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Electric Panther - Mustermann Edition - v1.2.0 - English Version

For the 3rd year in a row, Groot and Akasha are offering a skin for the new FM using soft colors to rest the eyes in the color trend of FM24.

By Updated on Nov 21, 2023   22870 views   33 comments
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Downloads: 5510 / Size: 35.2 MB / Added: 2023-11-12
Football Manager 2024 Skins - Electric Panther - Mustermann Edition - v1.2.0 - English Version
The objective with my friend Akasha was once again to offer you a skin that does not distort the original skin, but which enhances it with the colors of the moment. Objective achieved? Not really anymore as we move further and further away from it over the course of iterations.

This is our 3rd skin and a V1 (which is in fact last year's V4 improved and which has a real change with the last version in fact). So don't hesitate to report bugs that we didn't see during our multiple tests.

This skin is aimed at the FM community and our forum for your greatest pleasure.

Electric Panther skin features

  • Player Overview modification (Profile view and Attribute view)
  • Bars Attributes management
  • Staff screen modification
  • Integration of FM Stag stats for even more advanced indicators.
  • Integration of archetypes and Pizza Chart Made by Mustermann (Percentiles will be updated at the end of November for Pizza).
  • Appearance of infrastructure notes in club view
  • Info added to individual training panel.
  • Added info to learning center panel.
  • Updated scouting card.
  • Added neon effect in many areas.
  • Human trainer screen modified.
  • Modified match and summary screen panels.
  • Modified tactics screen with added player faces.
  • Club screen modified with a new, totally personal panel.
  • Added management of mini stadium packs and city pics.
  • Background management with a dozen "Electric Panther" backgrounds.
  • Instant Result added
  • Last 11" feature added to club view. Addition of various tabs in the club section.
  • Tactical terrain changes
  • Harmonization of game colors to match your club's colors.
  • Return of settings files according to color to enhance color immersion as close as possible to your club.
  • Addition of a content creator menu with streamers.
  • Addition of a FMSLife menu



  • Addition of a child skin to fit 13" resolution in general and strangely help on almost 4K screen ! (Please keep the two Electric skin folder in your FM skin to use 900p version.)
  • Panel tactics fixed to show intensity and familiarities
  • Addition of shortcut below continue button
  • Manager Home Left container fixed to appear league table
  • 1.1.0

  • Better Translation management to remove french words (sorry guys i'm french so it's french friendly first :D )
  • Mustermann tab : Fix for table with some missing labels
  • Stat tab in player overview fix
  • Player Popup graphical fix
  • Recommendation grade fix on scouting card
  • Stadium picture addition on calendar view
  • Rework on Last Match review news panel
  • Rework on stadium page
  • Addition of Staff List in staff overview page.
  • Addition of opposition analysis widget on tactical overview in match
  • Addition of DF11 back shirt on tactical panel
  • Opposition Analysis overlay fix to fit tactical panel.
  • Comparison attributes tactics panel fix
  • 1.1.1

  • Addition of Praise or Critisize in training panel Multiselection
  • Fix Minors
  • 1.2.0

  • Fix on Comparison attributes tactics panel (addition of transparency, video in comments)
  • Electric Panther FM24 Preview

    How to use the Electric Panther skin on FM24

    Download the file. You will get a "Electric Panther - Mustermann Edition - English (Low Res included).zip. Unzip it on skin folder. Keep both folders got if you want use 900p version

    Those folders you got at the precedent step should be moved to the following location:
    Windows: Documents / Sports Interactive / Football Manager 2024 / skins
    Mac: Library / Application Support / Sport Interactive / Football Manager 2024 / skins

    In the game, go to the preferences then choose the version of the theme that goes with your resolution, also don't forget to adjust the zoom or the zoom out according to your resolution.

    THANKS / Credits

    Thanks first to bluestillidie00, Gimn, Akasha, Damn3dfor their support, help and support in all phases of design and testing.

    BIG UP Akasha and Damn3d, ElKun, Rhinoet, Ironsfor their help with bug support and artistic direction. Thanks to your ideas, the skin has passed (again) quite a milestone in my opinion.

