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Argentine structure - 10 leagues - Cups and more

Argentina's football system in mirror with the structure of England. A database for FM 2023.

By on Nov 17, 2022   10720 views   1 comments
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FM 2023 Fantasy Scenarios - Argentine structure - 10 leagues - Cups and more
Argentine football system in mirror with the structure of England.

Liga de Futbol Profesional = 20 teams
Primera Nacional to Novena Nacional = 24 teams.
Reserve and sub20 leagues till 5th division.

Google translate:

It is a structure that is played from August to May with a break period in Christmas and then it is almost exactly the same as everything that has to do with the system that was used for the mirror (England). Transfer rules, disciplinary rules, classification system, cups, conditions for soccer players to be tested, criteria for calls, the country's youth squad system and much more.

To choose the distribution of the 10 divisions of Argentine soccer, I based almost 90% on the current competitions that were being played, taking into account the respective positions of the teams in their tables. Believe me, it was difficult to change teams from a league to another by finger, so in cases where I had many doubts, I relied on their history from 2000 to this date to answer the question: "Would I deserve to be in this division?" Surely I was wrong or they want to kill me if their favorite team is a little lower than they think it should be and I would like to apologize for that from now on.

The cup classification remains as it comes by default in the game. They qualify by position in the LPF and by champion in the Argentine cup (I didn't dare to play for the Maradona cup to grant a place to South American but at least it grants a quota to the champions trophy).

Now like this: system of promotion and relegation.
  • In all categories the 4 worst teams go down directly. There are no averages.
  • In all categories (except LPF) 4 teams are promoted, 3 directly and one by playoffs.
  • From the Fifth National to the Ninth National, the number of teams that enter the playoffs is not 4 (after the 3 direct promotions) but 6 teams.

National Cups:

Argentine Cup: The most important, 160 teams from the lower categories participate in a preliminary classification system until there are 20 teams left and then the LPF and First National teams (44) are added. The champion qualifies for Libertadores. As the first edition of this CA revamp ends in 2023, the qualifier will only play the Copa Libertadores in 2024, so they don't get scared. And so it will be year after year.

Diego Armando Maradona Cup: The Maradona Cup does not grant continental quotas but it does grant a quota for the champions trophy (this is played in February). It is played by 96 teams from the first divisions in a round robin (direct elimination) from the first round.

Argentine Super Cup: It is played by the champion of the Argentine Cup and the champion of the LFP, if champions are repeated it is played by the other CA finalist.

Champions Trophy: It is played by the CA champion and the Maradona Cup champion. If the champion is repeated, the runner-up of the Maradona Cup (Are you Racing Club?) plays it.

Pepsi Trophy: Sponsorship agreement with the soft drink brand. The Pepsi trophy was created, it is played by 128 teams from the fifth national to the ninth national (only the best 8 have access to this league) in a preliminary classification system with direct elimination until 16 teams remain. Those 16 teams will be added to the Second National and Third National teams (in total 48 + 16) to form 16 groups of 4 teams (64) in a group stage. From there, the best two teams in each group qualify for another round of direct elimination for the championship.

The particularity of this cup is that, in the group stage, winning adds 3 points and if the teams tie they go to penalties. The team that wins the penalty shootout scores 2 points and the team that loses the penalty shootout scores 1 point (as in the papa john's trophy).


The reserve teams and the youth teams (sub20) from the professional football league and up to the Argentine national fifth will have a mirror structure to how the first team leagues are formed. I like the idea of ​​giving an official competition to the juniors.

I worked on this structure by myself so I hope not, but you may find some error and I would really appreciate it if you could help me tell me what it is so I can correct it.
Honestly, from what I saw, it comes out without errors, but it may happen that there are some hidden somewhere. It took me a long time to do this, many hours of editing and headaches from errors and bugs that this year's editor has, so I would just ask that if you want to use the structure to extend some system that you have, or whatever, give me the respective credits.
Also if you want to make changes I would ask you to let me know so I can be aware.

Install file 10 divisions

Copy & Paste here:
Documents/Sports Interactive/Fm23/Editor data

Install graphics:

unzip the .rar, copy the folder & paste here:
Documents/Sports Interactive/Fm23/graphics
(if the folder graphics doesn't exists create a folder with that name).

Download Now
Downloads: 1327 / Size: 490.0 kB / Added: 2022-11-17
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Discussion: Argentine structure - 10 leagues - Cups and more

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    Hola amigo. I am goona start a South America save so i would check this and i will give you a feedback. Gracias por todos!
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