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City Life - The Reboot Preview

Started on 5 September 2013 by FM-LD
Latest Reply on 8 September 2013 by Rablador
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As you may well know, based on the results in a poll, may quite well known and most successful story I have ever written.

It will be however slightly different, instead things like moving to a different division with even less funds and still point deductions but I probably will keep some players who are still you know, good at the division we're moving to!

What would you prefer, a new topic or use the old one. I hope to start up the story on either Friday 6th or Saturday 7th! If not then the Sunday!

Why don't you just continue ot, can't you recover the old save and use the same thread?
2013-09-05 19:49#133665 Louis O. : Why don't you just continue ot, can't you recover the old save and use the same thread?
The current save won't open! :(
Seriously, why did you make a thread for this? Weren't the 1,000 notifications on General Chat enough? Like I said before, only use this section for stories, not about your plans for stories. People don't want to see this.

*NOTE* Not an insult, just my opinion as a mod and as an experienced member/mod here.
Look mate I know you are happy that you are starting this story but I feel you are going over the top in a way and you are sorta over hyping it a bit. I'm glad its back but I feel you are going OTT with it.
I agree with Wellsy, I wouldn't care whether you use the old thread or the new one, and frankly I think you could have just asked it on chat, rather than start a new thread just for it. I liked your City Life story, and I will still read it, but there was really no need for this.
I don't wanna cause offense, but you're over hyping this so much. Saying it's famous, the most successful story you've ever written, we all know you mean you think it's the best story to ever hit the face of the Earth. Again, no offense intended, but you're far off some of the greats, like Justice's, Glenn's, Or's, Blue's, etc.

All these threads are just turning people away from your story. It doesn't need a preview, a poll and PC's asking people to reply. The million questions on GC were more than enough.

Don't mean to cause offense, it was just bugging me, and I'm not the only one.
Just want to say, accidentally thanked you for one your posts FMLD, didn't actually want to thank you.
Nathaniel's avatar Group Nathaniel
10 yearsEdited

And the rest of the lads have been harsh but most of what they have said is right. However they maybe could've been less harsh!
My reaction when opening this thread.
2013-09-07 06:38#133899 AlexTHFC : the most successful story you've ever written
It is the most successful story he's ever written :P
All right. No need to have a go. But I slightly understand where ur coming from.
Alex, I feel that was slightly unneeded I mean it only needed the slap on the wrist from justice it didn't need everyone else having a dig!
Guys, 'nuff arguing already. I'm well aware many people were annoyed by this thread (myself included), but there really is no need for this debate on the forums. If you have something to say, say it politely on chat, we don't want this kind of thing clogging up on here.

Now good luck you P7 goalkeeper you!!!!

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