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The Football Manager Whizzkids 2015 Transfer Database Update - 01/10/2015.

Continuing to bring you the best custom databases to the Football Manager Community. All transfers updated post Summer 2015 transfer window. Transfer budgets altered and ongoing. FINAL RELEASE FOR FM15. Created and edited by JamesBeedie17.

By Updated on Oct 01, 2015   270372 views   98 comments
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Downloads: 82903 / Size: 416.0 kB / Added: 2014-11-09
FM 2015 Data Updates - The Football Manager Whizzkids 2015 Transfer Database Update - 01/10/2015.
With over half a million downloads in 4 years, we hope that you continue to support us and download the file. Here are some of the things that we have done to the update -

*Players released from clubs.
*All loans undone.
*Contract extensions.
*Manager and staff changes.
*Future transfers already completed.
*Promotions and relegations done.
*45 added potential wonderkids.
*Thousands of raised reputations of players, meaning you do not have to load those league they play in, to use them.
*Parma in Serie D.
*Transfer budgets altered and ongoing.
+ Much more.

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Step 1

• Copy or Move the downloaded file The Football Manager Whizzkids 2015 Transfer Database...fmf at the following location:
Documents / Sports Interactive / Football Manager 2015 / editor data
• Create the "editor data" folder if it doesn't exist.

Step 2

• Start new save-game with this database selected. Select new game and bottom right there is a box to choose All, None or Custom. Custom allows you to choose one file, All selects all in the editor data folder so choose accordingly.

Download Now
Downloads: 82903 / Size: 416.0 kB / Added: 2014-11-09
jamesbeedie17's avatar
About jamesbeedie17

Co-owner of "The Football Manager Whizzkids" social media channels. Lifelong Newcastle United fan.

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Discussion: The Football Manager Whizzkids 2015 Transfer Database Update - 01/10/2015.

98 comments have been posted so far.

  • ajuk's avatar
    hi quick question i just dowloaded this and chose 7zip to open it but it just said it cant and now the file has the 7zip logo and i cant do anything with it any idea what ive done wrong?
  • jamesbeedie17's avatar
    @InfraRed Didnt do that this year as i didnt exect to add 45 potential wonderkids. Next year i will though.

    @burakjimmy Done now, thanks for letting me know.
  • burakjimmy's avatar
    Can you add Jose Rodriguez from Real Madrid to Galatasaray? and also Kevin Großkreutz is not on loan at Galatasaray he signed 3 years contract with Gala. Thanks
  • InvertedWingbacks's avatar
    nice work getting this out so early! is there a list anywhere of the new wonder kids?
  • jamesbeedie17's avatar
    @guyUdownbb Ok, first of all, i do this as an individual, secondly, im from a very small town in Scotland and can not cover every single transfer - That is impossible (my knowledge of Portugal is not fantastic, but is your knowledge of UK Football as good as mine? No).

    @jatecn This is because you have other databases installed, can only use one at a time.

    @afari Read above comment. Tell me these MAJOR TRANSFERS?

    There are not many databases creators out there, i have put 400 hours into this form people to complain about small transfers in Portugal. Try it yourself? At least i know we are appreciated by some.

  • afari's avatar
    It seems whizzkids have rushed this update. I see you have updated the major leagues and the most known transfers but other leagues are still to update.. Like someone said before, the Portuguese league is completly wrong. Transfers that were made almost 2/3 weeks ago aren't updated.
  • jatecn's avatar
    This update on my FM 's time to start a new save is not being able to score several leagues , such as English, Spanish , Italian , etc. why is this happening ?
  • jatecn's avatar
    Essa atualização no meu FM na hora de iniciar um novo save não está podendo marcar diversas ligas, como : inglesa, espanhola, italiana e etc. porque está acontecendo isso ?
  • gotUdownbb's avatar
    This DB is not complete. For example, Lucas Lima is in FCPorto?! and Ricardo, Tiago Rodrigues, Fabiano and a lot of players still in FCP squad. That´s only an example.......
  • parmaok's avatar
    why i can't download this file?
  • interforever's avatar
    salve vorrei un aiuto o fatto come descritto nel aggiornamento ma quando faccio personalizza e vado avanti con una nuova partita non mi escono gli aggiornamenti come mai mi aiutate con qualche foto grazie
  • xacal666's avatar
    James if you need the update in Portugal tell me and i can help you (im portuguese).
  • jamesbeedie17's avatar
    A Scotsman like myself can not possibly cover all of Portugal. Re-check database, download again.
  • Godmors's avatar
    lucas lima in FCP? wtf
  • jamesbeedie17's avatar
    All help welcome, thanks.
  • djsabiutza's avatar
    james - hello, if you want, i can send you a data update who let you to start in 2015 - 2016 season...and maybe you can do much with your update...
  • nazarimo's avatar
    can you edit the turkey super league/fenerbahce ? some transfers missing.
  • Ricey's avatar
    Thnx for replying James and generally good job with West Ham DB. Nice to see Reid's new contract in game, I could never get him to sign a new contract before. And Oxford is a beast -)

    I understand the CA/PA point.

    Personally I hope Barton don't sign -)

    BTW, Lanzini is in the latest DB and in the first team squad.
  • jamesbeedie17's avatar
    @Ricey Thanks, i never noticed the second Oscar Borg, which SI must hae added him in there last patch as he was not there when i created him many months ago. I do not change CA/PA, because it is based on opinions, not facts and who is to say my opinion or anyones would be good judgement, although some i clearly would agree with. Possibly right with Joey Barton but i usualy state if the deal is not done within 2 days of release, i will remove him. He is currently the only one ive gotten ahead of myself with.

    @meddy Are you sure? Using another database? Check u21s? He is there with an £8m buy clause on mine.

    Thanks for messages.
  • meddy's avatar
    Hi, just been playing as west ham and noticed that Manuel Lanzini isn't in the team since he signed on loan with view to perminent move a few weeks back
  • Ricey's avatar
    Hi mate ty for the database and all your efforts thus far.

    I just downloaded the DB and started with West Ham.
    I noticed you have two Oscar Borgs in the u18's.
    Also, I think Samuelson needs a boost in PA and maybe a little extra in CA (Especially technical) after his free transfer from Man City.
    One last Thing, Joey Barton is training with the squad but has not signed ,,,, A decision will be made later in the week with the rumour he is considering a pay as you play contract. A tad early to include him in your database?
  • ansoballer's avatar
    Belgium Pro league.

    Lierse: Degrated to 2nd division.
    OH leuven: Promoted to 1st division
  • zeus1921's avatar
    no CA/PA changes? GOOD :d
  • gk31's avatar
    1. Great work! Keep these awesome updates coming! 2. is there a changelog? to see which transfers are included every update?
  • choose_your_destiny's avatar
    turkish rules teams can add 14 foreign player.we can put 1st team all foreign players

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