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ChrisP's 4-3-3 Tactic for FM20 tweaked by RDF

A FM2020 tactic by ChrisP tweaked by RDF. Get your striker and wingers scoring! 3 variations and 2 training schedules included. Tested with Lille OSC.

By on Jul 06, 2020   56349 views   20 comments
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Downloads: 15530 / Size: 170.0 kB / Added: 2020-07-06
Football Manager 2020 Tactics - ChrisP's 4-3-3 Tactic for FM20 tweaked by RDF

TAA Very Much! 433 By ChrisP tweaked by RDF

This tactic plays with a more controlled mentality, with both his full backs looking to effect the game higher up the pitch, both central midfielders looking to add some solidarity whilst the box to box has the license to roam and striker on being the main source for goals. This meant his side can be offensive.

Both fulls backs do act differently. The right back is the more traditional wing back whilst his left back will be very attacking. The idea behind this is so the tactic can form scoring opportunities and not be to predictable.

Both central defenders have different roles too, he has one set a BPD, to launch more counter attacking balls when its on, the other central defender has the role of being just a central defender and being safe in possession of the ball.

His two wingers are asked to be inside forwards, cut inside to either provide a scoring chance or score themselves. But one is more attacking than the other. The RW also shares the responsibility of scoring goals with the ST, as the LW must be able to get back as well to help the full back. Effectively to protect the the roaming box to box midfielder too.

The two central midfielders will move around. One of these central midfielders will be more aggressive (attacking) than the other. The box to box will look to get forward to support attacking players and move into channels whilst the central midfielder will look to stay in midfield but when in possession will aim to drag defence with him by running wide with the ball.

The lone striker, will look to stretch the play by moving into channels, making it impossible for defenders to deal with. The box to box midfield and striker will always look to the stretch the oppositions defence.

Lastly, the DLP! The diving force of the team. As the playmaker, He looks to collect the ball from deeper positions to control the teams tempo. He is asked to sit in front of the defence to protect and help prevent any counter attacks.

This tactic plays with a high line and higher line of engagement. The aim was to close down the opponents as soon as possible and to squeeze the midfield making it difficult to play through.

Video Analysis

Tactic Tips

  • Main Tactic - use “TAA Very Much Laaa 300620 RDF”
  • For BIG away matches - use “TAA Very Much Laaa 300620 RDF BIG MATCH”
  • When you are struggling to break down defence - use “TAA Very Much Laaa 300620 RDF against Defence”
Training schedule included SHOULD be used!!

FM20 Test w/ Lille OSC

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Downloads: 15530 / Size: 170.0 kB / Added: 2020-07-06
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About RDF Tactics

RDF is an FM Scout tactic creator who just loves to experiment. His quirky personality shines through his tactics but his main goal is create tactics/content that both achieves enjoyment and results.

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Discussion: ChrisP's 4-3-3 Tactic for FM20 tweaked by RDF

20 comments have been posted so far.

  • Mihajlovic's avatar
    What about individual training ? How do you setup training, in combination of this two schedules? Individual Training like Cadoni and the other weeks rotating ?
  • YAMS's avatar

    A full back on Automatic duty with a Postive team mentality will behave EXACTLY THE SAME as a full back on normal support duty.

    It doesn't matter what the PI's say under the Automatic duty, they are overridden completely by one of the three main duties dependant on the mentality.

    That is why in my very first post I said there's no point having an automatic duty if there's no intention of changing the mentality at any point.
  • enfeed's avatar
    How better to automate the intensity for this tactic? Thanks.
  • RDF Tactics's avatar
    @Crane - his information isn't wrong but it's irrelevant. Simply because using Automatic does not hard code my WG to attack..i watch the games, there is a reason i chose Automatic over Support.

    Maybe, it is supposed to get forward because that what the supporting duty does but that's not what is happening in game, therefore maybe something to be looked at. But i chose that duty because watching, he was not constantly getting forward like it did on Support
  • Crane's avatar
    @RDF Tactics Si49 might be coming across as a massive knob, but he's right about the automatic duty.
  • YAMS's avatar

    I don't create & release tactics, no. What I aim/try to do is help players who want to learn tactics and the ME themselves rather than using someone else's tactics.

