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Cadoni's Advanced Training Schedules for FM 2020

A set of 9 training schedules to use for different circumstances in FM2020. Tips for how to use them and how to approach individual training, what coaches to sign, and general training advice.

By on Jul 12, 2020   9055 views   4 comments
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FM 2020 Other Files - Cadoni's Advanced Training Schedules for FM 2020

A. Download & Use

1. Download & Extract Files: Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2020 > schedules

2. Load Files: Training > Schedules > “Custom Schedules” > Get More > Select Schedules > Confirm > Save

3. How to Use: Training > Calendar > Dropdown “Custom Schedules” > Select

B. General Information

1. Training Sessions:

1.1 Attack

1.2 Defence

1.3 Possession

1.4 Tactical

1.5 Physical

1.6 Technical

1.7 Set Piece

1.8 Two Fixtures

1.9 No Fixture

2. For Pre-Season use the PH1. PHYSICAL Training Session.

3. Rotate Training Sessions during the whole season.

4. Training Sessions have been designed for Saturday & Wednesday Matchdays.
4.1 You can change to Saturday & Wednesday Matchdays via Preferences:
Preferences > Advanced > Dropdown Menu (right corner) Match > Match Scheduling Options.

C. Individual Training

1. Players in age between 15 - 23.
1.1 Position/Role/Duty > Playing Position.
1.2 Additional Focus > Where players need to improve in attributes.
1.3 Intensity Level > Double Intensity.

2. Players in age between 23 - 31.
2.1 Position/Role/Duty > Player Role according to your tactic. If you have Complete Wing Back in your tactic, you add him to
train as Complete Wing Back.
2.2 Additional Focus > Where players need to improve in attributes.
2.3 Intensity Level > Normal Intensity.

3. Players in age between 31 - 35.
3.1 Position/Role/Duty > Playing Position.
3.2 Additional Focus > None.
3.3 Intensity Level > Normal Intensity.

D. Coaches

1. Recommend Personalities
1.1 Model Citizen
1.2 Model Professional
1.3 Professional
1.4 Perfectionist
1.5 Fairly Professional

2. Recommend Attributes
2.1 Level of Discipline
2.1 Determination
2.2 Motivating
2.3 Working with Youngsters

3. Assistant Manager & Head of Youth Development
3.1 Above recommendations (1. & 2.)
3.2 Preferred Formation as you
3.3 Playing Style as you
3.4 Tactical Style as you

E. General Notes

1. Rotate the team.

2. Always improve training & youth facilities. Training facilities are for all players at your club. Youth facilities are one of the
contributing factors to the quality of Newgen produced.

3. Player development is being affected by:
3.1 Determination (visible on player profile).
3.2 Ambition (hidden, but often referenced in coach and scout reports).
3.3 Professionalism (same as E3.2).

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Downloads: 1576 / Size: 205.0 kB / Added: 2020-07-12
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Discussion: Cadoni's Advanced Training Schedules for FM 2020

4 comments have been posted so far.

  • Cadoni's avatar
    Cadoni Page Author3 weeks ago

    I am afraid, I don't have kept any screenshots from players progress from the last time which I played the game, but had 95% of my players with 7.50 training rate and above. I am buying and selling players often, so. I would be happy to see results from other users as well.
  • gpassosbh's avatar
    @cadoni, please can you show us a few players progress during season using your training?
  • Cadoni's avatar
    Cadoni Page Author1 month ago
    @Si49 Thanks! I hope to enjoy and have success
  • Si49's avatar
    These look good. Don't think I've seen any team training routines this well done for a fair while.
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