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Daniel's Real Names Fix for FM15

Updated competition, club and award with their real names to use with Football Manager 2015. Works with your current saved games. Updated 16 Dec 2014.

By Updated on Dec 16, 2014   213040 views   86 comments
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Downloads: 63574 / Size: 183.0 kB / Added: 2014-12-16
FM 2015 Data Updates - Daniel's Real Names Fix for FM15

This is my FINAL version of competition and club Real Names Fix for Football Manager 2015. You don't have to start a new saved game for this to work. Support for ALL languages.


  • All playable clubs names from all continents
  • All major leagues names
  • All non-playable Europe Top Leagues club names
  • Almost all minor leagues names
  • All Continental, National and National Cups names

If you find some error in translation/names or want me to fix other club/league/competition name, please send me an e-mail with corrected name.


1. Quit the game
2. !IMPORTANT! Delete all files in this folder:
\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2015\data\db\1500\lnc\all
\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2015\data\db\1530\lnc\all
Macintosh HD/Users/"your computers name"/Library/Appliction Support/Steam/Steam Apps/common/Football Manager 15/data/db/1500/lnc
3. Put "Daniel FM15 Fix.lnc" and "Daniel FM15 Club Names.lnc" OR "Daniel FM15 Club Names FC Version.lnc" to above folder
4. Run the game with real names :)

Contact e-mail: [email protected]


If you like my fix, you can support my work by paypal donation here:


  • stadium names Australian A-League
  • Hamburg SV & FC United of Manchester names
  • Portuguese Copo do Mundo changed to Campeonato do Mundo
  • Fix brazilian/english names switch
v1.9 FINAL (FM15)
  • English and Germany awards names
  • FC Version club names file
  • English 7th league club names
  • Club names from top league: Luxemburg, FYROMacedonia, Malta, Moldova, San Marino, Faroe Island
  • deleted F.C. from English club names and other changes
  • belgium 2nd league club names and other small fixes
  • France CFA, Spain Segunda division B, N. Ireland Championship 1 & 2, Portugal Nacional, Romania II & III Liga, Turkey 2nd League club names
  • Estonia, Gibraltar, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia Top League and Polish II Liga Club Names
  • All playable Asian club names + India ISL & Japan J-League
  • All playable North & South Americ club names (Argentina Primera B Nacional, Brazil Serie B & C, Chile Primera & B, Colombia Primera A & B, Peru Primera, Uruguay Primera & Segunda, Mexico Ascenso MX)
  • Morecambe/Newport fix
  • Few Danish club names
  • Inter Milan change to F.C. Internazionale
  • USA & Mexico Top League club names
  • Australia & S.Korea Top League club names
  • South Africa Top League club names
  • Argentina & Brazil Top League club names
  • Zenit Sankt-Petersburg, Galatasaray SK, Gillingham FC, Hibernian FC
  • Real names for Europe playable clubs (to do: France CFA, Spain Segunda Division B, N.Ireland Championship & Lower, Portugal Nacional, Romania II Liga, Turkey Second League)
  • Brazilian Portuguese language support (Thanks to Raoni Q.)
  • Italy Lega Pro
  • Greece National Football League
  • Euro Qualifiers

Download Now
Downloads: 63574 / Size: 183.0 kB / Added: 2014-12-16
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Discussion: Daniel's Real Names Fix for FM15

86 comments have been posted so far.

  • Madziboy's avatar
    I'm on the Mac and have a lot of problems. I have installed i´the pack correctly in the right folder, but my beloved Schalke is stilled called Gelsenkirchen?
  • Patres10's avatar
    @danielfm you have a tipo in a slovak club there. MŠK Žilina not MŠK Žylina
  • ahasvold's avatar
    Any solution on the european cups names? Really like everything else on this name fix :)
  • Onyewu's avatar
    Hi Daniel....I tried changing the to one name for all languages, then tried deleting the other languages to see if that didn't work for me.......thanks anyway.
  • danielfm's avatar
    I found a solution to the problem of names, but it is not too good. When I set one name for all languages (eg Champions League) is in the game is ok. But when I want to add a translation to the other then it is returned to the default name. I'll try to find a solution yet, but if it does not work I'll do a version with English names.
  • Onyewu's avatar
    Thanks 9Icardi9.....very familiar with Susie as I have used it for a decade until this year....I liked Daniel's as it was customizable in I have customized a lot in Daniel's file, I will probably not change back to Susie at this point....will just have to live with it I guess....thanks anyway!!!
  • 9Icardi9's avatar
    @Onyewu until waiting for the update try this

    work for me, delete "all" and "greek" folders and put only files to "Inc" folder (DB 1500 and 1530).
  • Onyewu's avatar
    I see a few of us have this issue.....

    After updating to 15.3, the Champions League, Europa League and other Euro comps have reverted back to the default fake names. I have removed the inc file from the 15.3 update and tried different combinations of your files in both 15.0 & 15.3 without anything changing. The league comps & team names have not been affected.

    Any ideas? You never know what kind of havoc each update will bring us.

  • scottyxander's avatar
    @9Icardi9 It has to do with the fact that they added a new db folder for the new update. The club names still work but competition names don't. I've basically just downloaded the name fix from sortitousi and I'm only using the competition name file. The competition names in that version are horrible though but at least it's better than the default names in the game. I just wish this guy would hurry up and update the files already.
  • 9Icardi9's avatar
    sorry work only file of sortitoutsi because has been updated
  • 9Icardi9's avatar
    @scottyxander @usert4 delete the folders "all" and "greek" in "Inc" folder to DB->1500 and put only files of Daniel's Real Name ;)
  • usert4's avatar
    Why is is UEFA Champions League and EUROPA League still "European Champions cup" and "EURO cup"??????????
  • scottyxander's avatar
    Needs to be updated for 15.3.0.
  • lastofthefamous's avatar
    Help! I lost all the clubs nicknames after using this fix :(
  • Edis's avatar

    I have the first time a iMac so I don't understand everything..
    I have followed everything you wrote down but I can't find those folders where to put that.. :-(
    I have searched everywhere but i don't understand can Someone PLEASE help me.??
  • Wolfi's avatar
    Great job. Finally Schalke 04 and not... Gelsenkirchen.
  • jc-kc-22.10.13's avatar
    is the german national team fixed in this
  • persee's avatar
    Iran's league is "Persian Gulf Pro League" not Iran Pro League. Saudi Arabai league name also changed. Lots of names are old
  • Checeg Andrei Alexandru's avatar
  • stevros88's avatar
    Hamburg's full name is Hamburger Sportverein, so 'HSV Hamburg' is incorrect. It should just be Hamburger SV.
  • NVDTahir's avatar
    Just to add to what Spanish Red said, in both of the files, FC United of Manchester is named as "United of Manchester" which isn't correct. Hope you fix this, but otherwise it's a really well done! thanks
  • spurs2905's avatar
    Hey man in the next update would it be possible to include the real stadium names for teams in the A-League? SI didn't get the licences for them this time around so I would greatly appreciate it. Keep up the good work man!
  • AK78's avatar
    Very nice work but it messes the Greek names of the teams (they stop been in greek language)anyone know how to fix that???
  • Spanish Red's avatar
    I don't know why you need a file with FC for the club names as they are very rarely, if ever, used in print or in the media. However, you have to be careful if you remove them all. FC United of Manchester, for example, is never ever known as United of Manchester, so removing the FC file would make their name totally wrong.
  • danielfm's avatar
    I have uploaded a new version which fix this :)

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