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FM23 Leagues Megapack - Around The Globe v1

This FM23 leagues megapack by DaveTheEditor will give you the most realistic experience in Football Manager ever. All Nations are made via the advanced editor.

By Updated on Dec 01, 2022   30313 views   8 comments
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Downloads: 4207 / Size: 492.0 kB / Added: 2022-11-29
Football Manager 2023 League Updates - FM23 Leagues Megapack - Around The Globe v1

The FM23 AroundTheGlobe Megapack

We are going into the next round! After I already introduced you to the world of the most bizarre countries in the world with my editor knowledge in FM21 and FM22 (unfortunately not completely), it is now time to do the same in FM23. 81.5 hours of "playing time" in my Football Manager 2023 editor already and that can only mean one thing: the AroundTheGlobe megapack is growing and growing. Whether I'm reading the league rules of the Armenian league with my non-existent knowledge of Armenian or looking up the game mode of the football league in South Sudan on 14 different pages, there is always something to do. However, all this work is by no means pointless, because with my files I contribute to the level of education of quite a few FM users, because no one can tell me that they have never read up on the starting country of their FM save as if it were a doctoral thesis. But enough about me, you are not here because of my words, but because of my files. - The earth is round, so is football. Have fun with it. ;)

We have now arrived at FM23 and once again my goal is to make all countries of the six continents playable for you. A huge task, but one that can be mastered in any case thanks to my enjoyment of the editor. As in previous years, the files will be divided into three versions (see below). Also this year, there will be the well-known extra files, but this time already in version 1, version 2 (if these file(s) work) and also in version 3. Altogether, there will be more than 200 files again, which should bring the game enjoyment of the FM to the next level.

What's included?

  • Confederation of African Football - Version 2
  • Asian Football Confederation - Version 2
  • Union of European Football Associations - Version 1
  • Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football - Version 3
  • Oceania Football Confederation - Version 3
  • Confederación Sudamericana de Fútbol - Version 1

Realism is written in capital letters for me, because without realism the fun of the game suffers extremely and the FM is supposed to be fun.

In order to guarantee realism, all files have been and will be created in the extended rules of the editor and mainly contain changes in the following areas:
  • Squad registration rules (foreigner rules, age restrictions).
  • Realistic league formats, for example Apertura/Clausura and whatever else the football associations have come up with.
  • Realistic TV money*
  • Realistic prize money**
  • VAR (Video Assistant Referee) added
  • New clubs - if the researchers have messed up again
  • TV broadcasts added
  • Added academy leagues in countries where it is necessary (mainly Africa and Asia)
My work is still closely linked to that of @Daveincid. His Megapack will be fully compatible with mine and its use is highly recommended for complete play enjoyment.
* Real values if sources where available. calculated values according to a Nations average expenditure (Wages etc.) to ensure, these Clubs are represented financially as realistic as possible.
** Real values if sources where available. calculated similar to TV-Money to ensure balance.

Leagues Included


Albania (D3)
Andorra (D2)
Armenia (D2)
Azerbaijan (D2)
Bosnia and Herzegovina (D2)
Cyprus (D3)
Estonia (D3)
Faroe Islands (D3)
Georgia (D3)
Gibraltar (D2)
Kazakhstan (D2)
Kosovo (D2)
Latvia (D3) *
Lithuania (D2)
Luxembourg (D3)
Malta (D2)
Moldova (D3) **
Montenegro (D2)
North Macedonia (D3)
San Marino (D1)

* - D1 was also recreated, as this is (unfortunately) not editable in the editor.
​​​** - B-teams were banned from D2 because the FM cannot cope with the mode otherwise.


Bolivia (D2)
Ecuador (D2)
Paraguay (D2)
Peru (D2) [b]*
Venezuela (D2)

* D1 is already included in the Sports Interactive standard database.


FIFA U17 World Cup with all continental U17 championships (U17 Euro, U17 OFC cup, etc.) and the qualifiers of them.


Don't forget to check out our combined Discord server (AroundThe Globe & Increase Realism). It's certainly worth keeping an eye on. - Realism ModFM

Download Now
Downloads: 4207 / Size: 492.0 kB / Added: 2022-11-29
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Discussion: FM23 Leagues Megapack - Around The Globe v1

8 comments have been posted so far.

  • aeightBee's avatar
    Macedonian D2 used a unified format up until 2017, in which it later changed to two regional groups (East and West). Considering this is the first season that the 2MFL returned to a unified format, this isn't necessarily an issue.
  • bekim's avatar
    N.Macedonia D2 its wrong and its not updated :A from 2017 season its not updated fix it
  • kamilplatini's avatar
    Hey Dave, great work as always. Just a small tip for Malta leagues. There is a possible to register 12 foreign players. In game squad you can have 9 players of foreign citizenship but only 7 could be on the field, so 2 must sit on the bench ✌️ keep up the good work!
  • arturs123's avatar
    Germany 4 level?
  • mat333's avatar
    Could you please create Slovenian L3, L4 divisions.
  • GaimKore's avatar
    Thanks Dave but I'll wait for Version 2 before I start a new save
  • SCARe's avatar
    Really appreciate your efforts Dave, always my favorite league megapack. If you need any help with the Ethiopian league down to the third tier, prize money and tv money, I'll be more than happy to help, also I've already made a file if you're interested
  • u96's avatar
    well, very nice, but as long as it's not complete and is only delivered in bits and pieces in versions 2+3, unfortunately not playable for me yet. Then I use Timo's file. A new save is necessary for each version.
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