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Download FM 2012 as cheap as £26.99

Buy Football Manager 2012 from FM Scout store and save 33%

By Updated on Nov 29, 2011   26075 views   81 comments
News - Download FM 2012 as cheap as £26.99
Through our official store you can legally and securely download Football Manager. You can now download Football Manager 2012 for just £26.99 (PC and MAC).

This is the digital download edition, so there's no physical disc or shipping involved. It works as simple as pay - download - install - play. Steam is required, to download and activate your game.

The game has been released! (21 Oct - 00:00 GMT)
Fresh discount code is valid until 30 November 23:00 GMT!

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Discussion: Download FM 2012 as cheap as £26.99

81 comments have been posted so far.

  • Stam's avatar
    The distribution team is based in France and the process is semi-auto, which means someone needs to manually approve your order before you receive your activation code. By the time you ordered, the guys wouldn't be at the office I suppose. Did you receive your code yet?
  • djlim0n's avatar
    Thanks for being awesome.
  • tomoh76's avatar
    I bought the game 6 hours ago and still have not received the email to get my activation code. When will it be sent to me? Cheers.
  • crazypong3's avatar
    Oh,thank you stam!
  • Stam's avatar
    Now we know it wasn't a mistake by the distribution team, which is good :)
    That reminds me I should put together a FAQ page for FM purchases and include pre-sale and post-sale questions and answers for additional peace of mind to the buyers.
    Anyway, I'm glad it worked out for you - Have fun playing FM12!
  • Fearthainn's avatar

    I finally managed to install FM 2012 and have just started my first game a few minutes ago. I think the problem may have been my internet connection, as I had a few problems accessing some websites yesterday. Somehow my IP address was set to a different country than the one I'm in (I think my ISP is to blame). So today I've tried activating the game using another connection and it worked at the first attempt. If someone out there has the same problem maybe this can help...

    Sorry for any confusion caused. I have no reason to complain about your service at all, quite the opposite, as you did in fact provide a code for a cheaper price than that available on Steam, and you did so a couple of minutes after the purchase. Thanks for your help.
  • Stam's avatar
    I just checked your country and it appears you are from Hong Kong. As you can see on our product page, FM12 is not available for some countries due to licensing issues and HK is one of them. This means your order will be eventually cancelled and you'll get your money back (I believe that takes 5 days since purchase).
  • Stam's avatar
    Like I said, FM Scout is not involved in the distribution process at all, but if your issue is not sorted out by Monday (working day) please send me the email you've used for your order by PM here, and I'll contact them myself.

    The problem with invalid code still doesn't make sense to me. It could still be a human error from the distribution team I suppose, but it certainly has nothing to do with whatever problems people ordering from SEGA/SI store are having. They had a lot more code delivery issues than we had to deal with, especially with delivery times, as far as I know.

    I understand your frustration and I wish I could just push a button and fix it myself. Our partners should definitely have someone in charge for the weekend sales. However, there's a good chance that someone is in charge for just approving and delivering codes, and not for actual support.
  • crazypong3's avatar
    Same as Fearthainn,i have already sent an email to customer service and ask for the solution,but still have no response.
  • Fearthainn's avatar
    Hi Stam,
    Thanks for the quick reply. I already sent your customer service an email this morning but haven't got an answer, which is why I commented here. Should I expect a reply on weekends? I'm rather frustrated by this (not only by this situation but by the game developers' policy this year on selling their game). It's not a copying problem: the characters are all pretty obvious, and I have actually copy pasted directly from the email you sent. Regardless I have tried numerous combinations changing numbers and letters that could be mistakes, all without luck.

    I have seen only a handful of people with this problem over at the SI forums, and they have all been dealt with by SEGA from what I could understand (most of them seem to have been resolved via PM), so I assume they bought the game from the SEGA store.
  • Stam's avatar
    FM Scout is not involved in the distribution process, you should contact our customer service. This is the first time sometime reports this kind of issue, but if you're certain you copied the code correctly (e.g. you could have missed a character by accident) please send a message to the distribution team via the link I provided and they should sort it out.

