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Poll: Nickbonista's Manchester United Story FM2012

A story covering my progress with my joint-favourite team, the mighty United!
Started on 6 April 2012 by Nickbonista
Latest Reply on 20 April 2012 by Nickbonista
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Next signing? (Bear in mind the depth for each position I have, ask for profiles) (23 votes)
Hi everyone, this is my first story on FM Scout, but I've been a reader of the site for a few months now. My inspiration was Nakulp's Man United story, and I took note of his transfers for my use in this story. I’ve started this story a way into my playthrough, in November 2013. I have won the last two Champions Leagues and Premier Leagues, and I always look to win all trophies available. I have a very good squad and backroom, as I’ve learnt from all the stories on here who to get!!

Here are my staff -

Here is my (beast) squad, the three players missed off are Erick Torres, and two regens named Sean Scorfield and Timo Andreev, more on those later –

Here are my formations, 4-4-2 I use against your run-of-the-mill EPL or UCL teams, 4-1-2-1-2 I use against teams I will roll over like (no offence) Wigan or West Brom, and 4-3-3 I use in hard games I need to counter attack in, like Arsenal –

Here are my transfers for this season, I didn’t spend nearly as much and I’m solely concentrating on youth and replacing older players, as Ferdinand and Giggs just retired –

And finally the league so far and my results, the only catastrophe was Eden Hazard breaking his leg in a pre-season international but is expected back in a couple of weeks -

If you have any suggestions feel free to post them here, I will be posting a player-by-player squad summary soon, but since I play FM twice a week my updates will be in bulk. I will do a small match summary including formations and scorers MOTM etc.
Just a note, I won't be using pictures so much as it's very time-consuming, you will get a view of my match reports when I post the Chelsea game I'm about to play.
Quick update, we have been drawn Ipswich in the League Cup Quarter Final, and I am waiting on a work permit to sign Nicolas Gaitan from Benfica for £3.1 million. He is in a "Tevez Situation" and he has issued a "come and get me" plea to me - however I have tried twice already and cannot get a work permit, does anyone have any advice?
Dude, that squad is truly 'beast'!
You might want to sell some of them though. United is a big club, meaning big egos. Sooner rather than later, the "Concerned" statuses will start ruining your mood.
Anyway, if you've won the last two CLs, you must be doing something right.
alright story so far mate. even though im not a fan of buying loads of players.

u probably could have found a better centre back then Papadopolous as his concentration and composure are quite quite poor.
Yeah Akash, I'm wanting to get a squad I'm happier rotating, so I don't have as many big players to please.

English Premier Division - 2 Nov 2013

Chelsea vs Man Utd

Formation: 4-4-2

Starting Line-up:
De Gea (GK)
Smalling(FB) Papadopoulos(CD) Vidic (CD) Evra (FB)
Gotze(W) Wilshere (AP) Fernandinho (BWM) Nani(W)
Cavani (AF) Rooney (CF)

HT: 0-0

Subs Used: Asamoah, Bale

FT: 1-1 Ivanovic (58), Cavani (63)

MOTM: Cech (9.1)
Good Performers: Cavani (7.8)

Cech getting man of the match sums this game up. We battered them the whole game but didn't put the chances away. Nani was particularly good and our goal came from a nice through ball from him to Cavani on the break, and a sweet finish in the bottom corner.
#47193 toonman8589 : alright story so far mate. even though im not a fan of buying loads of players.

u probably could have found a better centre back then Papadopolous as his concentration and composure are quite quite poor.

