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FM Genie Scout 2008 Bugs and Workarounds

Started on 3 December 2007 by Stam
Latest Reply on 9 August 2011 by slammerinho
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Yes the problem isn't with the name WWSM, is with the file names!

Of course they have to release is as WWSM as an American looking for a new game might thinks its American Footbal game, confusing etc.

They should just leave all the Files alone though, Then all the utilities than can be added wont have such a problem :@
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It is not working for me. I get a error message:
" Entry number:7282,
file position:16446704,
database Version: 1143,
Person data seems to be corrupt."

I disabled the compressed saved game, installed the latest version patch but it is not working. Seems like I have to start a new game with the new patch in order to make the scout working. However that is not what i wnat to do especially when you are in 2013 year in the game.
I think that this genie scout at this moment has lots of problems and needs serious improvements!

I hope there will be a new version soon!
Deleted's avatar Deleted
Here's one that I cant see has been addressed. I started a new game with all the right stuff, genie scout works fine. I finished my first season, thought I'd have a sneaky peek to see if there's any decent new additions... and it wont load. gives this message....

Error Loading Entity Number: 70601
File Position: 35324473
Database Version: 1143
XML data seems to be corrupt.

Deleted's avatar Deleted
I've got the same problem and I hope too, that the relase date of FULL VERSION Genie will come out soon.:blush
I play with huge databese, it means about 9500 Players, and Genie shows 1534 World Class players! How can it possible? Every players above 70% is World Class! Is it a bug? It was so dissaponting, that I played FM2007 instead FM2008.
Back in 2007 version, every player above 70% was world class, and also a player above 80% was godlike. Now in the new scout I have even seen potential of over 90% (Silva, Buffon and Daniel Alves), which is ridiculous (but not Genie's fault)... there shouldn't be such players if you consider that in 2007 version, you could find only 3-5 over 80%.

9500 players seem few to me if you are playing with huge database... because I play with large (loading all players from some countries though) and I get 154.623 players, and 2.703 of them are world class. This means 1,7% of all players are world class, not very unreasonable.
Deleted's avatar Deleted
Unfortunately from mid season onwards the Scout wont work... gives that person data error thingy..

hopefully the proper version can be used with the saved games... other wise have to start with new game... yet again :(

thanks to Eugine... working hard inspite of all the shit he got on his site..

and thanks stam for replyin for almost all query's...
Deleted's avatar Deleted
I play with Bundesliga 1, with no other players from other country. And the number ist truth!
What kind of Maschine do you have?
I have an Opteron 170, overclocked at 2,8GHz per core and watercooled =D
Also 2GB RAM on a good Asus board and a crappy VGA :)
It's 2 years old, but still seems strong 8)
Deleted's avatar Deleted
My processor is an Athlon 64, 3500+. The memory could be more than 1 GB, but I kick the shit out of this maschine. Take long the processing?
I think I have shity copy of FM2008!
Not really, everything seems fast (saves, continue, etc), except the 1st time I set up the game (it takes 3-5 minutes to load all those players from my more than 10 countries). Not sure if there is such thing as shity copy of FM008 hehe
Deleted's avatar Deleted
How big is your installed game?
Deleted's avatar Deleted
so there is no way out of those error i am getting??????
Lars Larsson : How big is your installed game?
165mb (uncompressed)

Gunnerz : so there is no way out of those error i am getting??????
unfortunately no, until the next beta version :no
Deleted's avatar Deleted
When will the full version of Genie relase?
Deleted's avatar Deleted
It should not be long. I would estimate that it will be available late next week/weekend.

We will update this site as soon as there is any news :yes

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