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Argentina Regionalized: 9-tier, 3600 clubs, 24 province cups

A new structure for Argentinian football with 3600 clubs in 9 regionalized divisions with 24 Province Cups. Database for Football Manager 2021.

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FM 2021 Fantasy Scenarios - Argentina Regionalized: 9-tier, 3600 clubs, 24 province cups
The First Division is made up of 20 teams in two rounds, qualification to Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana, two direct relegations and two promotions.
Same format for the B Nacional with 2 direct promotions, a reduced of 8 to find the 2 that go to the promotion, two to the bottom promotion and two direct relegations. The 4 players relegated from 1st division + the 16 who played in the reduced 2020. 
Exactly the same format for the Third National Division with the 21 teams of the B Nacional that did not play the reduced (the remaining 16 + the 5 promoted teams).  
The Fourth Division is the union of the Federal A with the B Metropolitana, it gives a direct promotion and then reduced to look for the two that go to promotion. In total there are 12 relegations to 5th category.

The Subnational Tournaments are the 5th category of Argentine soccer. There are 4 and they are played in 2 groups where the first ones are promoted and then there is a reduced group for the third promotion. The Sub-nationals are Buenos Aires, North, Patagonia and Center.

The 6th category are the Regional Championships, these are 8 and each one gives promotions to different Subnationals. Cuyo and Centro go to Centro, Metro and Buenos Aires to Buenos Aires, NOA and NEA to Norte and Patagonia Sur and Norte to Patagonia. All the Regionals have the same format of 3 groups that give 4 promotions to the Subnational, what varies is the number of relegations.

The Provincial Tournaments, or 7th category, is the maximum category of each province. Buenos Aires is divided into North, South and AMBA. All of them have relegation except Chubut, Tierra del Fuego and Neuquen, for those teams it is the last category. All of them give 2 promotions to the Regionals except Buenos Aires South, Buenos Aires North, Cordoba, La Pampa, Santa Cruz and Santa Fe that give 3. AMBA gives 4 and Tierra del Fuego and Neuquen give 1. When choosing, prioritize the year of foundation when it is even, so the most historical are the ones that are there.

Regarding the 8th Division there are two ways of regionalizing, there are provinces that regionalize inwards while Formosa, Mendoza, Misiones, Rio Negro, Santa Cruz, La Pampa, San Luis, Santiago and Tucuman have a second provincial division. Northern Buenos Aires is divided into two: Northern Buenos Aires and Central Buenos Aires. The division was made around Junin. Buenos Aires Sur has been divided into 3: Centro-Sudeste, Sur and Centro Sur. All groups are always regionalized. Catamarca was divided into North and South as well as Cordoba, Jujuy, Salta, San Juan and Santa Fe. Chaco, Corrientes, Entre Rios and La Rioja were divided, for geographical reasons, into Eastern and Western. The AMBA was divided into North Zone and South Zone, making the West Zone and CABA belong to North Zone and La Plata and its suburbs to South Zone. The categories that have been relegated to the last category, i.e. the 9th are: Formosa, Mendoza, Misiones, all of Buenos Aires, Chaco, Corrientes, Cordoba, Entre Rios, Salta, San Juan and Santa Fe. The rest is the last division.

The 9th Division or Local Tournaments are complex. There are also two types, the regionalized or second or third divisions of the eighth divisions. The 3rd Provincial Divisions are those of Formosa, Misiones and Mendoza. These provinces have a promotion system within the promotion. Here you can see the degree of detail of the patch because there is a lot of sectorization. From North Buenos Aires there are two locals: Pergamino and Zarate. From Buenos Aires Centro-Sur there are two locals: Bragado and Tandil. From Buenos Aires Center-Southeast: Chascomus, Mar del Plata and Necochea. From Buenos Aires South: Tres Arroyos, Bahia Blanca and Coronel Pringles. From Buenos Aires Centro: Lincoln and Junín, while Santa Fe Sur is divided into Sudeste, Sudoeste and Rosario, while Santa Fe Norte is divided into Capital, Rafaela and Norte. Chaco Oriental is divided into the homonymous and Resistencia while Corrientes Oriental is divided into Nororiental and Sudoriental. Entre Rios East is divided into Chajari, Colon and Gualeguaychu. Cordoba Norte is divided into Noreste, Noroeste and Traslasierra. Other divisions are those of Cordoba Sur in Southeast and Southwest or San Juan Norte in Jachal and Gran San Juan, while Chaco Occidental, Corrientes Occidental, Entre Rios Oeste and San Juan Sur, the 9th division is a second division within the regional.

All the teams of the country play the Copa Argentina, which is played in the field of the lower division with the possibility of buying the locality and the champion goes to the Libertadores.

Each province has an annual cup that is played among ALL the teams of the province, a beautiful morbo that can give several surprises and money, so much for each round of provincial cup or Copa Argentina there are more than 15,000 dollars. Beyond the money, the prestige and honor of being the best in the province is at stake. There are longer and shorter cups, all of them run from August to May and are one-off matches. The lower category teams enter in the First Round, while the others enter in the Second Round.

Some shields may not work if the ID has been changed, and I apologize for that, I will see if I can fix it, but if not, look in the archive and put the real ID you want to use.

These cups for the big teams is a chance for minutes for the youngsters while for the boys is a chance for money. There is a good chance of clasicos and for the mid-sized teams it is a great chance of an INTERNATIONAL CUP.

Well, if you win the Cup of your province, you play the Diego Armando Maradona Cup a year later with a place in the Copa Libertadores. You only have to win your province, pass the regional group stage, quarterfinals, semis and final and go to the Maracana.

IMPORTANT recommendation. The file has to be only activated, it is not compatible with others unless you test it and try it. And also if you load everything can be slow, there are 125 tournaments and 3700 teams.

Any questions you can ask me here or to my Twitter where I am more active: @falsobohemio

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Downloads: 366 / Size: 1.2 MB / Added: 2021-06-20
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