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Christian Eriksen - A Danish Journey

Started on 14 September 2013 by AlexTHFC
Latest Reply on 16 September 2013 by LFC
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Christian Eriksen: A Danish Journey

#1: Nothing Like It
It's finally happened. After days of negotiations, it is official. I am a Tottenham Hotspur player. And I couldn't be happier. Ajax are a perfectly good club, but don't compare to the best club in North London, working to be the best club in capital city of England. It is an honour to be at such a club.

The fans are supportive of my move so far - both Ajax and Tottenham fans, that is, I'm glad Ajax understand my decision, they will always be in my heart. If I didn't have Ajax, I wouldn't have a life. They will always have an eager follower in Christian Eriksen. But I'm entering a new chapter of my football career (and life) now, a new chapter with Tottenham Hotspur.

Ever since I started following football at the age of four, it has been a dream to play in the Premier League. Today, that dream came true. I began the pre-season as an Ajax player, but go into September as a Tottenham player, one who will play in the Barclays Premier League. No one will ever know how happy I am right now.

I hope I can give Tottenham the Champions League football they deserve. I have a lot of experience in that area, but the Eredivisie is nothing compared to the tough task of the Premier League. Despite this, with the squad we have, maybe a new player or two coming into the club in the next few days, we can definitely challenge, maybe even for the title within a few years. I'm delighted that I've even had the chance to be in this brand new era for Tottenham Hotspur.

Author's Notes

Hello! I'm jumping on the bandwagon with a player story, thanks to Seni, who brought them back to life ;)

I'm sure you all know the process, and if not, you're in for a big surprise :P
Good luck Alex! :)
Good Luck!
Walter: Thanks :)

AAN: Thanks :)
Good luck Alex. this will surely get you off my back about food..
Good Luck Alex
Pauker: You have done well ;)

EdenHazard17: Thanks :)

#2: First Day of Training

Today was my first day of training, just a few days before my first ever game as a Spurs player. At least, I hope it's my first ever game. I may not even start, but I don't even care, as I will be in Tottenham colours within the next month anyway. I don't mind if I'm not played in some friendly in America against San Jose, I know I'll be played when it matters, instead.

I got along with most of the players, I was right, we did sign some more players. Erik Lamela from Roma for a huge fee of £30,000,000, and Leighton Baines from Everton for a slightly smaller fee of £26,500,000. I believed we could bond, as we were all very new additions to the club, and yet again, I was right. I look forward to playing alongside Erik, as the formation Villas-Boas will use involves a left winger (Erik's position) and a central attacking midfielder (my position]. Erik looks like a class player even now, and is the same age as me, at 20.

However, not all of it was happy smiles. I got a lot of stick from someone who isn't even wanted at the club anymore - Emmanuel Adebayor. I don't understand why he treated me the way he did, he treated Erik and Leighton fine. I don't even care, though, because he isn't respected by the fans, he isn't needed by the club, all he is is a lump of wages lumbered onto the club. I'm not sure how much longer I'm comfortable with him being at the club, as if this is gonna happen every training session, I'm not sure if I can stay.

Overall, training day 1 was a success. Despite Emmanuel giving me a lot of stick, I have a good feeling about the start of this season, I'm really happy that I'm part of this club, and that I've even been a part of this team for 1 day.
Adebayor sucks, just punch him in the face and leave. Train with the reserves!
Great Story Alex! hope to see Eriksen win the ballon dor in a couple of seasons
nice update :) Damn Adebayor!!
Pauker: Damn! You ruined the surprise of the next update :( :P

JuanGomez: Thanks, I hope so too ;)

LFC: Thanks, I know! :(

Rablador: Thanks, and Eriksen will be dealing with Adebayor the old-fashioned way :P
Yeah, f*ck you Adebaywhore!
Nice update, a good read....indeed ;)

#3: Two new additions to the Lane

Today was a brand new day. I was hoping Adebayor would accept that I'm here, I'd be willing to forgive and forget. He would probably want to make a good impression on the 2 newcomers to the team - Wilfried Zaha on loan and Fernando from Porto. He didn't make a good impression on me, but he just doesn't like me. Not quite sure why, though, as he's never played football with me, never met me, or even spoken to me before. Oh well, isn't too much of an issue...

Well, Adebayor was NOT willing to forget the events of the last training session. He was still pointing out everything I did wrong, even things that weren't even there! It's annoying that someone with such little meaning to the club now is picking on a new signing. None of the other million newcomers to the side were singled out for anything. Only me. Why does he seem to hate me? What have I ever done to Emmanuel Adebayor? Answers I will never know.

Anyway, the new signings seemed to settle in quite quickly. Zaha is only on loan, but he fits in with our style of play well. I have a feeling I'll like him over the next season. Fernando is struggling a little, but I believe that's only the language barrier. Lucky AVB is Portuguese too. The bad thing about them is that Adebayor was really welcoming to them, but literally spat on me when I joined. Maybe it's just something to do with Adebayor, not me. Maybe it's Denmark...

In a few days, we're playing San José, in our first and last friendly match of the season. If I start, it better not be with Adebayor. I'm not sure I'll be able to play a match alongside him, especially as I play behind the striker. Oh well, I won't let one lazy, spiteful player with no meaning to the club stop me. Tottenham Hotspur Until I Die, or something similar.
i lay awake at night wondering how a football club can look at this guy for three years and think "nahh not for me" and yet fergie goes down as one of the greatest.And so Moyes copies him and passes up on the bargain of the century. Oh Mr Erickson I apologise on behalf of my stupid club who think Cleverley is clever.

o yer...Good story!

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