard about pr0's update so I got it so from now on my story might not be the same. It might change a little like Robinho might not go anywhere and I might not be offered Gustavo.
Voice : Hello ! Hello! Mr Van Basten , is that you?

Me : Yes it is and how may I help you sir?

so polite i luv it lol
2013-09-04 09:25#133329 corbmiester : Voice : Hello ! Hello! Mr Van Basten , is that you?

Me : Yes it is and how may I help you sir?

so polite i luv it lol
Cheers Mate

Meeting the Squad

Everyone is at the training ground office as First Team training has just finished. I've been extremely busy and I haven't been able to formally introduce myself to the squad. I'd like to do that today. I'll just tidy up my office and head to the changing rooms.

*5 Minutes Later *

The Formal Introduction

In the Changing Room :

Me : Hello Boys

All : Hi Boss

Me : I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself to you as the new A.C Milan Manager.

Abbiati looks inspired and motivated. Nocerino ,Muntari, Montolivo, Mexes and Abate seem motivated.

Me : So, Where are we now in the league ?

All: 1st!

Me : And where will wil be at the end ?

All: 1st !

Me : (Addressing the team ) That the kind of reaction I was after.

Best Reaction : Robinho Worst Reaction : No Player Reacted Badly
21 Players reacted well.

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