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Marching to the Premier League

My new story!
Started on 7 September 2013 by Stocke
Latest Reply on 10 September 2013 by Stocke
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10 July 2012
As I was scanning several news sites looking for something interesting to read for once, this piqued my interest…

Truro City forced out of Conference South following financial difficulties

By Daniel Naysmith
Football Conference South side Truro have been forced to leave the league following financial problems, which the club owner states would not have allowed them to keep them in the league unless a miracle happened, which, as it implies, would be borderline-impossible.
“Look,” he stated, “the running costs of the club were at this stage far too much, despite this being a semi-professional club. It’s sad, but it happens all the time at this level.”
Seeing as the league’s start date is less than a month away, this will present problems for the Conference, who would need to find a new team to fill the gap in the league. Rumours are circling that Darlington could fill this gap by being re-instated into the Conference, despite having only 10 first-team players. A new club would most likely not be able to be formed in time.
I would definitely be interested in managing a new club, not that I have any experience managing outside Football Manager. It would definitely be better than my actual job… It has always been my dream.

About this story

Just felt like starting a new story, this was one of the thoughts I had in mind when I thought of it. Hope everyone enjoys.
11 July 2012
Took a look at the news from yesterday, seeing if there was an update. There was:

American Vidyasagar-Dabool-Esbech declares interest in replacing Truro City

By Daniel Naysmith
American businessman Stam Jason Niko Vidyasagar-Dabool-Esbech has declared an interest in founding a club to replace Truro City, who were recently forced to leave the league.
“I’ve always been a fan of soccer, football, the beautiful game, whatever you prefer to call it. When I heard about this, I immediately took interest. I will build a team of wonderkids, and we will march on to the Premier League.”, said
Words of a madman, maybe? Perhaps, but this will spell good news for the Football Conference, who will no longer be forced to re-instate Darlington, who have had financial problems of their own in the past few years, if the deal goes through. Your favourite reporter, Daniel Naysmith.
If this happens, I hope to become the new manager of Vidyasagar-Dabool-Esbech FC or whatever it will be called. He should really shorten his name, though.
12 July 2013
All I can say is… I’ve never felt this good in my life.

Stanik Vidoch (who has shortened his name) announces plans for new club

By Daniel Naysmith
Yesterday’s Stam Jason Niko Vidyasagar-Dabool-Esbech is now today’s Stanik Vidoch, and with a new name he brings new ideas.
“Today I realized my name was too long, now I am shocked it took me the best part of 29 years to figure it out. But there was something else that did not take me as long to figure out—Soccer Club England. Based in London, we will have some of the best youth facilities on the planet, as well as a 177,000 all-seater stadium. I plan to have this all finished and finalised by tomorrow, so my friend Adam Drayton will have a full squad of wonderkids to work with, to let us march on to the Premier League.”
I’m completely convinced Stanik Vidoch is a madman now, but we can see how this pans out. Your least favourite reporter, Daniel Naysmith.
I feel good, for the first time I can remember. How does he know me, though?
13 July 2012
I see this article today, I think I’m going slightly crazy. Correction: very crazy.

Vidochik makes announcements

By Daniel Naysmith
“I have changed my name again, because I can. Also, Adam Drayton is the new manager of Quiltenham United. We have announced a link with Manchester City. We will be the parent club. The club board have proclaimed me, as well as Andrius Zelaja who has not and will never play for us, as club legends. Also, the stadium and facilities have been finished after one day of hard work by our scout, Glenn Moss. Also we have signed the following players:
Lionel Messi (Barcelona)
Roberto Gil (Benfica)
Jozef Kuzman (Rapid Bucharest)
Marco Vera (Tromso)
Stan Kroenke (Arsenal)
Daniel Naysmith (free agent)
Daniel Naysmith (free agent)
Daniel Naysmith (free agent)
Arsene Wenger (Arsenal)
Ivan Gazidis (Arsenal)
Stefan Savic (Fiorentina)
Lee Novak (Huddersfield)
I will not disclose how much I will be paying the new manager.”
14 July 2013
This doesn’t make my job any easier.

Quiltenham deducted 40 points in attempt to slow them down

By James Joseph
Newly founded club Quiltenham United have been deducted 40 points for the next three years in an attempt to slow them down. Stan Vidochik had this to say: “I am not outraged, I expected this. It is a challenge which we will embrace.
Wasn’t expecting that. Seriously, I wasn’t. Signing off.
15 July 2013
Another blow.

Quiltenham United limited to a total of 16 players

By Andy Russell
In their first season, Quiltenham United will be limited to a total of 16 players for their side. The bare minimum will also be the maximum for them. This is another attempt to slow down their progress, in addition to the 40-point deduction imposed yesterday. Owner Stan Vidochik had this to say: “I had already signed 16 players, best time to stop now.
This will just make it tougher for Quiltenham United.
Sorry for posting everything at once, just wanted to get those out of the way.
Interesting concept and plot line. Will be following.
2013-09-06 20:58#133868 BayernAmerica : Interesting concept and plot line. Will be following.

17 July 2013
Today is the day I live my dream.

Owner has given me a one year contract on £1,400 p/w. Won’t exactly make me rich, but I’m not complaining.

Board expects us to avoid relegation. That’s a realistic aim with our point deduction I suppose, and I get a transfer budget of £3.6m. Not bad.

We have many fierce rivalries, which is odd. Finances are looking good, and our club favourites include Andrius Zelaja, a Latvian striker, and Mr. Vidochik himself:

Boss said wonderkids, so I didn’t expect a group of fourteen-year-olds. Oh well, they’re still good enough for the division, and all have bright futures as well:

There’s some big names in our staff list, but all of them save Wenger are rubbish at their jobs:

Only sixteen players on the books, but there’s nothing I can do about it now.
7 August 2012 – Pre Season Update
Not really the best of preparation, but we performed decently against Barnet and AFC Wimbledon who are two divisions above us.
Key Players
After pre-season I can distinguish a few players who will be key to help us avoid the drop:
The Brazilian has good stats for a winger, and is also a good team player. He is slow, though.
This attacking midfielder is great for this level, I can’t see him bagging large amounts of goals however.
Not that great of a natural goalscorer, but he looks a player who can always be in the right place at the right time.

Squad News
Centre-back Scott Wells is injured and will be out for the first two league games.

August and September
We need to get as many points from this month as possible to keep us afloat, the hardest matches will be the visits to The Only of Chelmsford and Eastleigh, as well as the away match versus Eastbourne Boro.

Also, Daniel Naysmith Naysmith can speak Latin American:
Stam Jason Niko Vidyasagar-Dabool-Esbech :P
2013-09-07 09:03#133949 Louis O. : Stam Jason Niko Vidyasagar-Dabool-Esbech :P
Yup. :P

He shortened his name though.
Loving this so far!

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