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Conte’s Juventus tactic (2011-14) DOMINATE every match! 105 points! (+ VIDEOS)

The tactic follows the steps of the first 3 years of Juventus winning cycle, coached by Conte, who took it from two 7th places to win 3 league titles in a row.

By Updated on Jun 27, 2021   173401 views   13 comments
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Football Manager 2021 Tactics - Conte’s Juventus tactic (2011-14) DOMINATE every match! 105 points! (+ VIDEOS)

Conte's Juve dominated in Italy, scored and continued to attack looking for the 2-0, but at the same time defended compactly with the help of the midfielders. After watching some full matches and studying offensive and defensive movements, I recreated the tactic down to the smallest details. Watch the full video to see all movements ( the video is similar to another conte's juventus tactics on youtube, but i replied the video for FM version )

I also made 3 videos where you can see all goals scored by my team with the Conte tactic in 2042, 2043 and 2044 ( yes, i like to edit kits season per season lol )

The key points of the tactics are
1) domination of the field
2) solid pressing and solid defense
3) High tempo
4) Overlapping Fullbacks
5) Goals from midfielders
6) goals, goals and... goals


Goalkeeper : Good passing and good reflexes

CD ( R ) : Good marking, you need the classic Wall-Defender

CD ( L ) : The same of CD(R) but with more aggression

BPD : Very good Vision, Passing and marking

Wing Backs : very good stamina, pace and crossing

DLP : very good creativity, vision, technique, teamwork, decisions and passing, that role is the key point of the tactic

LEFT MEZZALA : very good stamina, passing, marking, technique and off the ball

RIGHT MEZZALA : he must be more defensive compared to the left mezzala. We need the classic box to box midfielder, like Vidal, Barella, Mckennie etc...

TM : he must be tall, and must have good heading and off the ball

DLF : Very good pace, off the ball, finishing and technique

When we have the ball we will see a 3-3-4, while during the defensive phase we will see a very solid aggressive 5-3-2. I hope you like the tactic, good luck!


I know there's an error in the formation, in the best starting 11 there's Chiellini and not Demiral


Download Now
Downloads: 46751 / Size: 43.7 kB / Added: 2020-11-23
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Discussion: Conte’s Juventus tactic (2011-14) DOMINATE every match! 105 points! (+ VIDEOS)

13 comments have been posted so far.

  • Leeroy9393's avatar
    Please can someone share the player instructions for this tactic?
  • LuminousCarcass's avatar
    Very interesting tactic, ironically I beat Conte 3-0 the first time I used it while he was managing Tottenham (I was Leicester).
  • alexandre0701's avatar
    Very good tactic. Works in the french league 1.
  • Rocco92's avatar
    @Airox-jjHD is the game updated for the latest patch 21.7?
  • Leeroy9393's avatar
    @Airox-jjHD no I play on iPad so please could you list the player instructions so I can use this tactic? :-)
  • martyr's avatar
    use this on other club,is it ok?
  • Airox-jjHD's avatar
    @Leeroy9393 i think you can install the tactic also in the game for nintendo switch :)
  • Airox-jjHD's avatar
    @hudo my assistant will do the training
  • Leeroy9393's avatar
    Looks great mate :) please could you share the player instructions for those FM 21 touch players who have no access to a laptop or pc so can’t just download the tactic
  • hudo1984's avatar
    Do you have a good training schedule made up for this type of tactics?
  • kylejames's avatar
    Pretty deadly formation if you have the right players for it. Was perfect for Sheffield United and have smashed Spurs and Everton 6-1. Currently 10th in the league after 19 games. Brewster 18 goals in 18 games.
  • Airox-jjHD's avatar
    @bonio78 no
  • bonio78's avatar
    Use opposition instructions?
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