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Win the league? Impossible?

Started on 26 March 2012 by dj_watto_2008
Latest Reply on 26 March 2012 by dj_watto_2008
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Hi, this is my first career on Football Manager 2011, and I was thinking of starting with a lower league team. I’m from Kidderminster, so I was either thinking of starting with Kiddy Harriers or starting with a team in Scotland, i.e. Annan Athletic, Queens Park etc…

After much deliberation, I have decided to start with Annan Athletic in the Scottish Division Three, with the hope of getting them to the Premier League (much like my favourite Scottish team, Gretna (now Gretna 2008)).

I would, however, like to do what the mighty Gretna couldn’t do, win the Scottish Premier League and hopefully qualify for the Groups of a European tournament.

Wish me luck for my career…
So, as I arrive in Scotland from the Midlands, it begins to rain. I hope this isn't a metaphor for what my Annan reign is going to be like.

As I'm not Scottish, and not an avid lower league watcher, I'm not sure of many of the players in the Third Division, so in the morning it will be time for me to check out what's what with Annan Athletic and whether we have a possible fighting chance of promotion this year.

I also don't know much about my coaching staff (all 3 of them), however what I do know is that they're cr*p! So I have offered them mutual terminations of their contracts. The only 3 coached I had were and Assistant Manager, a Coach and a Scout!!!!! Hopefully, in the morning I won't have any coaches, so I can bring my own staff in.
I've managed to check myself into a hotel in Annan. It's about time for me to get checked in, even telling hotel owners that I'm the local club's new manager. They just laughed at me and told me to leave, until finally I found a hotel in the area with vacancies.

So, I'm sitting in my hotel room, cold and wet through - where is the bathroom, I need the warmest shower before getting some supper. Roll on tomorrow morning.
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Um, sort of figured that one out myself, hence why i deleted the link!!!

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