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2D Kits Season 17/18 for Flutskin - Titlebar and Player Overview Panel (version 9.0)

2d Kits front in FC'12 Style for Flutskin. Now you can easily include beautiful kits on titlebar and on player overview panel of any of the Flutskin versions.

By Updated on Jun 03, 2018   61 comments
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Size: 289.4 MB / Added: 2017-02-06
Football Manager 2018 Kits - 2D Kits Season 17/18 for Flutskin - Titlebar and Player Overview Panel (version 9.0)
2D Kits for Flutskin - Titlebar and Player Overview Panel - updated with 2017/18 kits

Many people have asked me how should proceed in order to the FLUTSKIN for display the 2D club kit front in player overview panel.
Thus, with permission of PATRES10 (thanks, my friend!), I decided to do a pack already ready to use in the game.

Here is the 9.0 version of this pack.

It contains all the kits made for 2017/18 season in beautiful FC'12 style, until 03.06.2018.
It also includes the FC Porto and SL Benfica home kits for 2018-19 as a "bonus" :)

I think this is an add on you will like it since the kits are in the same style I use as 2D default in FLUTSKIN.

How to add Flut Skin in FM18

Download and extract the .rar file (using either 7-Zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for Mac).

Place the "52DKitsasleftlogos" folder here:
Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2018\graphics|logos
1. Create the folder "graphics" if it doesn't exist.
2. Start FM18 with one of the versions of FLUTSKIN for FM
3. You should see the 2D kits front in titlebar and in the player overview panel

Enjoy it!

Download Now
Downloads: 45773 / Size: 289.4 MB / Added: 2017-02-06
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Discussion: 2D Kits Season 17/18 for Flutskin - Titlebar and Player Overview Panel (version 9.0)

61 comments have been posted so far.

  • Rekoshooter's avatar
    I think the reason is that you have Virtex City Pack or something like that.
    I have the same problem. The same question I asked in FLUT Dark Skin.
  • Bandes's avatar
    Hello Best SKIN
    I have a problem see on the Pic
  • loxlo's avatar
    it works on fm19?
  • einherjer83's avatar
    I can be helpful by converting my FC12-kitpacks to these logos, if you are interrested. Give me a shout :)
  • deathboyfriend's avatar
    Hi, how could I add all the kits that I have in the game? What editor do you use for the config file?. Thanks.
  • wkdsoul's avatar
    Anyway to add the default kit fronts for teams with no kit?
  • Flut's avatar
    mati_motorloco: Thanks. You should have the kits of Argentinian leagues with the right config, and those leagues are not in the pack. As soon as possible I will update the pack.

    Ronndrak: I don’t know why that bug happens in your game…In my game everything is okay. Regarding the back kits, is normal that some of them are not equal to the front, since the game use the default kits and those kits don’t match exactly with the front kits.
  • mati_motorloco's avatar
    hi Flut, this add on is great! can you tell me how to add the kits for the argentinian leagues? I get the back jersey, but instead of getting the front one I get the city pic, english and spanish leagues are ok though
  • Ronndrak's avatar
    also in some cases it doesnt show me the original jerseys in the club overview:

    ex. (Real Madrid)
    ex. (Atletico Madrid)

    but then in some other cases it will show it how it should:
    ex. (Manchester City)

    i hope with my links (and pictures) i could explain my "problem" :)
  • Ronndrak's avatar
    Hi Everyone,

    maybe someone can help me. i installed following addons:


    2DKitsasleflogos (for titlebar and portrait)
    DS8 background Megapack
    Megapack TCM18 (for logos)
    DF11 Megapack (for player faces)
    PMSC Stadium 2.0 (for Stadium pics)
    trophies (for nice trophie-pics)
    some FB Kits

    now i have the problem, that the picture of the jersey backside is different to the front. That means they dont match proper (ManchesterCity / Leroy Sane) (ManchesterUnited / Zlatan Ibrahimovic) (Barcelona / Messi) (Athletico Madrid / Antoine Griezmann) (Real Madrid / Cristiano Ronaldo) (Bayern München / Arjen Robben) (Juventus Turin / Gonzalo Higuaín)

    I choose those players because theyre on the MainPicture for this kit.

    Any advice for me what iam doing wrong and how i can change it?
    Thank you for time and help!

    Greetings from Munich!
  • Flut's avatar
    Hi all: I found a bug in the config of european and african national kits. In meantime, I fixed it and reuploaded the pack. Thus, now everything is okay and you can download the fixed pack..
    Sorry for the inconvenience,
  • Jonner's avatar
    Jonner5 years ago
    Can you use created kits from shirt designer and change config file?
  • gilb29's avatar
    is there a League one ? for kits i manage fleetwood and only shows back :9
  • Flut's avatar
    Hi LuckyToro: As I said to john watson, if you already have the kits done it easy. If you want you can send me the pack and I change the config. If you are asking for make the kits, sorry but I have no time to do it.
  • LuckyToro1's avatar
    can you make for liga 1 indonesia
  • Flut's avatar
    Hi John Watson: If you already have the kits done its easy to do it (only change the config). If you ask about making the kits...sorry but I have no time to do it.
  • John Watson's avatar
    can u make it for indonesian League (Liga 1 GOJEK) 2018 ?
  • majesticeternity's avatar

    Hi! for 2d kits on player overview, your greizmann looks correct, but mine looks like that. how do I get it looking right?
  • Oliseh's avatar
    How do you get the Premier League logo under the player and so on with the other leagues???
  • EDimkA's avatar
    Thanks a lot !
  • Flut's avatar
    Hi infiltrator: in the logos folder it seems is everything okay. Maybe the folders you have in the graphics folder could cause that "bug". In the graphics folder I only have 4 folders: kits, logos, pictures and players. The facepacks are in the "players"; the backgrounds, citypics and other stuff in the "pictures", the logos and the 5 2DKitsasleftlogos are in "logos" and the 2D kits and 3D kits in the "kits".
  • Infiltrator's avatar
    Hey Flut, thanks for answering. I really want this skin fully working but i cant... Here are pics of my graphics and logo map. Is here something wrong?

    image uploader

    image host
  • Jamie Aubrey's avatar
    How do I get them 220x220 with transparent bgs ( since they are large for me ) ? I tried to bulk convert but all had a white background, I'm using the Andromeda skin
  • Flut's avatar
    Hi loxlo and Infiltrator: I don't know what happens. I downloaded the pack in order to look if there is something wrong and as you can see everything is okay in my game

    when the front kit is in the pack

    when the front kit is not in the pack
  • Infiltrator's avatar
    for some reason i cant get this thing working... put a lot of time into it and still no result. Dont see the front of the kits in the player panel and neither near the searchbar above. Some of my allready existing files in the logo map are not compatible with this download or what could be the problem? :/

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