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Quintessential DOMINATION Tactics by The Diet Pepsi

Throughout 7 seasons, I'd fine tune every single detail of my tactics to perfectly complement the playing style of the English Leagues; pacey, hard-working, and physical. Plus a different variation for Europe.

By on Aug 12, 2020   8711 views   5 comments
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After 5 seasons with Manchester United with 3 undefeated seasons and 4 league titles, (including season 2 where I had gotten second AND won the Champions League, I wondered whether or not it had been due to the overwhelming quality I had developed at my team, so mid-April, I decided to leave Manchester United and take up the helm at Bournemouth, 5th in the Championship and for still in the FA Cup.

With 0 transfer budget, and the only backroom changes being the loyal subordinates who chose to follow me from Manchester United (Iker Casillas can go f*** himself I took him from a 20+20 scout into the best AssMan in the world and he refused to leave), I reached automatic promotion to the Premier League by finishing second, thanks to the heroics of loanee Angel Gomes, who by this point had already left Manchester United, and emerged victorious against Leicester City in the FA Cup final.

The following season saw us finish in 7th place but win the Europa League, granting us automatic qualification to the Champions League. As of right now, I am comfortably in the top 4 and in the quarter finals of the Champions League.

Throughout these 7 seasons, I'd fine tuned every single detail of my tactics so as to perfectly complement the playstyle of the English Leagues - pacey, hard-working, and physical.

For the league, I'd use an asymmetrical 433 with an emphasis on the left side, however should you find that your stronger side is the right it can be swapped over, as long as you adjust all of the player roles and player instructions.

However, through saves of other teams in Europe, including Italy and Spain, I found that this tactic isn't as effective, and I also found trouble with it in Europe with Manchester United despite the fact that I had overloaded the team with three 4-5 star players in each role. Thus, I decided to experiment and fell upon something very simple. Flat back four, a DLF and 2 IFs, but in the midfield two APs with a regista.

Defensively, this tactic does not seem on paper as though it should work, but it does. It does rely on very quick and intelligent centre backs, but the midfield is where the magic happens. Finding a way to essentially play 4 attacking midfielders worked wonders for me. While in the tactics page the regista sits behind the two APs, he is actually the furthest forward, and is the key to the whole puzzle. Pressing from the front, for some reason the most successful player I'd ever tried there was Andreas Pereira.

With United, I'd tried numerous high profile deep lying playmakers from Ruben Neves to Bentancur to even Pogba there, but essentially it was a CAM playing at CDM. On offense the two APs would push up almost to inside the box, while the regista was there on the edge for long shots or to create. But I digress. I could talk and talk and talk and purely and simply it really doesn't matter what I say until you try this yourself.

For the Premier League tactic, simply the best players for each role works perfectly. They're all simple roles that everyone is comfortable and familiar with even in real life casual football watching. Essentially whatever FM highlights as the key attributes is what they are. this tactic is extremely simple but extremely effective

For the European tactic, it is essential that your CBs are quick, with high agility, anticipation and concentration stats as well as decent passing stats. The DLF must be rapid, an excellent dribbler of the ball as well as a good passer with high composure and vision. Shooting stats really don't matter, he will not be the main goalscoring threat, rather the IF's where basic stats like pace, shooting, and dribbling are key stats. For the midfield three, u essentially want three David Silva-esque players. Not physical destroyers and not excellent defensive readers, but rather slick and agile. For the regista position especially, you DO NOT want a CDM. It doesn't matter that it's a CDM on paper, you need a cam. Just train someone there until they become natural at it. For this regista position as well stamina work rate pace are very very key.

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Downloads: 1283 / Size: 89.6 kB / Added: 2020-08-12
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Discussion: Quintessential DOMINATION Tactics by The Diet Pepsi

5 comments have been posted so far.

  • rossprey91's avatar
    I have been using this tactic for almost a full season with Reading and while at the start of the season I was winning games and doing really it seems to have almost stopped working halfway through. I am now drawing the majority of games and creating tons of chances but not scoring any of them I have all the correct players but still can't seem to get much success seem to be dominating a lot of the games but can't finish off the chances. Any advice?
  • dietpepsiofficial's avatar
    dietpepsiofficial Page Author1 month ago
    @flygod check if ur using the wrong tactic. the 433 assymetrical is for the premier league. usually what i do is in the 65th minute if u still havent scored, i go more expressive, standard passing, make the attacking width wider and remove play for set pieces, as well as set a higher line of engagement
  • dietpepsiofficial's avatar
    dietpepsiofficial Page Author1 month ago
    @rollerbob one is for european matches and the other is for premier league. the 433 assymetrical is for pl and the 4123 is for europe and international games
  • flygod's avatar
    Made a United save to try this one out but it hasn't gone good so far. Just can't seem to create any real chances mostly passing it back and forth around the box for a while ending in a long shot or cross my forwards can't win.
    Results from first 5 games:
    1-1 Sheff Utd
    0-0 West Brom
    0-0 Newcastle
    1-1 Burnley
    0-0 Crystal Palace

    De Gea
  • Rollerbob's avatar
    Why two tactics? They're both called the same thing?
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