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Antwerp United

Started on 19 March 2013 by Dylan
Latest Reply on 26 March 2013 by Louis O.
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Antwerp United

Not sure if you guys follow Belgian football so i'll give you an update.
In Antwerp we have 2 Big clubs; R.Antwerp.F.C (2nd division) and Beerschot.A.C. ( 1st div.)
Both these clubs are in debt. Antwerp avoided bankruptcy.
Now Beerschot is having to play play-off 3 (degradation) (irl)
So its possible, both theclubs will play in 2nd dividion next season.
A lot of people are screaming for 1 big club in antwerp, so i made 1 in the editor named Antwerp United.
they have 10k transfer budget and 10k wage budget.
a stadium of 20,000 people.

i start the game in 3rd division A

The squad

I added a base of players in the editor, normal players, nothing special.
in the transfer window i bought 9 more players.
this squad should easily be able to win 3rd A.
these players didn't fit on the screenshot :p
Abou Coulibaly
Oumar cissé

the captain of the team is Rubin Dantschotter
It's an interesting idea, hope you keep with it. Good luck :)
Dylan's avatar Group Dylan
9 yearsEdited


The board expects me to win the 3rd division A
and expect me to stay in the cup till the 7nd round: this means i have to survive 3 rounds with higher league teams..


i think this was a good pre-season, winning from a couple of good teams.
Antwerp United 9-1 Antwerp United B
Seraing 2-4 Antwerp United
Antwerp United 0-2 Zulte waregem
Antwerp United 0-2 Aachen
Dessel 3-4 Antwerp United
Juve B 1-5 Antwerp united
WS woluwé 2-4 Antwerp United
Sprimont 0-6 Antwerp United

Next update will be bigger.
If you are in the 2nd Division A (First Post), why does the board want you to win the 2nd Division B?
2013-03-19 19:06#85934 LJO200 : If you are in the 2nd Division A (First Post), why does the board want you to win the 2nd Division B?

oops, A ofcourse lol
what players do you have in your team and what transfers did you do?
2013-03-20 11:00#86072 Caelis : what players do you have in your team and what transfers did you do?

first post mate :)
Great start, I will follow this story!
Good Luck ;)

Period 1

if you don't understand period and play off rules read this.

i think i overestimated my team, they started the season good, even shocking in the belgian cup.
In the belgian cup we got to the 6th round.
in the 6th round we got kicked out by charleroi (1st division.i actuallyy have no motiation AT all anymore.
AGAIN i try fm13 AGAIN it fails.
for some reason i can't get my players to stop shooting from outside the penaltybox.
i will keep trying till i get sacked.
then i will stop the story AND fm13. it's hopeless
this screenshot should say enough:
i'm in 12t position.

Period 2

first of all, i apologice for the last update, as it was clearly shit.

we had to make a come back.
I altered the tactis now we played a 4-4-2 (diamond)

our first game against izegem should be easy.
it wasn't.
Antwerp United 0-3 Izegem

the next game was against Wetteren.
in a thrilling game it was 2-2 in the 80th minute (brace from thomas stevens)
in the 81st minute there was Dave Rauw (youngster DL).
he won the game for us by shooting form just outside the penalty box.
first win in period 2
Wetteren 2-3 Antwerp United

Then Hamme came to visit us.
they were 2nd in the league..
they came ahead..TWICE.
a brace from isidore WaWa secured a draw for us.
the team i tstarting to play better and better..
Antwerp United 2-2 Hamme

Now we had to go to Bornem
didn't have any problem in this game.
Wawa scored a Brace again
Stevens finished it off
Bornem 0-3 Antwerp United

the turnhout game was next. this would be hard they were in 8th position (we were 9th)
Abou coulibaly secured a draw for us
Antwerp United 1-1 Turnhout

now we had to go to RC waregem
my strikers stil don't understand that they have to STOP shooting from outside the penaltybox.
iin this game i alsop gave Oumar Cissé(DC) another chanche.... 2 of the goals were his fault.
he was released after the game :)
RC Waregem 3-1 Antwerp United

next up: Torhout
Stevens secured us a victory by his goal.
Antwerp United 1-0 Torhout

Olsa Brakel was next, i used a new tactic
they didn't got to see our goalkeeper, we kept pushing them back
Joris Jehan (DC) scored for us with a header from a corner.
Iddi passed the ball to Wawa who embarassed his defender and rounded it off
in the 2nd half Olsa puilled one back.
but then Iddi finished Olsa, by a beautiful freekick in the top left corner.
in the 90th minute Jehan scored again..with a header..from a corner.
Iddi was a deserved Man of the Match
Olsa Brakel 1-4 Antwerp United

The next game was against Rupel Boom
We really had to win if we wanted to stand a chanche to win Period 2
but even though we dominated the game, we weren't able to score
Antwerp United 0-0 Rupel Boom

the next game was at Deinze
we showed who was boss from the first minute.
Coulibaly scored the 0-1 with a header.
the next goal was a bit of tiki taka and Coulibaly rounding it off.
in the 46th minute Lamonaca shot at goal from 25yards.. it went in.
in the 70th minute Coulibaly rounded off his hattrick, he just had to put his footh against the ball
Deinze 0-4 Antwerp United

Now temse came to see us.
again i had 10 shots, 2 on target, BULLSHIT.
Antwerp United 0-0 Temse

next was ronse
team played like shit
Ronse 1-0 Antwerp United

period 2:


Do you guys like these kind of updates?
I like them, however not always the best results :P
2013-03-24 02:03#86920 Blue : I like them, however not always the best results :P
yhea i think it's because it's a complete new team, nobody knows eachother..

Period 3

i think we played well this season, we secured a play-off spot and lost the title on 1 point


In the quarter final we had to play Union SG (3B)
the first leg would be played at home
they got the lead but we equalised.
Antwerp United 1-1 Union SG

the second leg was more fun to watch.
Stevens scored a hattrick and Webers finished it off
Union SG 2-4 Antwerp United


In the semies we will have to play Kelmis(3B)
First leg will be played at Kelmis

The first leg ended with a bore draw, a lot of long distance shots..
Kelmis 0-0 Antwerp United

the 2nd leg was another story
Latasa(wonderboy) scored once.
and Webers scored twice to secure us the final.
Antwerp United 3-1 Kelmis


In the final we have to play Berchem (3A)
the first leg will be played at home

in the first leg, we finished them off in 21minutes.
stevens and N'Diaye scoring both once.
M'Vila scored twice.
Antwerp United 4-0 Berchem

the 2nd leg was pretty boring
lamonaca scored
Berchem 1-1 Antwerp United

This means we're promoted to the belgian 2nd league! :D

Antwerp & Beerschot

So how are the other 2 clubs in antwerp doing?
we'll start with beerschot, as they are the first division side.
they ended in a weak 12th position

and Antwerp? well.. they ended 14th.. that is shit :)
Doing much better now Funny :)

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