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Dark Polish FM23 Skin v2.01

Dark skin for FM 2023 with some tweaks and new functions.

By Updated on Dec 06, 2022   54880 views   59 comments
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Downloads: 15806 / Size: 11.3 MB / Added: 2022-10-25
Football Manager 2023 Skins - Dark Polish FM23 Skin v2.01
Default dark skin how I believe it should be. If you want to keep originality of the game with some not intrusive visual improvements, Dark Polish is what you are looking for. It's clean and low-res friendly.


- fixed condition icons not refreshing automatically in match bottom bar
- added dynamic coloured sidebar as optional mod (disabled by default)

v1.04 - fixed "Data Language Preferences" button not responding in advanced preferences
v1.03 - fixes on Scouting page: fixed bug with "scouting range" widget not opening; restored new "Transfer window" widget; corrected slighty shifted position of "transfer budget" and "wage budget" widget
v1.02 - fixed small visual bug with scouting knowledge widget in staff profiles
v1.01 - enabled transparency for background packs (if you don't use them, there isn't much of a change)

Dark Polish Skin 23 includes:
- consistent shades of gray
- ProximaNova font from older FMs
- improved background selector
- "Instant Result" button with post-match popup
- player pictures and role suitability pies on tactic screen
- past meetings panel under tactic screen (visible on high-res)
- ribbon navigation in Preferences
- club profile overhaul (original by Pikawa)
- stadium picture option in club profiles (default one has dynamic colour)
- dynamic colours of sidebar elements, continue buttons and circle icons
- scoreboard with logos instead of ugly 6-letter names
- slightly modified player attributes section
- coloured backgrounds of social media club avatars
- removed pointless club logo from news item (staff photos are a bit larger now)
- removed bold and uppercase from headings
- new FM flags instead of old ones in language change menu
- fixed broken news feed pictures
- home button, FM button and Instant Result button in match screen

About backgrounds:
- You can always replace backgrounds with your own at: Dark Polish Skin 23\graphics\backgrounds.

Make sure to check out other custom skins, from which I learned a lot. This skin would be impossible without them and Sports Interactive.

Download Now
Downloads: 15806 / Size: 11.3 MB / Added: 2022-10-25
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Discussion: Dark Polish FM23 Skin v2.01

59 comments have been posted so far.

  • Ceyvol's avatar
    @m.andresilva Yes, that's how it's currently designed.

    @tomek0290 Too intrusive I think, no current plans for a feature like that.
  • markc1234's avatar
    @fabinhomix i just put the needed code on the relevant file for it. if you send me a message i will send you it
  • m.andresilva's avatar
    é normal o nome do estádio estar dentro da própria imagem do estádio?
  • tomek0290's avatar
    you could add to the skin Logo TV during the match e.g. sky sports[img][/img]
  • fabinhomix's avatar
    Markc1234 Who you do that?
  • markc1234's avatar
    thanks for this... ive added club logo to the side bar for my own use.
  • Ceyvol's avatar
    @b0tha - works just fine. Maybe try other browser?
  • b0tha's avatar
    download not working!!
  • Ceyvol's avatar
    @Seb32 - Well, you found one! Screenshots are made in 1920x1080 with 125% zoom, but it's Windows zoom, not in-game zoom. Effect is almost the same though. Whole skin was created on such setup, on laptop - so yes, it's zoom compatible and low-res friendly (as stated in description). It will never change, as lack of those was the reason I made this skin in the first place.
  • Seb32's avatar
    It seems, this skin works with ingame zoom 125%? Because the screenshots seems to be made with 125% option?
    It is very hard to find a skin that is zoom compatible.
  • Ceyvol's avatar
    @ashbreeder1989 - everything you need is in the MODS folder.
  • ashbreeder1989's avatar
    how to return a green field instead of a gray field in the tactics menu, as it was in the previous version?
  • ashbreeder1989's avatar
    how to return a green field instead of a gray field in the tactics menu, as it was in the previous version?
  • dekallt's avatar
    @Ceyvol - Thank you! Worked perfectly :)
  • Ceyvol's avatar
    @dekallt - you can replace those files in:
    Dark Polish Skin 23\graphics\boxes\custom\interface\content

    @markc1234 - not the esthetic I'm aiming for this year, but I will explore possibiility of adding this as optional mod.
  • dekallt's avatar
    Love your skin!
    But is there a way to change the upper bar to one solid color instead of the one in the pitcure. Remove the stripes and "ripped" texture.
  • markc1234's avatar
    any chance of getting club colours on sidebar?
  • juninho1975's avatar
    @Ceyvol : That's it, I succeeded: the percentages are there. Thanks a lot :)
  • juninho1975's avatar
    @Ceyvol : I downloaded V 2.0 and going to the "Overall Fitness/Match Sharpness" column shows no percentage. There is nothing :/ Is it normal that the "properties" file does not appear in V 2.0 or is it normal? Thank you for your help.
  • Ceyvol's avatar
    @RoMbA - I don't plan adding any hidden attributes into the skin.

    @sunsetsamosa - what do you mean by "add"? It's there, same place as always, under physical attributes.
  • sunsetsamosa's avatar
    Could you add height in the player profile page, thankyou sir
  • Stam's avatar
    Solid update, nicely done! Keep up the good work :)
  • RoMbA's avatar
    Can you add the hidden attributes and the players positions ability panels?
  • RoMbA's avatar
    Thanks a lot :)
  • Ceyvol's avatar
    @juninho1975 - in v2.0 percentage icon is enabled for "Overall Phisical Condition/Match Sharpness" column.

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