    Of course I have my own tactics for my own game(s) which I'm content with but I don't post actual tactics, no.
  • CBP's avatar
    save the schedules in the schedule folder in the sports interactive folder. if there isnt one there, then create one. In game, go to training>schedules>select schedule>custom schedules>get more>select TAA 1 Match>Load and the most important part. SAVE. if you dont save then the schedule wont be available. repeat the above process but this time for TAA 2 Match. Once you have loaded them in, go to calendar and on the left above each week there should be a dropdown option, select that then customer schedules and find the schedule that fits that week. if there is 1 game then use TAA 1 and if there is 2 then use TAA 2. Hope this helps.

    @Si49 do you create tactics, if so where can i find them? be interesting to see what tactics you've come up with your vast knowledge of the game
  • Steview's avatar
    How do i implement the the training plan please.
  • YAMS's avatar

    Let's take Automatic mentality back to it's bare bones. You tell me what you believe it does. We can then go on from there.

    Regarding the roles, yes I know them, I know what they do. Why do you think I recommend role changes for formations? For the fun of it? I've studied every role in game and how it interacts, I do it for every FM incarnation. It's the very base of my tactical decisions. Do I know more than everyone? Well no, clearly not. I didn't actually programme the game.

    Let me ask you this. How can you confident say a player role will do something for you if you don't actually know how it reacts in the game? Each role is hard coded to react in some way, the pi's give you an inclination to it but as with most instructions given for FM you have to delve way deeper to actually understand the role & what it does in the ME.
  • RDF Tactics's avatar
    @Si49 - WHAT the hell are you talking about now? lool now you are not making any sense regarding this very tactic.

    does NOT matter the idea behind the role, they way WE are using it works for us. IT is VERY simple. We DO NOT want the RB to be getting further forward when in possession. We also DO NOT change the mentality so it works for us.
    So yes, using Automatic changes duty according to your teams mentality, WE ALL KNOW THIS, BUT when using Positive mentality and Automatic, this allows us to have more flexibility with the RB, we can ask him to get forward IF we want, BUT we do not want that...

    So basically, you know more than everyone? LOL okay mate, you're going to have a hard time communicating with people if that's how you are going to act. YOU DO NOT know how every role will act by just looking at instructions, that is impossible, stop trying to play God. Because you are here telling me what role to use and why i shouldn't be using YET it was more successful using it this way, how does that make sense? hours of testing, with different roles, we find using Automatic works better and you can clearly see how good the RB performed, but of course, you are right :)

  • YAMS's avatar
    @RDF - For the Automatic role the team mentality choice dictates whether the role for the player is defend, support or attack. The role actually takes on the same PI's.

    So yes the automatic role doesn't have get further forward coded//ticked but with the team mentality you have selected the role is actually support and the support PI's are what is used. The automatic PI roles you see do nothing.

    If you look at the actual pi's on the automatic role when selected it has defend, support or attack in brackets, this is based on your team mentality. If you change the mentality from positive to attack, for example, the automatic role changes from support to attack and picks up all the attack pi's.

    The idea behind automatic roles when introduced years ago by the games creators was for the player to be changing their mentality for the situation during matches (This is what the AI/oppo do themselves). Theory being give some positions who have great in game fluctuation a default role to enable the team mentality to drive the PI's and not have them change every time to defend, support or attack.

    The same automatic role in used for the CM position/role & from memory it was for the AM role back in 2010 time but was then removed as that role didn't really require defend.

    Regarding the roles. Yes I know what they all do. That's called game research. I can advise any role for any particular formation to potentially improve the base set up. That is why I recommend changes to formations initially based on the roles I see selected.
  • Cavanagh's avatar
    @RDF Tactics Man, finally a tactic that performs consistently and without being an exploit tactic without any real-life resemblance. I love how the WB-A receives the through ball by the DLP. I very much appreciate how you provide alternative versions for specific situations! Big thank you !

