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FM22 433 Underdog Tactic

A classic 4-3-3 tactic for underdog teams in the FM22 Beta. Inspired by Klopp's Liverpool, but adjusted to make it work well with underdogs.

By on Nov 04, 2021   74787 views   15 comments
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Downloads: 17173 / Size: 43.3 kB / Added: 2021-11-04
Football Manager 2022 Tactics - FM22 433 Underdog Tactic
Hi there,

New FM, new players, new roles and features; but the basics is basics within the game. I am not a huge fun of this classic formation, I am more a classic 442 (do you remember my Oedipus Tactic in FM20?).

Anyway, BETA is out and so I decided to mess around with tactics while waiting the official release to start my long term and only one save; as always. Starting from the bottom to the top.

So, in tactic now. Tried to simulate what Klopp is doing and why Liverpool is one the most powerful teams inside the game. This time, not for any top side, but making one which works very good for underdog.

Under current ME (match engine) there is an issue with IF roles which for my disappointment; didn't let me choose it for the flanks. Instead, I choose a Winger with Wing Back Support (which will help Winger in transition phase).

Another issue is defending corners. After multiple tests, decided to see what Liverpool is doing and be always the team with least goals against from Set Pieces. Yes, I am aware that defenders don't jump during defending corners; let's hope SI fix this.

The answer was clear. Zone Marking working better from Man Marking.

Crystal Palace: Why? Simple. In all my tests (simulation & playing), Crystal Palace always finished in relegation zone to see next year Championship. I decided to give it a go and how they react - finish.

So, we did it as you can see in the results!

I have run it 3 times, do avoid some randomness and see the median between the tests.

Version One of this tactic is here!

About training: Yes, I will make one when official release will be out to help you, with that side of the game. Stay tuned!

Hope you gonna use it and let me know how did performance for you!


Download Now
Downloads: 17173 / Size: 43.3 kB / Added: 2021-11-04
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Discussion: FM22 433 Underdog Tactic

15 comments have been posted so far.

  • krleli's avatar
    can't upload the tactic, is there a link to it on steam workshop?
  • Shinu's avatar
    This tactic is really good, I'm winning almost all games with Numancia. But my striker isn't good playing as "Complete forward" (1 star). Will the tactic stop working if I change him to "Advanced forward" (3.5 stars)?
  • Arsenality's avatar
    Genuinely brilliant tactic. I'm 26 games into the season with Norwich, and am 5th, level on points with City. After taking 5 games to win a match, it's looking likely im going to finish in Europa League places. This tactic brings the best out of the CB's and the CM especially, the only thing I'd say that's not working out is that my striker (I signed Dolberg) really struggle with this with only 2 goals in 23 games. I am occasionally outplayed by teams and have been hammered a few times but to be expected being Norwich, but overall can't reccomened enough!
  • fc.cadoni's avatar
    Version 2 is nearly ready.
  • fc.cadoni's avatar
    Version 2 is under development and this time will be much more balanced for all teams (not only for underdog). I am waiting an update of ME.
  • Romano.338's avatar
    I'm on a brand new save. The ME probably got tweaked in the final release, it's usually what happens
  • fc.cadoni's avatar
    Hi Romano.338,

    If you have improve your squad, you need to be a little more adventures since you have better players. Try Positive Mentality for example.
  • Romano.338's avatar
    I don't think it works in final release of FM
  • fc.cadoni's avatar
    Dear Users,

    I am recommend to buy players according to 1st Key Attributes (green ones) for each position-role and 2nd Key Attributes (blue ones). Tactic will perform better and better is you choose players according to this.
  • fc.cadoni's avatar
    Hi @Xavii

    Thank you for using it! Happy to hear that helped you for promotion!
  • Xavii's avatar
    Very good results with Racing Santander :) i got promoted to the Primera Division
  • Romano.338's avatar
    That's exactly what I meant by "I like those results"! A smaller team, with simulation and done over a couple of saves. That's really how you see if a tactic is efficient, or if it's just good for you current 15 players (and winning the league with Liverpool or MU doesn't mean you tactic is amazing).
    I only simmed so far, twice, once with Bordeaux, expected 8th, finished 5th, and with Espanyol, expected 11th, finished 4th. Really good results. Both times, very good attack (top 4). Defense is not that good (3rd tier) but results are still here.
    Impressive! Hope it will work in final release, as I probably won't start a save on beta right now anyway.
  • fc.cadoni's avatar
    Hi @Romano.338

    Thank you for your comment. I am little tired to watch everyone pick Newcastle or Man Utd or PSG and post results. So, I thought; why not something different? Let me know how it worked for you. In the second version of this tactic; I will update the Set Pieces as well. Not fan - fun the Near Post thing & Long Throw.

  • Romano.338's avatar
    And by the way I'm curious to see your training. I'm so struggling with fitness, it's insane. I constantly rotate. My tactic isn't intense. I use your FM21 training, I tweaked it now players barely train (they do but come on, nowhere near what pro players do). Yet I still have that fitness issue and injuries.
  • Romano.338's avatar
    I like those results. Promising.
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