    In this sense I would like to credit and thank the following creators who clearly inspired me:

    michaelmurray (for his helpful tweaks and guides)
    DF11 for the specific panel and the authorization to divert the DF11 a little for my use
    Tracisloo - Tangfu Skin
    Krysler76 - Heffem Skin
    OPZ - OPZ Skin
    FMEnhanced - FMESkin
    @i_am_the_shark - SSD skin
    wozzie (for his many tweaks)
    Ben - Statman (for his tweaks, answers and his help welcome on the SI forum)
    FM Stag (for help and data)
    bluestillidie00 - TCS (for all his help and without whom this skin wouldn't really exist)
    GIMN - Mustermann (for all his help, his genius ideas and the ability he had to challenge and support me and without whom this skin would not really exist)

    Download Now
    Downloads: 5510 / Size: 35.2 MB / Added: 2023-11-12
    Groot_FMSLife's avatar
    About Groot_FMSLife

    I'm a french Engineer in computer Science. Graphism is a hobby for me ! I'm the owner and administrator of (French forum dedicated to FM)

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    Discussion: Electric Panther - Mustermann Edition - v1.2.0 - English Version

    33 comments have been posted so far.

    • milenec11's avatar
      Just missing in pizza chart GKs stats
    • mattrob77's avatar

      Merci pour ce superbe travail.

      Y a-t-il une chance d'améliorer la résolution pour le Steam Deck ? Je pense avoir tout essayé mais l'icône permettant de changer la position du joueur dans les stats en forme de pizza n'est jamais ce centré, je suppose que la résolution est donc mauvais.

      Je pense que le skin est quand même utilisable mais j'ai peur de raté des infos caché dernière d'autres.
    • Alex212121's avatar
      Great skin, well done. But unfortunately I have one problem. The colour red doesn't quite suit me. Unfortunately I do everything as you show in the video and the colours don't change. Do you have any idea how to fix this?
    • Ezio's avatar
      Another thing i found is that some of the words is invsiible like mentality on tactics tab.
      Btw this skin is great.Keep up the great work man.
    • Phildw's avatar
      @Ezio that's exactly what I was trying to explain... thanks for making it simpler lol
    • Ezio's avatar
      hi,in the mustermann tab if you hover above any trait icon and also hover above question mark it shows the info in french.Is there any way to fix that?
    • rischin's avatar
      Hello Groot and hope you're doing well Thanks for your reply. do you know any video or link with which I can change the color using IGE?
    • Groot_FMSLife's avatar
      @rischin for the moment no side release in the pipe, you can change color with IGE :)
    • Phildw's avatar
      It's still French language in some of the descriptions that pop up when you hover over them in the analytical stats sections on player profile. Not at PC at minute so can't remember which stat group it is but it's the one where there a specific descriptions about what type of player it is. You should see it pop up when you hover over them.
    • rischin's avatar
      Hello Groot. your skin is so good, I found it to be the best skin. However, I've got a small problem.
      The skin works well with all colours except Black because the words become invisible and nothing is seen because of the texture of the headings. is there any way the headings color can be changed instead of having it as the colour of the team chosen. Keep up the great work man.
    • Groot_FMSLife's avatar
      v1.2.0 in the post

      litlle video of the modification with a fix on comparison attributes panel in tactical view
    • Groot_FMSLife's avatar
      @Phildw which headings ? i change all i found in the last version
    • Phildw's avatar
      Love the skin but is there anyway I can change the headings to English. My French is très mauvais
    • Groot_FMSLife's avatar
      new version 1.1.1

      In addtion : To install properly the skin and change settings :

      Team View Slider usage :

      Player Overview Slider usage :
    • Justhowie's avatar
      I am Groot!?
    • Groot_FMSLife's avatar
      @Hudson DF check this video to understand how work the slider, in your example is full open to the top you have to move it to bottom
    • HudsonDF's avatar
      Hello groot, i love your skin but i have a problem: the player profile hasn't (not like your screen) the attributes tab ( Where is my mistake? Because i cannot find slider/selector where i can choose the attributes view. Thanks for the help
    • Groot_FMSLife's avatar
      Jamie : Use the slider under the stat bar bro.
    • milenec11's avatar
      very good skin but i donot speak FRENCH
    • Jamie Aubrey's avatar
      I dunno what happened but this is what the squad views now look like, I haven't edited anything other than the tactics screen
    • Jamie Aubrey's avatar
      Another quick question, is there a reason I have to reload the whole skin when I edit some panels ? I'm trying to add a couple of my own QoL improvements, usually I can leave the panel and go back and see the changes, it's not a big deal but usually I can make small edits and be able to see them quickly
    • jmlechat's avatar
      merci pour ta reponse! je vais jouer un peu avec , je vais peut-etre m'habituer!
    • Groot_FMSLife's avatar
      bonjour @jmlechat, non ce n'est pas prévu car ça prendrais trop de place dans l'interface justement.
    • jmlechat's avatar
      bonjour, superbe travail! félicitations. moi qui suis habitué avec des photos de joueurs assez grandes, est qu'.une version avec des photos df11 large est prévue? c'est le seul petit bémol pour moi
    • Groot_FMSLife's avatar
      Thanks Jamie, i have planned to work around translation later this week or next.

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