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Double-End Pressure Free Roam - FM18 Tactic

A high pressure possession tactic for FM 2018 with a 4-2-3-1 formation that aims to ruin your opponent's day.

By on Apr 10, 2018   14843 views   1 comments
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Football Manager 2018 Tactics - Double-End Pressure Free Roam - FM18 Tactic
In my opinion, Man Utd is not the best team in the real world or in-game, yet this tactic - focusing on team plays - can transform them into one of the best teams! Barca fans please don't be mad, I picked Man Utd only because Barca is the best team I matched ;D)

This tactic does not require super star players like Ronaldo and Messi, but solid players with +- 150 PA would be sufficient to fit into the defending system. The team as a whole would be able to trap the super star players of the opposition, and isolate them from their team. Of course I have no strategies if you have a XI full of 200 PA players as my opponent x_x)

I'll explain my tactical philosophies below; feel free to ignore that if it does not interest you.

As a FM player since 2008, it has been 10 years of searching for my own tactic styles. While searching in various tactical oriented discussions, there is a particular theory which affected me a lot: the definition of attacking is ball possession - when you have the ball, even defenders are attacking players; when your opponents have the ball, even your strikers are defending players. I generally agree with this philosophy, and I made little modifications to it.

Attack = Possession Time x Possession Quality

So first, I will be dealing with possession time. The Possession Time involves two parts - do not get intercepted, intercept your opponent fast (seems trivial huh). To avoid getting intercepted, I used a slow tempo with short passes since I assume my players are not always top-flared; more time and easier passes would decrease the chance of them being intercepted. To intercept your opponent, you apply the first concept of this tactic - double end pressure. Double end pressure is to apply pressure on both ends of every single pass - to interfere the player initiating a pass, and to interfere the player receiving the pass. Both links of passing and first touch are tough missions in the real world and in-game, and applying physical interference will definitely ruin their day.

In order to intercept as many passes as possible, the entire formation must be pushed higher, which would generate a lot defensive defects, so I used the highest defensive line to compress the space. This setting may introduce another problem - through balls. Indeed through balls are very dangerous, so offside traps and GK with higher position should be applied to fill in the gap between the defensive line and the keeper. There is another advantage of having a high defense lines, and that is dribbling strikers are usually slower than 'not so slow' CDs (e.g. Messi can still be slower than Eric Baily), higher defensive line enables the probability of defenders to catch strikers from behind.

Pro Tip: If you are playing leagues other than Premier League that allow defining pitch size, pick the longest one!

As for the possession quality, I generally let the players to free farm and create their own opportunities. I did not restrict the attacking focus, and I also allow players to roam freely from their own positions, while having only a few (EG, DLP & DCs) remaining as pivot points that the roaming player could pass to under pressure. Pass into spaces and Allow free roams are great in pairs for obvious reasons.

These are my philosophies for this tactic, and hopefully this can help you guys find your own perfect tactic.

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Downloads: 2936 / Size: 42.4 kB / Added: 2018-04-10
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