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Coaching philosophy of Arrigo Sacchi - FM14

Modern, evolutionary, perfectionism, high standards and masterminded work from Arrigo Sacchi. Apart from his classic 4-4-2, I give you two bonus surprise tactics.

By on Jul 01, 2014   51466 views   10 comments
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FM 2014 Tactics - Coaching philosophy of Arrigo Sacchi - FM14
* Big tactics need big clubs and big ideas come from great people. I cannot make you
to live in utopia. All these tactics need very meticulous work and very high level of professional practice, experience and knowledge. Unfortunately I cannot transmit you my knowledge, because my role here is to present what I do.

* I used all these tactics as well with Velez Sarsfield, Albacete and PSG and the results were impressive and probably much better. I focus on purpose on my work with Corinthians because 90% were not Europeans-Brazilians and because I dominated in the highest level as possible against a European club.

* The best way to play winning football is to play an internationalized football. Not just international, but to install international integrity without killing the domestic qualities. We know how different and special are Brazilian footballers as people and as athletes in general. We know that a big number of Brazilian players struggle on European level for various technico/tactical reasons apart from difference in culture and daily lifestyle. So I brought Italy to Brazil, or to say better international-ized football doesn't have to be transferred.

* The tactics are not possession or non possession style. Simply I offer you the two sides of the same coin. Tactics which have more ball movement and tactics which have more off the ball movement. Because you cannot have possession without off the ball move, and you cannot make appropriate off the ball move, without some possession. I consider the team orders of this FM "extremely childish". Till one point I agree, but then it becomes...

* Even the tactics which show "passing game" ,"possession game" are not typical Spanish or Dutch based tactics.

* All these tactics are very fast, use offside trap and the make the players to perform more than the maximum level. Physical preparation and tactical analysis should be very high level, scientific level to be honest.

* Sacchi used to travel in many countries such as Holland, Brazil, Spain and Germany to collect different ideas about football. He didn't watch specifically some top clubs, or top national teams. He mostly focused on the way that they work in each country. That's why all these tactics don't "introduce" some specific coaching school e.g. Italian one.

I made all these points in order to give some extra help to you.
Enjoy the tactics.


All Rigths Reserved

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Downloads: 9017 / Size: 3.3 kB / Added: 2014-07-01
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Discussion: Coaching philosophy of Arrigo Sacchi - FM14

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  • Roberto.Mancini's avatar
    This topic is not a space for private conversation ,please comment exclusively this topic .
  • Stewie Wong's avatar
    Hey Roberto Mancini could you Private message me when you get a chance ?
  • Roberto.Mancini's avatar
    You really dont like my work and you criticise me .I dont have problem with it.You dont have to wait my next tactics,make your own if you can .My advice is to use fast players and to make very hard training .Maybe you dont read what I wrote above about pressing,closing down always,hard tacklings,appropriate agressiveness etc.In Paris I made this application perfect by using Lavezzi,Menez as wingers,Verratti and Lucas Romero as mc,Ibrahimovic and Moura upfront.You must be very careful on how you select your starting 11 as well as what kind of training you can make on individual focus
  • patrickstar's avatar
    hummm it just for me it doesn't work.
    "He plays zonal on the natural basis of the 4-4-2. He presses the opponents in their own half by holding his defence at the level of the half line. Attacking this Milan during that time was difficult."
    So why you use tigher marking?for me it's not compatible with sacchi's view
    "Numerous were the games were Galli, the goal keeper did not touch the ball. Milan win all their matches at home and without losing away and conceding only 14 goals in the whole season."
    Like i said i conceed too much ccc's.
    I tried so many many attemps to reproduce sacchi's 4-4-2 his high pressing ( a partial pressing not like the barca or bielsa pressing)his offside trap etc...the conclusion for me i'ts impossible to reproduce his philosophy.
    Maybe i'm wrong.Maybe you can give me some advice about how use your sacchi's vision.
    And by the way i like your work.I'll wait for your net tactic.
  • Roberto.Mancini's avatar
    Another one troller,no real surprise.Give us your evidences and explain us your views.Zero proofs,zero analysis.Troll around elsewhere .
  • patrickstar's avatar
    For me it doesn't work.
    I conceed too much goals.I'm disappointed.
  • Roberto.Mancini's avatar
    At least can you stay on topic )) ?
  • Stewie Wong's avatar
    Does your "Roberto Mancini" tactics set work on fm 14.3?
  • Roberto.Mancini's avatar
    Its up to you what you prefer for opposition instructions .I cannot impose you my opinion as a panacea to solve all the problems .Every opponent needs different handling and instructions .You need to think carefully against who you play and in which situations are your players .I present you here a very strong scheme ,an all around coaching proposal ,so every of you has his own ideas and beliefs .You need to evaluate your own team first and then to make an appropriate plan to face each opponent .
  • Stewie Wong's avatar
    Opposition instructions ?
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