    One thing I have failed miserably in achieving on FM20 is a performing AMC. Except of course on the ME-breaking tactics with a SS behind an AF which I despise. It would be very interesting if you could create a 4-2-3-1 with an AMC that performs consistently and effectively. I believe this would be the utmost challenge for FM20! Looking forward to that!
  • RDF Tactics's avatar
    @Si49 - you are super confusing now. Yes it picks up my teams mentality, that's what i want it to do, but like i said, using Support gives the him the "get further forward" code which i don't want. So therefore, there's a point to using Automatic

    You know the roles inside out? lol really, so you'll know how every role/play will act without actually playing with it? Because that just wouldn't be possible. You may understand the roles, but you won't know how it effects the tactics with all the instructions used unless you play with it

    And figure you out? am i supposed to know who you are?
  • YAMS's avatar
    I'm here telling you what I would do differently. I'm not here to spread any theory other than one that takes people away from the use of plug and play if they want to.

    On the right wing back being on Automatic. I think you need to go read what automatic does again. It picks up your team mentality. The balanced and positive mentalities give the position a support function, he will behave exactly the same. As there is no intention to change the mentality (Which is actually what the Automatic role is intended for) then there's no point picking automatic.

    Regarding the roles, I know them backwards, I know them all inside out in huge detail. I know how each role fits in to a particular shape and what each role does as opposed to what it was designed to do in some cases.

    Whilst I completely agree with your comment over the roles not being perfectly needed to carry out a desired shape they are potentially crucial to the fine points required to manage in game situations. The very same in game situations that players actually need to learn to maximise the value of the tactical engine.

    I'm available in PM to discuss further if you like.

    For now, as you don't seem to like my comments for some interesting reason, maybe you have figured out who I actually am, I will refrain from posting on your tactics.
  • RDF Tactics's avatar
    @Si49 - ugh, i can see you are clearly just here to spread your own theory without considering others own theory. Instead of saying "you should do this and do that" maybe you should say "you can do this and do that". In real life, managers and players aren't given these roles to select from, so in the game there are hardly any rules tactically...Some roles will give you more accuracy to what you want to achieve, thats not to say other roles can't work too and get good results

    "Not sure what the right back is doing on Automatic, if we are keeping the mentality as Positive then he's on support duty, just make him support." it is literally the same thing EXCEPT with automatic, "get further forward" isn't coded. so using automatic, like i say in the video, it offers the option to be a little more solid. You are just picking at stuff, maybe we can talk about creating a tactic rather than this
  • YAMS's avatar
    You know what, this isn't bad actually. The DLPD is absolutely crucial and must be a very busy player but it at least does contain some defensive cover.

    Not sure what the right back is doing on Automatic, if we are keeping the mentality as Positive then he's on support duty, just make him support. The right winger could be better suited being IW or Winger with the WBS as the latter won't naturally overlap unless individually instructed.

    The left flank is fine, it's relying on the DLP a lot for cover but I get it. I'd possibly switch the B2B to the right CM position & get a BWMD/CMD at left centre mid to help cover the more attacking flank.

    It's still too attacking for my liking, I'd like four defensive duties in there by default but being Positive rather than Attacking mentality helps the team not get too far up the pitch early in attacking transitions.

    As expected the Out of Possession TI's are very ME breaking. Kind of used to that now though so no biggie.
  • RDF Tactics's avatar
    @Si49 - broad shoulders? lol i'm actually very emotional, but i like to use that emotion into creating something that may or may not help others.

    I don't like all criticism, of course, but i do take it on board. .... A man of my small stature hasn't seen i have to keep working :)
  • YAMS's avatar
    Broad shoulders RDF my friend.... A man of your stature has seen too much already..!!
  • RDF Tactics's avatar
    @Si49 - Hey buddy, the TI's are in the video as it was much easier for me to explain the use of them.

    Though i'm not the creator, i am prepared to take any criticism haha i'm used to that by now, but as long as the tactic works, it only fuels me to create/tweak more
  • YAMS's avatar
    Can I get a TI's screen for some 'constructive' thoughts that will undoubtedly turn in to criticism.

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