Yeah, 9 and 11 respectively doesn't sound great, but I haven't noticed any blunders from him yet. If I can get a return on him I will probably sell him at the end of the season.
Competed the signing of this youngster, who looks a treat! He cost £3.1 million, but because of the stupid Brazil rules he joins in 2016!!
Champions League Group F - Red Bull Salzburg, Old Trafford

Formation: 4-4-2

Starting Line-up:
De Gea (GK)
Rafael(FB) Papadopoulos(CD) Criscito (CD) Julio Laguna (FB)
Bale(W) Torres (AP) Asamoah (BWM) Young(W)
Cavani (AF) Hernandez (P)

HT: 3-0 Torres (9,34), Cavani (32)

Subs Used: Ford, Fierro

FT: 4-0 Torres (9,34), Cavani (32,48)

MOTM: Torres (9.1)
Good Performers: Cavani (8.8)
English Premier Division - Wolves, Old Trafford

Formation: 4-3-1-2

Starting Line-up:
De Gea (GK)
Vrsaljko(FB) Andreev(CD) Vidic (CD) Evra (FB)
Ford(W) Fellaini (BWM) Fernandinho(W)
Wilshere (AP)
Torres (AF) Rooney (CF)

HT: 1-0 Cairney (11)

Subs Used: Cavani

FT: 1-0 Cairney (11)

MOTM: Fernandinho (8.1)
Good Performers: Rooney (7.8)

A wonderful free kick from Cairney beat me today, not the Wolves team. We had 17 shots to their 1, and battered them. Perhaps I was naive in my selection but these players should've won. I will be taking a very long look at Fellaini as he is not playing well when I give him a chance. I am pleased with spelling Vrsaljko's name right, and the fact Eden Hazard is back in training after his leg break.

I'm finishing up for the night, please keep feedback coming and tomorrow I will hopefully upload the profiles of all my squad and a couple of lines on each.
how did you manage to afford all of them players the likes of cavani and gotze and bale etc?
#47207 patrick1 : how did you manage to afford all of them players the likes of cavani and gotze and bale etc?

Well I got the cheap ones and bale 1st season because I only had 20m at first but I sold heavily. 2nd season I got an 80m budget and bought götze, cavani and wilshere, but players like fellaini I got on monthly installments. I'm not doing that anymore as it will make me go bankrupt.
English Premier Division - West Ham, The Boleyn Ground (They had a new stadium built)

Formation: 4-4-2

Starting Line-up:
De Gea (GK)
Rafael(FB) Vidic(CD) Smalling (CD) Criscito (FB)
Bale(W) Asamoah (BWM) Wilshere (AP) Nani(W)
Cavani (AF) Rooney (CF)

HT: 1-0 Vidic (42)

Subs Used: Fernandinho, Gotze, Torres

FT: 3-0 Vidic (42), Cavani (52), Faubert og (56)

MOTM: Vidic (8.3)
Good Performers: Criscito (7.8)

A good win at West Ham, with goals coming from a Vidic diving header from Nani's free kick, a cross from Criscito met by Cavani on the volley, and an own goal from a corner. Just a question, should I just upload the match stats screen instead of doing this for each game, with this summary?
My Squad
Anders Lindegaard –
Will keep this guy just as a backup or to keep the reserves successful. I barely gave him a game before I signed Courtois, and now he’s sitting in the reserves.

Thibaut Courtois –
This kid looks very promising and a good challenger to keep De Gea on his toes. I don’t think he will get a regular starting place but I’m giving him his game in the cup and Champions League.

David De Gea –
This guy’s profile says it all – a top quality keeper who justified his price tag and has saved me innumerable points over 2 and a half seasons. Still very young, he is already 1st choice for Spain and won Euro 2012 playing every game.

Rafael –
My attacking right-back, Rafael can rip apart a team, especially when paired with Nani. His profile has a little way to go just yet, but he is still only 23 and already is shoring up his defensive qualities.

Chris Smalling –
The antithesis to Rafael, I use Smalling when I’m up against a tough winger or pressing team like Arsenal, and rely on my wingers to break. His profile shows a great centre-back who is good enough to play right back, if he is a little blunt on the attack.

Domenico Criscito –
Pretty much my main left-back. I had never heard of this guy before playing FIFA 12. He is so rounded and versatile on FM that I had to get him, and he’s kicked Evra onto the bench (hopefully not under the instructions of a Mr. Suarez) and can cover as centre-back or either full-back. His crosses are a great supply of assists.

