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FM21 Leagues Megapack - Around The Globe

This FM21 leagues megapack by DaveTheEditor will give you the most realistic experience in Football Manager ever. All Nations are made via the advanced editor. Updated on May 18th.

By Updated on May 18, 2021   10830 views   19 comments
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Downloads: 1816 / Size: 3.2 MB / Added: 2021-04-30
Football Manager 2021 League Updates - FM21 Leagues Megapack - Around The Globe
The earth is round, just like the ball. If Corona deprives us of the opportunity to spend our well-deserved holidays around the world, then we have no choice but to satisfy this desire in Football Manager.

All Continents included!
  • CAF (56)
  • AFC (42)
  • UEFA (20)
  • CONCACAF (41)
  • OFC (15)
  • CONMEBOL (5)

All Nations are made via the advanced editor with changes in the following areas:
  • Squad registration rules (Foreigner-Rules, Age-restrictions)
  • Real league format like apertura/clausura, League groups (For ex. Kap Verde with X-Groups)
  • Realistic TV-Money*
  • Realistic Price Money**
  • VAR added where it's used
  • New Clubs created where it›s needed
  • Real TV-Broadcasting added
  • Worldwide Youth Academies like ASPIRE Academy, Right to Dream Academy now produce newgens (Thanks to @Daveincid for the suggestion)
All these changes are crucial to guarantee a overall balance in your save-game.

I work close together with @daveincid. His megapack is fully compatible with my megapack and I highly recommend it.

* Real values if sources where available. calculated values according to a Nations average expenditure (Wages etc.) to ensure, theese Clubs are represented financially as realistic as possible.
** Real values if sources where available. calculated similar to TV-Money to ensure balance.

Leagues Included


Don't forget to check out our combined Discord server (AroundThe Globe & Increase Realism). It's certainly worth keeping an eye on. - Realism ModFM


Daveincid, Carlito85, Kanwulf, Kleyo, paulgerty, AndreaSSL

Download Now
Downloads: 1816 / Size: 3.2 MB / Added: 2021-04-30
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Discussion: FM21 Leagues Megapack - Around The Globe

19 comments have been posted so far.

  • schacoffe's avatar
    Any chances to add Spain lower levels on a future update?
  • DaveTheEditor's avatar
    @zulu9812: How many files do you use? I am using ca. 250 and the FM doesn't have any problem.
  • zulu9812's avatar
    Ah, I see now. So vanilla FM would have generated league winners and so forth for countries without functioning leagues in real life. That makes sense. Unfortunately, I'm hitting the limit of data files that FM can load, so I'll have to not run those files.
  • DaveTheEditor's avatar
    @Zulu9812: As this nation would otherwise have "played" a league, even if you do not create a file.
  • zulu9812's avatar
    Why did you include those files?
  • DaveTheEditor's avatar
    @zulu9812: The last active League in Yemen was in the 2014/15 season, a minor cup was played in 2020 but it is also pending for the 2021 season. - I could not find any information about a league in Micronesia. - Montserrat has dissolved their league, the last league for which there is more detailed information is 2016. - In Namibia, the league was dissolved in 2020 due to repeated problems with the Namibian Football Association, and although a new league was to be founded in 2021, there is still no information about it (although it was supposed to have been running for 1.5 months). Wallis and Futuna has no league!
  • zulu9812's avatar
    Does that mean these files are working as you intended?
  • DaveTheEditor's avatar
    @zulu9812: Correct!
  • zulu9812's avatar
    The files for Yemen, Micronesia, Montserrat, Namibia, and Wallis & Fortuna don't do anything. I've looked at those files in the editor and I can see that all the competitions for those nations have been set to 'extinct'.
  • DaveTheEditor's avatar
    @Stiegi: Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\editor data :) But WITHOUT subfolders!

    @stavrostrab: This is not meant to sound mean, but what exactly is the point of the question? Do you think I would answer "no" if my files were not the real rules? The best thing is to verify it yourself. :)
  • Stiegi's avatar
    How install it in the database ? all only in the datafolder "2140" ?
  • stavrostrab's avatar
    does the leagues have the real rules ?
  • DaveTheEditor's avatar
    @ALL: I am not adding any Lower Leagues at the moment!
  • jenyas's avatar
    can you please add Israel D5 ?
  • zhakshirak's avatar
    read and wheep namibia
  • zhakshirak's avatar
    why not namibia the champions still go to caf champions league?!? :(
  • DaveTheEditor's avatar
    Then you have an older version of my Megapack. The new one does not have this error.
  • proton6's avatar
    Asia except India and Japan but also Australia ?
  • Trabelsi's avatar
    Clubs from UAE have restriction and cannot sign foreign players which is not correct
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