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FM Scouting Platform

Our database of real footballers in the Football Manager database, featuring user-submitted ratings, reviews and screenshots.

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The FM Scouting Platform (formerly known as Social Scouting) is a user-submitted database of real football players in-game, featuring ratings, reviews and screenshot uploads by members of A unique online tool that we introduced to the Football Manager scene in 2012. Initially revamped in 2015 to become mobile friendly, it has received a much-needed overhaul in late 2019. Join us today and let's scout together for the world to see!

  • Mission Statement

    This project aims to fill the gap between scout utilities (such as Genie Scout and MacAssistant) and in-game scouts by providing a collaborative platform for FM enthusiasts where they can share their in-game experience on the best players.

  • Why Use the Scouting Platform

    Because it's great! It's designed to be simple and easy to use. The more people contribute, the more accurate it gets. It's the one reference point you'll ever need in your FM stories and chats. As of 2019, we have replaced user ratings with Genie Scout rating (a neutral assessment) and introduced a positive recommendation vote; this is an anti-abuse measure that also adds more value to player profiles.

  • Database Details

    Our database strictly includes the best real players in the game, as we're handpicking roughly 9,000 of them each year. We are using basic "widely known" data plus a couple of game-specific info with kind permission. For the most important exclusive game data such as player attributes or potential ability, uploading screenshots and posting reviews is the only acceptable way to go.

  • 100% Free For All

    Anyone can use our special search engine, access the player profiles and check on GS rating, uploaded screenshots and user reviews. However, if you want to be a "social" scout and contribute to this project, you'll need a free member account.

  • How to Contribute

    Login with your account. Use our search engine to find the players you wish to contribute to. You can recommend, review/comment and upload screenshots, it's up to you. If a player is not already there, you can request his addition.

  • Sports Interactive Permission

    Before realizing our Scouting Platform, we asked Sports Interactive for permission to use wage and value data from their database, and also to review the overall concept of this effort. We are happy to say we've got their approval for both.

FMS Chat

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