Phil Jones –
I am training Phil Jones to be solely centre-back, as I feel his versatility is his downfall – those skill attributes aren’t quite there yet. He often plays second fiddle to Papadopoulos and Vidic but I have faith that he will be a great centre-back.

Julio Laguna –
A great regen that I picked up on a free from Barcelona, this kid is already a good defensive full-back, but I’m training him as a wing-back and having Criscito tutor him, as I feel his pace is wasted on the halfway line, not crossing the ball.

Nemanja Vidic –
What’s that coming over the hill, is it Nemanja? My captain is still a fantastic player, if a little shovey in the box, and chips in with his share of goals from set-pieces. Nobody gets past him at the back and his leadership is unrivalled in my squad.

Timo Andreev –
This kid looks amazing – 15 and with those defensive attributes. Since the screenshot was taken I’ve got Vidic to tutor him and improve his slightly lacklustre mental attributes. I can see Andreev being the next Vidic quite easily, his heading pays testimony to that.

Kyriakos Papdopoulos –
An absolute rock at the back, if a little blunt in the composure and concentration areas, Papadopoulos (don’t make me spell it again) is a beast and lets no long ball or cocky striker past him. I’ve also had a few goals from him off corners. Still young, he will definitely be my first choice when Vidic retires. I’m seriously considering Ranocchia to partner him when that day comes.

Sime Vrsaljko –
Since I waited to sign Vr… him, I had to pay 20m to get Vasr, erm this kid, but he has turned in a few good performances. He is rivalling Rafael for the attacking right-back postion.

Patrice Evra –
The Frenchman is a very consistent choice at left-back, but has two challengers in the form of Criscito and Laguna. His age means if I can offload him for the right money in January I will, as I have another young left-back called Jones, but Evra’s tutoring value makes him a sound asset. And he is a cert against Liverpool.

Gareth Bale –
Pace describes Bale best. He is the only choice when I’m playing 4-3-3 as his crossing, pace, and dribbling leaves any defender standing and drooling. He will also be a very good choice if I ever adopt a strategy including wing-backs, as Bale is also a very good defender.

Marouane Fellaini –
I picked Fellaini up first season as I wanted to improve my midfield. He shone then but has since been sidelined with a nasty knee injury and the arrivals of Fernandinho and Asasmoah. Still a very good choice, if a little devoid of flair, I am considering training Fellaini as a centre-back.

Fernandinho –
The magician, as I call him, Fernandinho can play anywhere in the midfield, but I favour him as either a deep-lying playmaker or anchorman. His long shots have grabbed a couple of screamers and his overall tackling and distribution make him my best all-round midfielder.

Kwadwo Asamoah –
A real tank, Asamoah has a hint of the Michael Essien about him – he is built to win the ball, give it to the attacking players then support them towards goal. He doesn’t pick up too many goals but when he shoots it usually burts the net. Probably the main reason I’m looking to get rid of Fellaini.

Ashley Young –
Young is my typical squad player – he is quite versatile and has definite skill, but won’t get in ahead of Nani, Bale, Gotze, or Valencia. Nevertheless, he can turn a game with his wide play and functions well as a poacher in the box. I will get rid of him if the right money comes in, around 15 million.

Jack Wilshere –
Bought in January 2013, Wilshere is the best playmaker in my squad. He has found his way into the team after being cup-tied for last season and Eden Hazard’s injury gave him an opportunity, and he has delivered. His dribbling, defence-splitting passing, tackling, or cannonball shooting make him a snip at 22 million.

Eden Hazard –
A horrible broken leg in pre-season has shortened Hazard’s season. Last year he was a great advanced playmaker, from either the wing or centre midfield, and can chip in with curling long shots. I’m hoping he can come back strong from this injury.

Nani –
Probably my best winger, Nani is also a good goalscorer and pops up at the back post from time to time. His crossing is unbelievable, especially when you have Rooney and Cavani on the end of it. I still think of him as a young player despite being 27.

