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MANUMAD's Player Recommendations

Started on 10 March 2012 by MANUMAD
Latest Reply on 30 August 2012 by liveforfunsam
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MANUMAD's avatar Group MANUMAD
12 yearsEdited
1) Ricardo Oliveira CF - Has awesome stats. Can play brilliantly both as a poacher and as a target man/ deep cf. Can be bought for as 2.5 first season or 1.5 (approx) if not less (sometimes he is free in the second season) in the second second. He is not particular about where he goes as long as the club is in the top tier (and will take up about 40k wages) but he will bag you loads. Perfect for teams with not a lot of money needing a guaranteed 20 goals a season man. No wp problems.

With the update he got offered to me for 575k whuch frankly is a steal!!!

2) Yiahia (Al-Nassr) cb. Decent stats allround. Big(ish) teams. WP an issue.

3) Emad Meteb (Zamalek - i think) cf. Check out this guy's stats! Will score a few. Only problem is that he is expensive (cost me 14mil with instalments for Anzhi)and very temperamental.

4) Kara dm. Brilliant. Young and cheap (anything between 1 to 2 mil depending on the team). Starts at Tromso. His versatility, stats and price make him a must buy. Bought him for Monaco in Ligue 1 so he doesnt only join top teams.

5) Aboutrika (mf/wing). Another Egyptian marvel. Not cheap but good stats and effective. Good for top tier mid-table teams.

6) Yasser Al Qahtani cf - Not young but not very old either. Has very good stats and would be great for mid-table teams looking for a goal scorer.

7)Free very decent Brazilians: They all would go to China with Quangzhou so they dont seem to be very particular as to where they would go. Not for top teams though (actually only for second tier teams/leagues with 3* or less.

Fredson DM
Acacio M(c)
Bovio DM
Radames DM/M
Buick wbl
Pablo DM
Felipe cf

8)James Tomkins cb. Young. Potential plus can play as soon as in the top leagues as backup.

9)JaliDM. Is quite cheap for what he offers

10)Ricardinho (Malmo). AMR/L. Looks great for the money (very cheap).

11)Hugo (mf-dont remember exactly). Is at Al Wahda to start with. Scouted very positively. Not used yet but looked good.

12) Youssef el Arabi

13) Bare (Al Jazeera). Looks decent. Valued at 650K ie is a bargain.

14) Enio (Jeonbuk). Used him a lot in FM 2011. Looks the same in FM12. Though he is an AM/ST he tends to score a lot of goals if played as a cf.

15) Luiz Henrique (Jeonbuk) - Very versatile (amr/amc/st) who will score goals.

16)Bahebeck = Brilliant winger who starts at PSG. In a team with people like Sow, Doumbia, Pastore, Quintero and Gamero he's my b best performer.
1) Muriqui AMR/L/ST - Great. Used him for Anzhi as a winger/am and at Quangzhou (where he starts) mainly as a winger. One of the best players on FM12 Ive tried so far. Will cost around 8mil.

2) Thiago Heleno cb. Only 23 and valued at 750k. A steal for what you are getting. Note that a more

3) S. Jeparov m(c) (I think). Not cheap and wont go everywhere but this guy continues to be the bees knees in FM for the third year running.

4)Joaozinho aml- Cheap. Class. Better than what the stats would let you believe (though they are not bad).

5) Dakson winger. Used to be one of the steals in FM11 as he only cost 60k. Looks similar (if a little worse) in FM12. Bought him in my Internacional save for 64k!! Was not bad at all.

6)N. Gaitan (amr)- Not cheap but awesome for me at Man Utd.

7)A. Emana (winger)

8) Thiago Neves - Awesome winger. You have to wait a season before you can get him tho as he starts on loan at Cruzeiro.

9)D. Kasnick cb. Cheap with decent stats. Excellent for lower leagues.

10) E Velikonja cf. Extremely effective even in top teams though takes a while to get going. V cheap.

11) Kokorin amr/l. Russian youngster. Scores a fair amount of goals for top teams.

12) Kolodin cb. Very good but not cheap Russian cb. Will even score goals for you

13) V Agali cf - Free. Good stats for low leagues though there may be issues with his wp.

14) Gil - Brazilian utility player (M(C), DM, M(R), AM(R,C) - Free. Good stats.

