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BLK FM17 Skin - Final edition

Last year's top dark skin now available for FM17 Massively reworked for Football Manager 2017.

By Updated on Feb 13, 2017   201334 views   54 comments
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Downloads: 52487 / Size: 68.9 MB / Added: 2016-10-26
Football Manager 2017 Skins - BLK FM17 Skin - Final edition
A community dark skin for Football Manager 2017 made possible by using the best bits from other skins and my own tweaks.

Emil Debski Vitrex skin, Flut skin, Wannachup FM17 skin, bluestillidie00 TCS skin, pikawa CFM Skin, D_LO Sky Sports skin
Michael Murray, ArtDekDok, sirwill - Also the testers from Andromeda skins group.
A big thank to you all, Happy Christmas and a great new year.

Updated 13/02/17, I have updated this version as I have fixed a few problems that were reported. Also made a few changes like new match titlebar, Tweaked player overview, manager/staff screen, Match post match ect

Added the option to add your own picture to the game via preferences, re-worked club overview and player overview, Added boxed attributes to play/staff popup panels. Background selector now working. Re-worked some news screen panels, New match preview line-up panel and various other tweaks and fixes.. 26/12/16

I can only offer support via this Facebook page:

Version Final edition of BLK released on January 09th, 2017.

Mods section

Low resolution

Andromeda Final edition Skin Preview

Here are some screenshots folks, see what you think...

How to install the Andromeda BLK Final edition FM17 Skin

  1. Download the .rar archive and use a tool such as 7-zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for MacOSX to extract its contents.

  2. Move the extracted folder "Andromeda BLK Final edition" to your skins folder:
    \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\skins\

  3. Run Football Manager 2017 and go to Preferences > Interface.
    You should see "Andromeda BLK Final edition” as an option in the skin drop down of the General options section.
    Hit the Confirm button.

Download Now
Downloads: 52487 / Size: 68.9 MB / Added: 2016-10-26
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Discussion: BLK FM17 Skin - Final edition

54 comments have been posted so far.

  • jonasthern's avatar
    Is it possible to enable DS8 Backgrounds Megapack in this skin, for instance, when we enter a club panel we can see the club background picture?
  • Baller69's avatar
    What do I have to change in player overview panel so that the panel below the player picture stays on international caps instead of alternating with recent form? Since the international caps screen shows second I can't just make the interval longer, as then it'd stay on the form screen instead (which I'd like to get rid of). Thanks again!
  • Bartdude's avatar
    Great skin,as always guys !!
  • NRL1012's avatar
    I know this is going to sound stupid and I'll probably cop it but I can't even get my download to unzip to the point where I dont even have an option to do so , any ideas Appreciated
  • misteroth's avatar
    Sorry it is working now
  • misteroth's avatar
    Hello Bantams, Thank you for the skin.
    I have Citiespics and want to ask if is their a way to make city pictures appears in the first photo
    Thank you
  • rattlehead85's avatar
    Please can somebody help out with the issue on the tactics screen. I cannot resolve this issue on the team instruction panel. I cannot select the options for tackling, creative freedom, freedom of movement etc. It's very annoying and ruins an otherwise great skin. I have tried the links below still no luck.
  • Baller69's avatar
    Yep good on both accounts now; thanks!
  • thebantams's avatar
    Could you swap the panels folder with the skin for this one and clear the catch and then reload and let me know if the issues still persist

    Also for bigger pitch use this one
  • Baller69's avatar
    Bantams thanks for the update, the main/team tactics instruction boxes are now present. However, the same issue is still in individual player instructions: it's very difficult to see what's selected w/o the highlighting/buttons.

    Also, what happened to the "large tactics screen" mod? It is gone from the latest update.
  • rattlehead85's avatar
    How did you fix the issues with the tactics screen. Where is the link to fix this as i re-installed the skin but still have the same problems mentioned below.
  • jorginio's avatar
    It's fixed thanx a lot mate :)
  • thebantams's avatar
    Hi guys sorry about the bugs and thank you for reporting them to me. I have updated the link to fix tactics instructions and issue US ARSENAL raised.

    Baller69 I was unable to get the pictures to be the same size no matter what i have tried. I have disabled it in the update so it just stays on the one screen. If anyone wants to activate it again then go into the panels folder then into the club folder and open up club overview stadium panel and change this 200 to 5 or how ever many of seconds you want it to rotate
  • ChefRobCreations's avatar
    thebantams great skin buddy, have a couple of small issues i wonder if you might be able to help me with. 1st when im on the tactics screen and i move a player the green outline that picks the player is weird its off, ill ss to show this, and then on the same screen my keepers shirt is the default one thanks in advance
  • rattlehead85's avatar
    Yes i have found this same issue on the team instructions screen. Can this be fixed as an update as it's a shame for this to let such a great skin down.
  • jorginio's avatar
  • jorginio's avatar
    Hey guys thanx for the great skin.
    One small request,In the instructions panel i cant seem to choose the tackling,creative freedom,dribbling and freedom of movement options.
    The green border around the options is gone and cant see what i choose.
    Thank you
  • Baller69's avatar
    Another quick question; what code would I have to change in "stadium overview panel" so that the second stadium picture (bottom) is scaled to the box's size similar to the main pic? Currently the lower displayed graphic is very small and does not fill the whole space.
  • dbryant's avatar

    Thanks for the advice, it turned out neither worked but re-downloading the skin did for some reason. Strange. Cheers anyway.
  • Baller69's avatar
    Great skin; a few small suggestions though.

    1. The opposition instructions tab seems to be missing all button panels (i.e. "mark tighter") making it difficult to see what instructions I have set.
    2. There is no separate icon for own goals scored.
    3. The small sidebar w/ team logos in the center is not working, when I use the small sidebar the dynamic team logo backgrounds disappear.
  • thebantams's avatar

    if you could extract this panel into andromeda/panels/player folder then overwrite when asked then that should fix the issue, Thanks for bringing it up


    From the first screen shot it looks like a cache issue as my titlebar does not look like that. I would remove any other skins from the skins folder and then clear the cache in preferences and if that doesn't work then quit fm and delete the contents of this folder found in a similar location on your system [img][/img]

    For the premier league logo I would have to make the whole scoreboard bigger or loose the logo altogether
  • dbryant's avatar
    Hello Flut & thebantams. When I go to the prematch screen the bar at the top is blank so I can't navigate onto the next screen to give a team talk and start match etc.
    Another small detail but during the match the colours of the bar seem screwy so f.i. the PL logo isn't very conspicuous.
    Could you help me to fix these errors. Much appreciated.
  • suchard88's avatar
    Graphs of the player attribute changes on the training panel are not shown
  • thebantams's avatar
    Thank D_LO_ very much appreciated Ive removed it from the skin now
    Cheers for letting me know

    jackgamer that option is available from the mods section. It should work with low res as well as high

    Thank you jorginio I'm glad you like it :)

    Thanks rattlehead85 yes if you open the skin and go into the panels folder then open up club folder and replace it with this one then that will stop the pane rotating
  • jackgamer66's avatar
    you should leave the option to show icons only in sidebar available on low resolutions

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