    It usually takes up to an hour to receive your code in the email after successful purchase. There's a manual validation process taking place though, meaning the codes are not automatically sent out. So if the distribution team is not in the office, they will send it out when they return. Or when they see anything suspicious/dubious with an order, they'll act accordingly (either ask for an extra element to approve or cancel and refund).
    Have you received your code by now?
  • Fearthainn's avatar
    Hi, I have purchased FM from you this morning. The activation code was sent only a few minutes later, however the code is not valid. Whenever I try to activate the product Steam says "invalid product code". I have contacted SEGA and I was told that it should be your responsibility to resupply me a code. Could you please help solve this situation? I have purchased the game hours ago and still can't play. Thanks
  • crazypong3's avatar
    i have waited for 3-4 hours but still can't receive the order confirmation or the long does it takes to send me the code..?sorry for my bad English...
  • jovi72's avatar
    Thanks so much for availability.
    I sent my bank at which I have indicated for the chargeback.
    This is called reliability.
    I will definitely back your customer
  • Stam's avatar
    We offer 7 days money back guarantee. So you can request cancellation within the first 7 days since purchase and get full refund. Use the contact form here.
  • jovi72's avatar
    Thanks for the reply.
    The copy I bought at 21:30.
    I understand that there lies, if possible maybe a small refund, since I had bought for a friend who is not interested and I find myself with 2 copies of Football Manager. thanks
  • Stam's avatar
    Yesterday there was no valid discount code until late at night (around midnight we got a fresh discount code, valid until 15 Nov). If you tried to buy before midnight you'd get 29.99 and after midnight when the new discount was activated you'd get 26.99 - Trying it now should give you 26.99.
  • jovi72's avatar
    Sorry for my English.
    Yesterday I bought the second copy of Football Manager on your site.
    In the initial purchase cost was £ 26.99 yesterday, while entering the code I was charged 29.99.
    Why? let me know, thanks for the answer
  • Stam's avatar
    I was informed that not ALL PayPal purchases need that extra verification element, but only the ones that appear to be dubious to the distribution team. So if you haven't received such an email, do not worry.

    It usually takes up to an hour to receive your code in the email after successful purchase. However, there's a manual validation process taking place, meaning the codes are not automatically sent out. This means that if the distribution guys are not in the office, you must wait until they return. So by the time you ordered, they were probably away.

    Have you received your code by now? :)
  • nalbagli's avatar
    Hi, I bought the digital version of FM2012 for Mac on this site like about 3 hours ago and payed via PayPal. Problem is I still have not received my download link and activation code. I read on this comments the if I pay via Paypal I need to provide some identification, problem is only mail I have received is form paypal confirming the payment has been successful.
    Please help
  • Stam's avatar
    Just checked. It appears the discount code has expired a couple of hours earlier than expected (should have been midnight). We'll try to arrange for a fresh discount code as soon as possible, but it could take some days.
  • kr4v3n88's avatar
    But in the checkout page it says £29.99, not £26,99... :x
  • Stam's avatar
    Because it's auto-applied with the shortcut url we bought for this very purpose ( As long as you're getting £26.99 you don't need to re-apply the discount code. After midnight it will expire and the price will return to £29.99 until we can arrange a new discount sometime during November.
  • kr4v3n88's avatar
    Why the discount code is not working? :/ when i enter the code it says 'Invalid discount code'. Thanks
  • Stam's avatar
    Yes, copies are available - they won't ran out, because this is the digital download edition and not the physical disc one.

    It usually takes up to an hour to receive your code in the email after successful purchase. There's a manual validation process taking place, meaning the codes are not automatically sent out. If you pay via credit card, it's the fastest way for your order to be approved and to receive your code within minutes.

    Some of our buyers were able to get from ordering the code to playing the game in less than half an hour :)

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