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Cadoni's Advanced Training Schedules for FM 2020

A set of 9 training schedules to use for different circumstances in FM2020. Tips for how to use them and how to approach individual training, what coaches to sign, and general training advice.

By on Jul 12, 2020   90664 views   21 comments
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Downloads: 18652 / Size: 205.0 kB / Added: 2020-07-12
FM 2020 Other Files - Cadoni's Advanced Training Schedules for FM 2020

A. Download & Use

1. Download & Extract Files: Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2020 > schedules

2. Load Files: Training > Schedules > “Custom Schedules” > Get More > Select Schedules > Confirm > Save

3. How to Use: Training > Calendar > Dropdown “Custom Schedules” > Select

B. General Information

1. Training Sessions:

1.1 Attack

1.2 Defence

1.3 Possession

1.4 Tactical

1.5 Physical

1.6 Technical

1.7 Set Piece

1.8 Two Fixtures

1.9 No Fixture

2. For Pre-Season use the PH1. PHYSICAL Training Session.

3. Rotate Training Sessions during the whole season.

4. Training Sessions have been designed for Saturday & Wednesday Matchdays.
4.1 You can change to Saturday & Wednesday Matchdays via Preferences:
Preferences > Advanced > Dropdown Menu (right corner) Match > Match Scheduling Options.

C. Individual Training

1. Players in age between 15 - 23.
1.1 Position/Role/Duty > Playing Position.
1.2 Additional Focus > Where players need to improve in attributes.
1.3 Intensity Level > Double Intensity.

2. Players in age between 23 - 31.
2.1 Position/Role/Duty > Player Role according to your tactic. If you have Complete Wing Back in your tactic, you add him to
train as Complete Wing Back.
2.2 Additional Focus > Where players need to improve in attributes.
2.3 Intensity Level > Normal Intensity.

3. Players in age between 31 - 35.
3.1 Position/Role/Duty > Playing Position.
3.2 Additional Focus > None.
3.3 Intensity Level > Normal Intensity.

D. Coaches

1. Recommend Personalities
1.1 Model Citizen
1.2 Model Professional
1.3 Professional
1.4 Perfectionist
1.5 Fairly Professional

2. Recommend Attributes
2.1 Level of Discipline
2.1 Determination
2.2 Motivating
2.3 Working with Youngsters

3. Assistant Manager & Head of Youth Development
3.1 Above recommendations (1. & 2.)
3.2 Preferred Formation as you
3.3 Playing Style as you
3.4 Tactical Style as you

E. General Notes

1. Rotate the team.

2. Always improve training & youth facilities. Training facilities are for all players at your club. Youth facilities are one of the
contributing factors to the quality of Newgen produced.

3. Player development is being affected by:
3.1 Determination (visible on player profile).
3.2 Ambition (hidden, but often referenced in coach and scout reports).
3.3 Professionalism (same as E3.2).

Download Now
Downloads: 18652 / Size: 205.0 kB / Added: 2020-07-12
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Discussion: Cadoni's Advanced Training Schedules for FM 2020

21 comments have been posted so far.

  • fc.cadoni's avatar

    During season (not pre-season), I am rotate more:

    - Attacking
    - Defending
    - Possession
    - Technical
    - Tactical
  • mitchy7780's avatar

    If we have the following training scenario:-

    week 1 = attack
    week 2 = defending
    week 3 = possession

    If week 2 becomes a 2 fixture week due to progress in a competition, does week 3 from our original schedule then become the defending schedule, or does it remain as possession and week 2 just simply becomes '2 Fixtures' schedule?
  • fc.cadoni's avatar

    It depends from position. For example MC position I add him additional focus "Passing" and the role according to the tactic.
  • Legend's avatar

    Great training schedules, thanks!

    I have one question, which type of individual training should we put 23 and 31 year old players? I got confused because you put both of the ages in both training age interval. Thank you.
  • fc.cadoni's avatar

    Yes and no. Players want to train and other attributes, like when using so often "attacking", defenders isn't train so well their important attributes. So, a balancing approach is way to go.
  • fc.cadoni's avatar

    Thanks for letting me know about this.
  • channibalism's avatar
    Thanks a lot again...

    These training methods; Should it be chosen according to the opponent? Or should I do it alternately, regardless of the opponent, Offensive-Defense-Tactical?
  • Glorfindel81's avatar

    thanks for your reply. I can make them available, but if the games from the first Team and the Reserve are at the same Time, the players didn't get match time. When the Kick off time is different, then there is no Problem. But with the Wed->Sat-Option, all matches are at 15:30. Ich changed the Kick off time for the reserve League to 13:00 and it runs. May be it's a bug, but I reinstalled the game and deleted every stuff and the same problem happend.
  • fc.cadoni's avatar

    I don't know why this is happening. Have you checked Staff Responsibilities - Match "Ask which first team players are available for this team"; you will see 3 options. Otherwise don't know why this happened and I have not experienced similar issues.
  • fc.cadoni's avatar

    Sorry, typo about "rest". I was meant "others".
  • Glorfindel81's avatar
    @ Cadoni,

    thank you for your great schedules.

    They are designde for Wed->Sat-Matchweeks only. If I chose this setting, my players aren't available for my Reserve/Youth Team anymore.
  • Supermou3359's avatar

    Thank you so much!! that has really cleared it up and makes it a lot clearer.

    Also last question, sorry about this. When you say rest session, do you mean the schedule you titled "no fixture" or the preset of giving them the week off..
  • fc.cadoni's avatar

    Correct. Keep them always on that intensity.

    Regarding rotation: 1 month use attacking, defending, tactical. Next month possession, technical, set piece. Next month rest sessions and so on.
  • Supermou3359's avatar
    Also another question, in regards to the rest. You say double intensity for the 15-23 year olds and normal intensity for players from 23-35, does that mean to keep them always on that intensity regardless of their condition? Just a bit confused because I'm getting a lot of injuries at the moment.
  • Supermou3359's avatar
    Could you please clear up how to use the training schedule. Do we rotate between the attacking, defending, tactical etc. every month or use attacking, defending, tactical etc. once a month and rotate. Not sure which ones to use at the moment. Thank you
  • fc.cadoni's avatar

    2. Load Files: Training > Schedules > “Custom Schedules” > Get More > Select Schedules > Confirm > Save

    3. How to Use: Training > Calendar > Dropdown “Custom Schedules” > Select


    Rotate training sessions during whole season.

    There is a training session for NO FIXTURE.
  • channibalism's avatar

    I have a few questions, my friend:

    How should I apply the "A1 Attack, D1 Defending" exercises mentioned in the topic?

    Which of the specified training should I apply in the mid-season preparatory matches? or Which of the specified exercises should I do when there is no fixture?
  • fc.cadoni's avatar

    I am afraid, I don't have kept any screenshots from players progress from the last time which I played the game, but had 95% of my players with 7.50 training rate and above. I am buying and selling players often, so. I would be happy to see results from other users as well.
  • gpassosbh's avatar
    @cadoni, please can you show us a few players progress during season using your training?
  • fc.cadoni's avatar
    @Si49 Thanks! I hope to enjoy and have success
  • YAMS's avatar
    These look good. Don't think I've seen any team training routines this well done for a fair while.
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