15) Nene - Winger who starts at PSG. Is 30 yo and valued at 3.8m but has great stats and **** ability. Plays great also.

16) A. Paloschi cf 750k approx - Starts banging them in from season 2.

17) F. Borini cf - can be loaned easily down to second tier teams and has good stats. Is young.

18) Amauri.For 250k you are getting a proven target man who will score a decent amount of goals and have a number of assists. On loan I mean. Banged them in for me for Newcastle (1st season).

19) Montillo. This guy looks amazing. I havent used him yet tho.
MANUMAD's avatar Group MANUMAD
12 yearsEdited
1) Thomas Drage (20yeo ****recommendation from scouts) AMC /M(RLC)/AM(RL),ST
2) Some Brazilians:

Edson Bastos GK 350K - a steal
Felipe GK (Flamengo)
Rever (Atl Mineiro) cb (4.5mil but one of the best cbs in the game).
Rodolfo cb (Sao Paolo 2.5 mil
Arouca M(C)/DM Santos
Rafael Coelho ST
Eltinho wb/m L 425k

3)Andrea Rosi wb/l 16 pace plus other good stats. Goes on loan in first season. I loaned him with the next guy on the list for Newcastle, couldnt register him for the league but use them both to great effect for cups (won the League Cup in the semis of the FA cup currently with them:))

4)Douglas cb 5.5m

5)KARIM ZIANI 29yo. Brill stats for the championship or leagues with *** reputation. only 275k

6)Mario Santana M -only 1.4 very good

7)Bayram Kayal - Noticed this guy when he joined Stoke and was shocked by his amazing stats.

8)E Schelotto - Not cheap but very good for the second year running

9)Lucas Ocampos - 17yo winger who can play in top teams from 1st season.

10) F. Cavenaghi - Awesome target man.

11) VillalvaDusan Djuric - M (C) not exactly cheap but potent.

12) Federico Santander - Attacker from Paraguay. 20 yo. Bought him for Internacional to partner the beast that is Leandro Damiao. I alternate him with Damiao between deep cf/poacher to great effect. Also used him at Palmeiras where he was even better.

BTW Leandro Damiao scored 60 goals in his first season for me at Internacional!!!

13) Diego Renan - awesome LR wingback.

14) Tinga and Patrik (young and brilliant amrl/st at Palmeiras.

15) Hobbit Bermudez - Mexican winger. Very good stats.

16) Sebastian Toro cb - very good defender who is 20yo **** potential, very cheap, not very particular where he goes, can play in starting lineup immediately and other teams quickly start pestering you to buy him.

17) Elkeson - very good **** winger.

18) Ait Fana

19) Claudemir (Kopenhavn)

20) Guido Burdisso- Argentinian 20 yo dm with **** potential and very good stats.

21) Raphael (?) Moura cf - Starts at Fluminense. Second season his value always drops to at least half (ie between 2-3.2 mil). Is a goal machine for top teams.

22) Pinga am - Free amc/r. Good stats
1) Yttegard Jensen - Very good central playmaker
2) Fatos Besiraj (Dynamo Zagreb) - CF A goal machine.
3) Ignacio Canuto - M. Cahais - very good and not very expensive Argentinian defenders.
4) F. Monzon- v good (id say one of the best) rwb. Not very expensive.
5) A. Ademi and A. Pamic - very good dms especially for leagues with less than ****.
6) I Kargbo - defender/dm. Very good value as a stopgap.
7) Branquinho winger
8) Domagoj Vida

The players at 7 and 8 were stars for me at Dynamo Zagreb and helped me to win the treble (incl Europa League) in my first season.
Nangis- Young versatile attacking player. Is equally good on either wing, at cf or at am

Bulot - An assist machine. Has pace, can dribble and delivers a mean cross especially from the left

Araujo - Plays at Boca Juniors. Is loanable first season. Is great both as a poacher and as a target man. Is young. Develops into a great player.

Bahebeck- V effective young french winger.
MANUMAD's avatar Group MANUMAD
12 yearsEdited
With the new patch you can:

1) Get Iturbe on loan from Porto. He's very good for mid-top tier teams such as Stade Malherbe Caen in France. Plays on the wing.

