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FM Genie Scout for FM23 is confirmed

Eugene is working on Genie Scout 23. The public edition is scheduled for late November, but you can already get your hands on the beta of the "g" edition.

By Updated on Nov 23, 2022   122390 views   93 comments
News - FM Genie Scout for FM23 is confirmed
As always I'm delighted to announce that Eugene is working on Genie Scout 23, the new version for Football Manager 2023.

FM Genie Scout has always been the world's favorite scout utility for Football Manager since its very first version.

We pride ourselves on exclusively releasing this legendary tool since 2009. As always we try our best to deliver Genie Scout to the world every year because your support to this project is outstanding.

Our aim is to update Genie Scout "g" edition to be usable for the FM23 Beta. Then fix any bugs reported. And ultimately try to add a couple of new features for Eugene's direct supporters.

FM Genie Scout 23 Release Date

Public edition

While we can't give you a firm date for the release of the public version, we should be able to release it towards late November. It usually arrives approximately 4-5 weeks after the "g" edition.

Update: Eugene informed me that the public version should be ready on Wednesday, November 30th.

"g" edition

The "g" edition, which is the one for people who donate, is available since 20 October (beta 1). Current version (beta 4) is compatible with the 23.1.0 version of FM23 on Steam, Epic and Game Pass.

You can now donate for GS23 "g" edition.
Do not report bugs in the comments below!

Genie Scout 23g Explained

The "g" edition is ad-free and has certain features compared to the public edition.
More specifically:
  • Potential attributes search (new since 21g)
  • GS Stats (new since 18g)
  • In-Game Scout
  • Role Ratings
  • Probability of Development
  • Progress Rate
  • Top Players list
  • Facepack/Kit support

Is there a way to test this "g" edition?
Yes! If you still have FM22 installed, you can try the "g" edition of Genie Scout 22 for free. It's not a trial, it's 100% unlocked forever.

How can I get Genie Scout 23 public edition asap?

The public edition of GS23 will be directly added to the moment it is ready.

But we can notify you via email when this happens, so you won't miss time at all.
So make sure to sign up for our newsletter today.

It's expected for release sometime around late November; no specific time has been set though.

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Discussion: FM Genie Scout for FM23 is confirmed

93 comments have been posted so far.

  • Biggboii's avatar
    Will this work on xbox cloud save? Or is it only on pc game pass?
    Also is there instructions on how to use? Thanks
  • IvanRuss's avatar
    What about genie scout for MacOS?
  • ispahan's avatar
    hey, can i use the 22g edition for the fm23 too? and when yes, how can i use it?
  • paulocruz9's avatar
    Tnks Eugene. tnks for work's hard
  • EvandroRoncatto's avatar
    Wow, did not expect the public version to come before December. Thanks Eugene.
  • Stam's avatar
    Quick status update: Eugene informed me that the public version should be ready on Wednesday, November 30th.
    I'll try to answer all comments tomorrow.
  • actorrr's avatar
    I dont know if anybody is looking at these comments but I have an issue with G edition. It may be my problem or beta version problem. Genie Scout works fine out of the game but I want to see potential skill stats in the game when I hover over the "i" of the players. It doesnt show anything. I use FM in windowed mode as the G scout advices. I remember I pressed shift to show these potential skills so I tried that too but nothing happens.
  • magn84's avatar
    it gives me this error when i open it

    Key file is not found!
    Without a key file FM Genie Scout 23g will not be able to work properly
  • actorrr's avatar
    I bought a new HD for my laptop and installed my windows in that HD. This means I lost the former versions of G version. How can I know my former Unique ID that I can donate for the new Genie Scout 23g?
  • Nuxeen's avatar
    Someone said this

    "Hi, I have come across a problem that I haven't seen mentioned.

    When I view my own first team squad the 3 oldest players don't show. When I search for them I shows them as playing for my team, and if I move them to the reserves and reload genie they show in the reserves. But for whatever reason dont appear in the first team."

    I have the exactly same problem, but i don't see any player over 32.
  • aldoinho's avatar
    i have donated for this , installed genie23g got the key but all the players are listed as GK and nationalities are all wrong for example , it says mess is a goalkeeper from Oman..... how can i fix this
  • downloadkct's avatar
    no matter what i try, in-game scout doesnt work here :(
    Im using w11, 1980x1080, rtx 3070
  • RTS1910's avatar
    I received the Gscout download link yesterday but I didn't receive the key. How long have you been waiting for the key?
  • mkhan20's avatar
    @downloadkct It's not working for me either
  • downloadkct's avatar
    i just donated for genie scout 23, but in-game scout is not working here :(
  • Khevian's avatar
    @EvandroRoncatto, you said yourself that you can't play the game the same way without Genie Scout. In other words, the program has been useful for you, even though it has its problems. One could say that it's only fair to help the people who worked on this project, even more, when you say that 5 euros mean nothing to you. Anyway, good job to everybody responsible for this great project, it helps tons. Thanks
  • KevinJones13's avatar
    Hello, just got a new PC so I sent an e-mail to apply a new key for the g scout, please check, thank you.
  • Madock's avatar
    I'm disappointed, I've already bought the g version in previous years. This year I never received the email with the download link... It will soon be a week and still nothing.
    It's not in my spam.
  • EvandroRoncatto's avatar
    @Stam and @eugene I am a big fan of Genie Scout. I can't even taste the same from the game when I don't have Genie Scout. But, I have never donated / subscribed for G version. Because I don't want to be a customer. When I use free version, I can only thank Eugene for his huge job. 5 Euros is almost nothing but when you pay for something, you can expect good service. And every year I only read so many complaints from G version donaters. Not even 5 Euros, I would pay 50 Euros every year happily if it could work with no problem. But it does not. Just my two cents. Thanks again.
  • zhinfm's avatar
    For second consecutive year I get the same error when trying to load my save game. "Your game data is not found".
    I never got it fixed in FM2022 (Steam version of FM, always up-to-date, same for FM Genie Scout).
    I support the application and Eugene, but it's getting kind of annoying.

    I've tried saving game (multiple times) and trying to load the save file/game. I've started the application as administrator. I tried it with a new save file, I've reinstalled Genie Scout multiple times.

    Any other suggestions on what I can try to get it working?
    FM Genie Scout 23g v1.0 23.1 beta 4 build 1304
    FM2023 (Steam version) current version 23.1.0
  • Jensen10DK's avatar
    Is it possible to remove the In-Game scout in the G version?
  • vivu80's avatar
    Is the version being updated? cannot load my save anymore. Havent seen a FM update
  • robincrystal's avatar
    I have problem with graphics path used on GS23, it cannot be shown properly (only 3 duplicate gray face). I tried to clear cache or cache or delete path on GS setting. Anyone can help?
  • smith11dcfc's avatar
    Hi, I have come across a problem that I haven't seen mentioned.

    When I view my own first team squad the 3 oldest players don't show. When I search for them I shows them as playing for my team, and if I move them to the reserves and reload genie they show in the reserves. But for whatever reason dont appear in the first team.
  • versi's avatar
    For the love of god please fix in-game scout, it didn't work in 22 and doesn't look like it'll work this year either. I appreciate that these things aren't easy but don't advertise a feature if it lacks functionality.

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