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Ruben Conista...Spanish Mourinho

Started on 12 June 2012 by Lethal_Touch101
Latest Reply on 13 June 2012 by 1650 Yo
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I am doing a sort of Mourinho story emulating him winning what he can at every club he goes to,taking them from ordinary to world class.

I have finished my first season with barcelona winning:

La Liga
Super Cup
Champions League
Spanish Cup

After winning all i could i decided i have taken the team as far as i can...and let the team know i would be leaving as i had interest from chelsea who finished 5th and man city who were runners up to man utd in the premier league...which wasnt good enough for the owners.

Man City approach Conista.....Conista accepts the job wasting no time getting rid of brian kidd and bringing tito vilanova with him as his assistant.

"I am delighted to be here and i can assure you we will have the premier league trophy in our cabinet next season...maybe the champions league too but if not definately the year after."
Conista ended the press conference shouting..."this cities blood is going to run blue" which is a dig at alex ferguson, who he fell out with in the champions league quarter really this was the ideal job for Conista to rub alex up the wrong way!!
sorry man, dont want to be unpleasant and all, but mourinho started in a low club, a mid-table, relegated to be team. leiria. then he went to porto then you know the story.
yeah i dont understand? you want to take a club from ordinary to world class, but start with barcelona then move to money bags man city? both them clubs are already world class, well barca is anyway, man city just have the money to be world class.

maybe im missing the point?
hey mate. would have been interesting for you to stay at barcelona for a few years and bring them success for many years. most people think its easy with big team. but its actually the hardest job because the pressure is alwasy on to deliver.
Yeah I know where mOurinho started...I didn't mean exactly like him from small to big just the fact he doesn't stay at a club for too long as he has success quiet quickly...and once iv won stuff move on like he did at inter.
I started at barta as thought I had good chance of winning it all as a bench mark and then go to different clubs building my cv every club champions league winners etc.

On my game city only have money and good players but havnt won anything yet!! Good players count for nothing if their not winning you anything. And I want to make them winners.

After I've achieved this with city I might even move to a team like Newcastle or athletics Madrid etc to build them up to rival top teams
Ok guys if I started as a Portuguese manager for an average Portuguese team like or maybe leira then work my way up footballing ladder would you all subscribe to my story and follow and push me along as I'd really like to keep a story going but need the backing????
I'll definitely follow this, sounds interesting.
i prefer stories if you stay at a team for a long time. not if your only there for a year then move on
Ok I will look to start this tonight as a Portuguese team other than braga Porto benfica and sporting...
Shaneo insaneo it might be the case that I do stay at a club for a while as might take a while to get success...when I eventually leave Portuguese league I may not be offered jobs at big clubs and would definitely consider going to another team like Wigan or Swansea and doing the same with them.
So it's like I said trying to build the club up to champions league level and hopefully win it, then move to another team not necessarily a big side.

Do what you want to do.....not what others want ya to do. If you want to go a bit like Mourinho and stay at a club for one or 2 years then do. I'll be following this story anyway :)
Thanks mate....I will do what I think, just can't decide as I'd love to do a long career with a club too.
Im thinking either Portuguese team like mourinho story or 3rd division in Spain/Italy and climb tables.
#54759 shaneo insaneo : i prefer stories if you stay at a team for a long time. not if your only there for a year then move on
its not upto you is it if you dont like it then dont follow the story jeez
nash1981, everyone is entitled to an opinion and he was just sharing his...

i get your point now mate your doing a quick move career, sounds decent keep at whatever you want to do, you'll never make a story where everybody is going to follow and comment anyway. stick at your original idea i think

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