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Atlantis League FM 20 Database + Logopack

Welcome to Atlantis, a new European nation that will surprise you by its competitive Leagues, and Cup.

By Updated on Oct 09, 2020   25242 views   3 comments
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Downloads: 1172 / Size: 90.1 kB / Added: 2020-10-08
Football Manager 2020 Data Updates - Atlantis League FM 20 Database + Logopack
Welcome to Atlantis, a new European nation that will surprise you by its competitive Leagues, and Cup.

About 5000 changes made in the original FM 20 database.


- Atlantis League system (2 tiers) + Cup
- Changed names of clubs, stadiums, cities,
- Big stadiums implemented, added bigger attendance, ticket prices raised up, facilities updated
- At the end of season clubs receive big awards/prizes on a similar level to those in Bundesliga or Premier League
- Cities population upgraded
- Revamped scouting range and scouts knowledge in biggest countries
- Improved and better-balanced Nations youth reputation (global), easier to find quality regens from small countries
- Newly created club affiliations web
- My own original countries Language knowledge included in the database file

When you're deciding which leagues to play remember to tick "add players to playable teams" this will allow the game engine to fill spots in smaller teams from 2nd tier with newly generated older solid players.

Treat this file as 0.9 or maybe even 0.8 version. Anticipate update in the next weeks, I will be thankful for any feedback.

How to install Atlantis League FM 20 Database?

Put the "Atlantis League FM 20 Database.fmf" file in: "Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\editor data"

Then when you're starting a new game make sure that this file is "ticked". It works perfectly with Football Manager 20.4 update.

Logopack update!

Logos for all clubs from Atlantis League and Atlantis League 2 + for unplayable smaller clubs from lower leagues to make the game more realistic.
You can download it here:

Additional tips & tricks:

1. Add a few languages to your manager's resume, make him multilingual even if it might look unrealistic to know Japanese, and Portuguese or Zulu.
2. When you will be deciding which league to play tick all neighboring countries.
3. Make sure to tick South Africa and South Korea
Then add at least one country from South America, preferably: Uruguay, Colombia or Chile.
4. As for big countries like Brazil or Argentina, that's your decision to make if you need to pick one of them, but even if you don't tick them at all you will still see regens from those countries in the game.
5. European countries that you should be interested to tick: Czech, Ukraine, Sweden, Croatia, Denmark, Austria, Greece, Serbia


Set as many leagues as you can as playable! don't stuck yourself into only one league as "playable" and few as "view only". Have at least 9-12 leagues from different countries set as playable. Double it with another 9-12 set as "view only". Remember to load additional players from at least some of those countries:
Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Paraguay, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, Indonesia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaidjan, Kazakhstan, Wales, Nigeria, Senegal, Cameroon, Algeria, Morocco, Iran - this will allow you to have much more newgens in the future!

Download Now
Downloads: 1172 / Size: 90.1 kB / Added: 2020-10-08
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Discussion: Atlantis League FM 20 Database + Logopack

3 comments have been posted so far.

  • cmpunk68's avatar
    Can u make antique league?! Its will be amazing! Plato passing and Socrates scores gooooal!!!
  • BartySo's avatar
    Graphics please!
    Kits and Logos <3

    Already have all logos prepared, just need to edit sizes, and save in different format.
  • vinicamata's avatar
    Graphics please!
    Kits and Logos <3
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