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FM Genie Scout for FM17 is confirmed

Eugene is working on Genie Scout 17. The public edition will be released by November 25th, but you can already get your hands on the beta of the "g" edition.

By Updated on Oct 24, 2016   225725 views   136 comments
News - FM Genie Scout for FM17 is confirmed
I'm pleased to announce that Eugene is working on Genie Scout 17, the new version for Football Manager 2017.

FM Genie Scout has always been the world's favorite scout utility for Football Manager since its very first appearance to the scene.

We pride ourselves on exclusively releasing this legendary tool since 2009. We always try our best to deliver Genie Scout to the world every year because your support to this project is outstanding.

Genie Scout 16 introduced a key new feature (In-Game Scout) and a couple of significant improvements (Rating System, Progress Rate) in recent years.

For Genie Scout 17, Eugene won't have enough time to work on new features. However, the plan is to make GS17 work with the same features that GS16 had.

The 64-bit Problem

There is one problem this year. FM 2017 introduced a 64-bit version for the first time. If your operating system is x64, then you will automatically get the 64-bit version of FM17. Why is that a problem? Well, Genie Scout has always been 32-bit and with 64-bit a lot of things change.

Update 22 Oct:
Eugene has found a way to work around this and prepare the first beta of GS17g.

FM Genie Scout 17 Release Date

Public edition

As usual we won't make any promises on the release date of the public version, but we should be able to release it during November.

Update: After checking with Eugene, I can announce that the public version of Genie Scout 17 will be released by November 25th.

Update 25 Nov: As promised, Genie Scout 17 is now available for free download.

"g" edition

The "g" edition, which is the one for people who donate, is available since 22 October (beta 1). Current version (beta 7) is compatible with the latest 17.1.2 version.

Reminder: The "g" edition is ad-free and has a few extra features compared to the public edition.

You can now donate for GS17 "g" edition.
Do not report bugs in the comments below!

How can I get Genie Scout 17 public edition asap?

The public edition of GS17 will be directly added to the moment it is ready.

But we can notify you via email when this happens, so you won't miss time at all.
So make sure to sign up for our newsletter today.

It's expected for release sometime in November; no specific time has been set though.

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Discussion: FM Genie Scout for FM17 is confirmed

136 comments have been posted so far.

  • ASCATES's avatar
    Is there any editor for fm touch on iPad ??
  • Richo's avatar
    And... the updated release is out. Great, thanks.
  • Richo's avatar
    I am sure this is known, FM 2017 17.2.1 update on steam has made Genie Scout 17g v1.0 17.2 beta 10 (build 710) incompatible.
  • isidor's avatar

    why is this happening? it only happens on the paid version of fmscout. shows most players as gk, weird nationalities and weird attributes
  • marius09's avatar
    Hi All

    I have problem with import a shortlist. It doesn't working. Anyone have similar situation ?
  • ljungberg81's avatar
    maybe i'm beign dumg, but i can't seem to find the download link/button
  • Stam's avatar
    Genie Scout 17 is now available to download for free.
  • shamama00's avatar
    when The plan comes out
  • alexankostas's avatar
    ευχαριστουμε Stam ανυπομονω
  • Stam's avatar
    Quick update: Just talked to Eugene. He said he needs a couple of hours to prepare it. So if all goes well, we'll be able to release GS17 by 10 pm GMT.
  • jumbadajinkya's avatar
    anytime now
  • Yusent's avatar
    Thank you for given information Stam.
  • Stam's avatar
    To be clear, I said after 8 pm. This is when Eugene returns from work and will start preparing GS17 for release. And yes, it's Ukraine's timezone.
  • borusan12's avatar
    i think Eugene is in ukraine, so 2 more hours to 8pm
  • jumbadajinkya's avatar
    @galaaz, i think 8 more hours to go
  • Galaaz's avatar
    8 pm in which timezone?
  • Stam's avatar
    Genie Scout 17 will be released today. There's no specific hour set, but most likely at night, after 8 pm.
  • Max kolonko's avatar
    Hello. we know more or less about that is shared with the official version?
  • jumbadajinkya's avatar
    out now ?
  • Stam's avatar
    IGS will work for everyone with the next update.
    Public version is scheduled for release this Friday (2 days from now).

    @glenbino: PR stands for progress rate.
  • glenbino's avatar
    PoD stands for potential of development, or the probability that the player will reach his PA number.

    PR I have no idea.
  • DexterHovis's avatar
    Can somebody please tell me what PoD and PR stand for? Cheers.
  • Brehme's avatar
    Hello, i have value in my paypal acc, is possible to transfer for donation?/
  • Lukasznow's avatar
    Hi, im trying to donate but it says that my email is not valid or incorrect . Im sure typed correct one
  • CoqBurne's avatar
    Hi Stam, please inform Eugene that In game scout isnt working for me either. Loved this feature in FM16 in the g version. I am using 64bit version if its of any help to Eugene.

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