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FIFA Club World Cup Overhaul

Makes the FIFA Club World Cup run more like a Champions league, featuring at least one side from every full FIFA member nation (except Liechenstein). Database for FM 2016.

By on Dec 18, 2015   23382 views   11 comments
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Downloads: 2702 / Size: 67.8 kB / Added: 2015-12-18
FM 2016 Fantasy Scenarios - FIFA Club World Cup Overhaul
This is a, you guessed it, FIFA Club World Cup overhaul. Here's the break down;

Competition involves at least one club from every nation of the world, 4 from the top nations of each continent, 2 from the less reputable nations and then 1 from the even less reputable nations.

348 teams total. 4 qualifying rounds with 300 teams starting, 24 being added for the second, 11 for the third, 11 for the fourth and then 2 lucky teams making it straight into the first round proper. All draws are random, no seeding. Qualifying rounds will be a single leg, 90 minutes then penalties. Qualifying takes place in the UCL dead month of January to minimize conflict.

After the first round, there is a group stage of 4 groups of 4 teams, everyone plays each other team in their group once, top 2 teams from each group proceed. These games take place between late January and late April, though in testing it generally concluded in March
There is a break for summer, to avoid conflict with international tourneys.

we return for the Quarters after the break, then the semis and the final itself take place, giving an eventual winner. These final games are 90 minutes, if still tied it will be decided by a golden goal.

The competition rep has been raised to 200 and significant prize money has been added at each stage, with the first qualifier bagging the winner a cool 500k (GBP) and the loser 250k all the way up to the grand final having a jackpot of 36 million.

Sub rules are 6 from 12

Enjoy some images:

The aim is to add a bit more of a challenge to the CWC whilst also making it interesting for teams outside of the top nations. I hope you all enjoy.

How to make CWC more interesting on FM16

  1. Move the downloaded .fmf to the following location:
    Documents / Sports Interactive / Football Manager 2016 / editor data
    Create the "editor data" folder if it doesn't exist.

  2. Open FM 2016 and start a new save-game with this database selected.

Download Now
Downloads: 2702 / Size: 67.8 kB / Added: 2015-12-18
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Discussion: FIFA Club World Cup Overhaul

11 comments have been posted so far.

  • King_Tink's avatar
    I may work on something like this at some point, right now I'm in the middle of making a different weird DB XD

    I'd probably change the tournament to just take the winner of each league but that'll be a very montonous task XD
  • shaqoore's avatar
    I renew my request King_Tink
  • Rares2004's avatar
    Please create one database for Football Manager 2017, it is boring a Club World Cup with only 7 teams.
  • King_Tink's avatar
    I'll consider it but generally I don't play around with things like this till i'm getting bored and running out of save ideas.
  • shaqoore's avatar
    I hope that this year You also prepare this modification. This time for FM 17.
  • King_Tink's avatar
    If you happen to enter in the first round and make it all the way to the final then you will have played a grand total of 11 matches, over the course of a full season...and you're able to make 6 substitutions per game. If you're players are getting too worn out then you're not rotating enough or simply don't have the squad depth necessary.
  • victor91's avatar
    the problem with this is that I get lots of players tired and need a Rest

    too many national games are wearing them out
  • King_Tink's avatar
    The DB? There's no way to do it mid save but you can de-select it before a new save game the same way you would activate it.
  • 6 God's avatar
    How do i remove this mode??
  • King_Tink's avatar
    As I state in the blurb, the most reputable leagues of each continent get four spots, not just the most reputable nations. Obviously in the interest of being fair to those outside of Europe I can't simply pick one nation from the 'weaker' continents when there's about 10-15 from Europe so Fiji having the second most reputable league in Oceania gives them four teams in the tourney and a higher ranking than say Ireland or Ecuador who fall outside of their continent's top bracket. (The strength of the continent's leagues and the number of nations on each continent is taken into consideration when choosing how many sides get entered)

    It should choose by league finish, the editor doesn't make that abundantly but in testing it did take by league finish
  • whomario's avatar
    Just looking at the File in the Editor i am seeing a few weird things. Like the ranking of the nations supplying teams, which has Fiji at 33 as the biggest oddity.

    How is the game choosing the teams ? League finish ?
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