2) Get Zezinho on a free. He has 4* potential and not bad ability. As soon as you sign him his value becomes 1.9 mil so at the very least you can sell him second season and make money.

3) Loan in Nikao from Athletico Mineiro for little or no money. He's excellent on either wing or at am.

4) Rivaldo is 40 yo but retains all his stats except pace and natural fitness. Plays in Angola so he comes to the second tier where he would be great.
Some more players found/used in my Vitesse save:

Chanturia - AMR 18yo 4**** potential with decent stats. Not expensive.
Wallyson- cf. Yours for about 4.5 mil. Described by my supporters as soon as I bought him as a waste of money. Hit off the ground running with goals and assists. Brilliant.
Patrick Van Aanholt lb - plays at Chelski so may be particular as to who he joins. Despite his age and rawness is pure class.
Vage Nielsen lb - Very cheap for what he offers.
Fredy Montero cf - Better than his quite good stats would indicate.
Btw been using Ahmed Soukouna in the MLS with LA Galaxy and he's been raping teams.

Some players have been added in the above posts and some comments amended (especially to conform with the January patch).

Note that I try in this thread to suggest players that are not so obvious so as to make it different than the various young/wonderkid threads that appear. But I have a huge database of players so if anybody needs further suggestions and/or more detailed comments on people on this list please ask and Ill try to help. Give me budget, team and season though.
I recommend Matija Nastasic, Ryder Matos, Alejandro Pozuelo and Sergi Roberto.
Thanks for the contribution Eze! I would appreciate some comments as well as per my comments in the thread.
I'll always recommend:

Jelle Vossen (23, 2.3 M €, BEL): a perfect poacher. After a few seasons, he gets to 19 finishing, 19 composure, 19 off the ball. He might not be the fastest/strongest in the world, but he is the perfect Inzaghi

Moritz Leitner (18/19, ? €, DEU): an obscenely young, completely underrated player. Don't make the same mistake. Trust him on the left wing or in the center, and you will be rewarded. Ideal wing partner is, of course, Shaqiri. The teenage wing talent. He made the German national team recently in my Dortmund game, at 23

Tomaš Nécid (22, 4.5 M €, CZE): Not the best target man in the world, but he's always a good strike partner. He doesn't cost more than 5 million euros, and he even took a pay cut, to 19K €/week to join Dortmund from CSKA Moskva.

Leigh Griffiths (21, ?, SCO): The perfect fast striker. Again, not the best numbers in the world... but the sheer amount of times I've seen him the entire German club defense to catch Frank Lampards long ball is astounding. Train him to place his shots if you get to him early enough. Got him for free from Wolves after a few seasons.
Okay here it is...

Matija Nastasic - serbian central defender, young, looks very promising, has a value of 1.1 million, don't know his sale value.
Ryder Matos - another promising brazilian youngster, can play as MR/AM RL, attacks like hell, crosses like hell.
Nastasic and Matos are Fiorentina players, There are several more, but sadly I cannot remember their names.

Alejandro Pozuelo - Betis,spanian, can play as AMC/ST (Trequartista), also looks very promising

Sergi Roberto - barcelona's central midfielder, will develop quite good, available for loan.

and if I am not mistaken, the rest of the youngster should be available for loan also.

(btw I am at the beginning of first season with Fiorentina, and I was shocked what players were made available or not needed by clubs, for example José Callejón for 3.2 million, Christian Tello for 1.5 million)
Ezekiel_87's avatar Group Ezekiel_87
12 yearsEdited
I give it a thought and have another four recommendations for you.

Amidu Salifu - ghanian DM, will develop into relatively great player, 18 yo.

Michele Camporese - italian DC, will be quite good, 19 yo.

Daniel Kofi Agyei - ghanian DM, 19 yo.

Luca Lezzerini - italian GK, 16 yo, will be good enough for most of mid-table teams, although according to FM Scout, his composure will be only 8 and he's slow. Other than that, he's a relative win.

Amidu Salifu will be much better DM than Agyei

all those four are from Fiorentina..
off topic do I post a screenshot here?
#45706 Araujo - Plays at Boca Juniors. Is loanable first season. Is great both as a poacher and as a target man. Is young. Develops into a great player.

not what he was in FM2011, wasn't too bad then, but his stats/play havnt been up to scratch for his 4M asking price

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