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Interview with Alex Gott

My interview with Coventry City goalkeeper, Alex Gott!

By Updated on May 22, 2013   4511 views   1 comments
Pressing Room - Interview with Alex Gott
Alex Gott is a goalkeeper at nPower League One's Coventry City, who plys his trade in the under-18 side at the moment. He has made about 20 appearances for the under-18s to date, and is hoping to make more next season, as he develops into a bigger and better player. He has, in the meantime, agreed to do this interview for us, and we are very grateful.

I got on contact with Alex via Twitter, on the recommendation of former interviewee Bobby Moseley. I can now confirm that what Bobby said about Alex being a great guy to talk to is all true. In all my fortnight of interviewing, Alex is one of the nicest interviews I've had so far.

B - Blue

AG - Alex Gott

B - What do it feel like training with some of the club's first-team players like you have?

AG - It's great being able to train with the pros, they have been there and done it! And that's how you learn, by training and playing with the best.

B - How old were you when you came to Coventry, and how were you found?

AG - I was 12 when I signed for the club, I was briefly on trial at Aston Villa but my dad knew the goalkeeper coach at Coventry and they were after a goalkeeper my age group! So I then made my mind up that I wanted to play for the club I support!

B - What did it feel like to represent your country?

AG - Unfortunately I couldn't make the call up because of club commitments to the FA youth cup, but it was definitely an honour to be called up to Scotland. And I will definitely be hoping for another opportunity in the future.

B - What is the best moment of your career so far?

AG - The best moment of my career was probably playing for the u18s when I was u16 in the youth cup at Ewood Park against Blackburn Rovers. Also making my u18 debut when I was u15 against Southampton is definitely up there.

B - And the worst moment?

AG - This season possibly has been hard because as a first year scholar you don't get much game time because the second year over rules. It was hard being on the bench quite a lot but you have to stick through it and become stronger from it!

B - Have you ever bought yourself on Football Manager for a laugh?

AG - You know what I haven't! But my mates always go on about how they play with me but eventually send me out to lower league clubs and then eventually don't offer me a new contract! Absolutely no loyalty!

B - How do you see Man United coping with the move from Fergie to Moyes?

AG - I think it should be fine if they give him time and respect. Fergie's boots are massive boots to fill but I think Moyes will be fine.

B - Do you have any tips for young goalkeepers trying to get spotted? Or just trying to improve their game a bit.

AG - Just really to give it their all when they're training and playing! There's scouts absolutely everywhere, all it takes is a few good saves and a vocal voice to get noticed! I have always been told every manager loves a loud goalkeeper who is in charge!

B - Do you try and base your game on anyone, and if so, who?

AG - I remember when Kieran Westwood was at the club I really watched him and tried to copy him. I was a lot younger then. When you get older it's all about what suits you. But at the moment it still has to be Joe Hart for me, I love watching him!

B - What do you think the ultimate goals of a footballer's career should be? The pinnacle if you like.

AG - Well playing for your country must be up there! But surely the pinnacle is winning the World Cup, or something like the Champions League. It doesn't get much better than that.

Remember to follow Alex on Twitter @alexgott1!

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