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Poor Finishing!?

Started on 10 November 2011 by Anubis206
Latest Reply on 17 November 2011 by coskan
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I have started a game with PSG! Got decent forwards and i have signed Sturridge on loan (i know his finishing isnt great)

Seem too be getting around 10-15 shots a game average sometimes 15-20 made up of around 60% half chances and 2-3 clear cut (sometimes 4-5) yet ill have 3 shots on target at the end of the match. Hardly any wasteful long shots nearly all the efforts are from in the box

Opponents on the other hand (regardless of quality) seem too be getting around 7 efforts max and getting a good 4-5 on target!

What is the crack with this? I dont see what i am doing wrong, yes the forwards arent Pato and Rooney but they should be hitting the target more surely, shooting training is up and they are doing well and clearly getting into good spots over and over.

Even the games i win are disappointing because it will be 1-0 or 2-1 even though i have 65-70% posession and dominated the passing and had 2 or 3 times more shots from inside the box!
Morale is good aswell, team talks positive
Just try switching things up and use a different striker for a while
I have rotated my strikers and i have tried too stick with 3 main ones.

Ive got

Sturridge (loan) and top scorer so far despite awful technical attributes (much like in real life)


Luyindula as a last resort (hes pretty poor)

There is no way that there can be a form or morale problem, its clear. You cant have 15-20 shots from inside the area and only get 2-3 on target regardless of who you are. If that is the case then you could put Barca in Segunda B and struggle. it has to be the physics, im not saying i want too score 5 goals a game but i would expect too see 40% accuracy bare minimum instead of more like 10%, thats shocking. Its not one player its the entire strikeforce plus the few efforts from midfield. Yet every opponent i face seems too get 50% shot accuracy.
Sounds like poor form to me. I'd recommend using 2 same strikers for a few matches and see if they start scoring(that's if you're using 2 forwards like in 442). If the season has just started, it's often the case that the strikers are still bleding in and trying to get themselves going. Usually my strikers need a few back to back matches before they start to play with confidence.
Despite not scoring they are all bar Gamiero (started season ropey) on over 7.4 average! Sturridge on 8.0 dont see how this is form? I dont even see why they are getting rated over 6 if they have 1 shot on target all game given the number of opps.

I have stopped playing PSG its not even remotely fun or challenging because its hugely unrealistic that they have decent ratings but are playing piss poor and having a ridiculous amount of efforts not being finished! id rater have 5-10 shouts and get 5 on target than have 20 shots and get 5 on target, how could you build morale if its irrelevant what form or morale they are in?

Now playing AC Milan 6 games in and i have Pato,Zlatan,Cassano and Willian all out for 3 months! So i have Robinho and Inzaghi until they start to trickle back too fitness, but at least my forwards can score!
help some one plz
do any one know how do you change transfer money wen u make an offer for a player becouse i tray for exampel bid 20mil it says over all value of transfer with bilions and hundred of milions rather the do the normal one that u have bid for a player
# klodian89 : help some one plz
do any one know how do you change transfer money wen u make an offer for a player becouse i tray for exampel bid 20mil it says over all value of transfer with bilions and hundred of milions rather the do the normal one that u have bid for a player

You mean that its in Yen or something instead of £ or Euros?

Its in preferences.
# Anubis206 : You mean that its in Yen or something instead of £ or Euros?

Its in preferences.

no mate i have it on pound £
it just that i go to make an offer for the player i bid for for exampel 15mil or 16 or 17 it dosent actualy bid that wat u bid for the player it gos with for exampel i 15milion it gos at coment at to right hand corener over all bid is 548.000.000 am not biding that muh for the plyer why is it oin that rather thn do wat i actualy bid for it
Yeah. I have the same problem. I am playing Real Madrid and... Higuain and Benzema had both 18 goals through whole last season. I sold Benzema, and bought Rossi from Villarreal and... It is getting worse. Higuain scores one goal per 6 games, Rossi get once 4 goals in one match and.. thats all. I have 25-35 shots per game, 10 on goal. Maybe it is something with position setting?
I thought this was just me!! I've had the same problem. 15-20 shots, 2-3 on target per game. The opposition have 4/5 shots, more or less all on target and they win!
It has to be an error in the game but when you have 65% possession and are hammering teams every game but are losing 1-0/2-1 it can get a bit depressing :(
I've noticed a similar thing...

I'm playing with Utd, with my tactics I'm creating tons of chances but not converting or hitting the target with Rooney, Berbatov and Hernandez.. Case in point I'll show you my first loss of the season..

Fulham game

Owen and Welbeck were up front for this game as poachers most shots were in the area and in one on one situations, I dominated the game as you can see but lost to a cheeky goal when they had two attempts on target!

On the other hand, I get days like this.

Arsenal game

So I guess it goes hand in hand just like real life sometimes players just have off days.
I have to agree with the original post, the shots can be absolutely embarrassing with how bad they are sometimes, the easiest of chances get squandered, and most of the time players miss chances that are easier to get on target than screw wide.

I'm Kettering Town and have won promotion to league 2 after 2 seasons of trying, and am currently in the promotion mix in my second season in league 2.

HOWEVER, without my super-striker Will Keane, (Who I greatly recommend to lower league teams), I am left to rely on Craig Fagan, Richard Cresswell and Ashley Grimes, all very reputable strikers for this level! Grimes has finishing of 16 for christ sake and has only scored once in 15 games, its just disgusting some of the chances these guys miss. Reckon without Keane we only get 10% of shots on target, and I just accept that unless Alex Bruce forces in a corner, I just can't win without Will Keane :/
I had similar issues. In the end I created a tactic that doesn't rely on the strikers for getting the goals. I'm half way through a season playing as Brann of Norway, currently my leading scorer is Amankwah with 15 goals and he's a CB! My midfielders chip in with a few goals a piece too. My leading striker is Ojo and he's only got 6 goals so far and that's 2 less than my leading midfielder.
there are few extra good strikers who can score 30+ goals per season (i have tried hulk and nilmar so far, both are 40+ Millions to buy).At first, i thought my tactic was bad and that was the reason i couldnt score despite having number of chances and possesion.i have tried 4-1-2-1 and 4-2-3-1 so far, both very good, playing atractive,attacking with loads of point is, if you cant get extra good stirker your tactic wont work no matter what you do.after i got sacked after 4 months, with van persie and chamakh as my stikers, i started a new game in which i bought hulk from start. with hulk as a single striker i became league champion with 89 points, hulk scored 35.either my tactic is fully dependent on my stiker, or something is wrong with the gameplay on FM12 :/

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