Mario Gotze –
A versatile and pacey attacking midfielder, 40 million seems like a lot for one player, but Gotze is proving to be worth it. I’ve used him as a Trequartista striker, and his creativity and poacher ability got him 13 goals last season. I like to use him as a AMR in my 4-3-3 now, and his crossing is coming along very well.

Sean Scorfield and Paul Ford –
Two regens that came from trial days, I couldn’t believe my luck! I will train both of them as proper wingers and either sell the weaker one when the time comes or adapt one of them to the right wing. If anyone has any tips on training these two they would be very helpful.

Edinson Cavani –
My best striker, no question. Rooney is being made to look like Emile Heskey by this guy – his dribbling, pace, strength, shooting and creativity got him 51 goals in 46 games last season, including a hat-trick in the champions league final against Real Madrid. When I play one striker it has to be him, and if I leave him out we struggle. 30 million is a bargain for this genius!

Wayne Rooney –
Despite my impassioned rant about Cavani, Rooney is still a great player, and can match him for goalscoring. His disciplinary record, as you can see, isn’t great, but his work rate makes Rooney my definite choice for a CF.

Erick Torres –
I am hoping this guy can emulate Hernandez. He has already scored two screamers against Arsenal and is looking to be a great Trequartista. In the future he will be my striker, but will be a very good option in attacking midfield.

Javier Hernandez –
When paired with Rooney, Hernandez flies. He is always on the end of a rebound and never ceases to pop up at the back post. He has somewhat taken a back seat because of the emergence of Cavani and his two Mexican compatriots, but I plan to use Hernandez a lot in the champions league.

Carlos Fierro –
This kid is basically Hernandez junior! He is a lot more poacher than Torres and a bit younger too. I am giving Fierro a lot of time in the reserves and as a sub to give him game time, and I expect him to be a quality player in the future. If you look at his off the ball stat then his comparison with Hernandez becomes clear. No prizes for guessing who I have tutoring him.

On Loan
Antonio Valencia –
On loan at Marseille. I don’t expect Valencia to maintain a starting place when he returns from loan so I will try to get around 12 million for him.

Tom Cleverley –
On loan at West Ham. He could go either way, personally I don’t think Tom can mix it with the squad I have and the opposition around me, but I will send him on loan again if I see some improvement.

Zakaria Labyad –
On loan at Everton. I have good expectations about this kid, who is playing well for Everton and looks to be a good attacking midfielder. He is still only 20 and I may send him to FC Twente (feeder club) next year as I feel he can handle European competitions.

Anderson –
On loan at Chelsea. Ditto Valencia above, I can’t see Anderson holding down a first-team place. He was good first season but has had to go out on loan to keep fit, and I expect to sell him next year.

Felipe Anderson –
On loan at FC Twente. Similar to Labyad above, I might sell a centre midfielder in January to give him a chance next season as people have been saying very good things about Felipe on this site.

Vaclav Kadlec –
On loan at FC Twente. Looks to be doing well and has scored twice in Europe, this is the kind of player that FC Twente was made for, his development is key to whether he can secure first-team football at Old Trafford next season.
Champions League Group F - FC Copenhagen, Old Trafford

Formation: 4-4-2

Starting Line-up:
De Gea (GK)
Rafael(FB) Papadopoulos(CD) Jones (CD) Evra (FB)
Nani(W) Fernandinho (BWM) Gotze (AP) Scorfield(W)
Cavani (AF) Torres (T)

HT: 2-0 Cavani (5), Torres (10)

Subs Used: Laguna, Young

FT: 3-0 Cavani (5,73), Torres (10)

MOTM: Cavani (9.3)
Good Performers: Torres (8.4)

We started well with a through ball from Torres finding Cavani and the usual result applying. Then another attack and shot from Cavani fell to Torres and he tucked away the rebound. Finally, a long ball from defence somehow found Cavani onside and he slotted in with his left foot. We have now qualified for Champions League Knockouts with 15 points from 5 games.

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