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Catalan Fantasy Leagues for FM20

A fantasy league structure made for personal use. The database author (sporadicsmiles) planned on a Catalan only challenge in a Catalan league using Barcelona B.

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FM 2020 Fantasy Scenarios - Catalan Fantasy Leagues for FM20
This database was initially released by sporadicsmiles on SI forums on 3 December 2019 and shared here with his kind permission.

What I have changed.

  • Moved Kazakhstan to Asia.
  • Created the nation of Catalunya from the extinct nation CIS.
  • Moved all clubs and cities that are Catalan to this country (everything under the region Cataluna in Spain, which may or may not be entirely accurate, but suited me to be quick).
  • All players who were born in Catalunya are given the nationality. Even those nominally declared for other countries. I did a mass edit and did not want to check every single player.
  • Created A 4 tier system and a domestic cup (see below for pictures).
  • Barcelona are left in the Spanish leagues. Their B team is moved to Catalunya as an independent side and renamed Barcelona Catalunya. All Catalan players at Barcelona are moved to the new club, all non-Catalans are moved to Barcelona. This is simply because I want to play a save with only Catalan players at the club. All loans at the Catalan club are cancelled too. Barcelona no longer have a B team in the Spanish leagues.
  • All other teams are added to the league structure, including B teams. These cannot be promoted to the top flight.
  • The Primera Divisio has some pretty generous finances (probably too generous). This is in line with trying to establish the smaller teams as a challenge in the save (otherwise I will find it too easy).
  • Catalunya play in all European international competitions (except the ongoing European qualifiers, where Kazakhstan have already played). Kazakhstan plays in Asian international competitions.
  • Catalan club sides enter europe, but not in the first season (this could be changed, but it felt more "real" to not have then in the first season). They start with a low ranking, but quickly move up in the test I performed.
  • I refilled the Spanish leagues by promoting the higher rep sides. I did not take care to respect regional boundaries for this. I assume the leagues more or less sort themselves out after the first season (I did not check). This was not too important for me. Spain still is fully functional.

League System.

Primera Divisio. 16 teams, 2 rounds. 2 team relegated, 1 team in relegation/promotion playoff.
Segundo Divisio. 16 teams. 2 rounds. 2 teams promoted. 1 team in promotion playoff. 3 teams relegated. 1 team in relegation playoff.
Tercera Divisio. 20 teams. 2 rounds. 3 teams promoted. 1 team in promotion playoff. 3 teams relegated. 1 team in relegation playoff.
Quarta Divisio. 20 teams. 2 rounds. 3 teams promoted. 1 team in promotion playoff. 2 teams relegated. 1 team in relegation playoff.
Some screenshots.

Primera. (Note Barcelona Catalunya are called Barcelona B because I am using a .edt file for names).




As I said, I made this database purely to set up a save for myself. I cannot imagine I will ever do any updates to it now I have it set up how I like. I figured some people may also want to play it. You can also use it is as a starting point if you want to make your own fantasy league in Catalunya. Be my guest to modify as you want (if you do and release, a little acknowledgement would be nice, but this is kinda freeware, do with it what you want). Sorry if one of these already exists! I did not check carefully before releasing (I do not want to steal anyone's thunder with something so quick and dirty).

Download Now
Downloads: 568 / Size: 47.8 kB / Added: 2020-03-24
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