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How to use ingame Skin Colour Chooser in FM12

A new feature in FM2012 is the ability to edit various skin colours directly from within the game

By on Oct 23, 2011   13407 views   0 comments
FM Tutorials - How to use ingame Skin Colour Chooser in FM12
A new feature in FM2012 is the ability to edit various skin colours directly from within the game.

This option can be found under Preferences -> Skin Colours.

To change the colour select the colour you want to change and pick your new colour or enter the RGB values for your new colour (RGB values can be entered directly if you tick 'show advanced settings'. Once you have changed your colours click Confirm the skin will reload and will now use your new colours from now onwards.

For this option to work in Preferences -> Display & Sound you need to ensure 'Use Skin Cache' is ticked.

If you turn off the Skin Cache option then when you change skins or load up the game again the colours will reset to their default values.

A list of various examples for Custom Attributes (for screenshots see here):

Blue-Yellow Palette
<colour name="low attribute" blue="31" red="7" green="3" alpha="200"/>
<colour name="normal attribute" green="18" red="0" blue="255" />
<colour name="good attribute" blue="255" green="216" red="60" />
<colour name="excellent attribute" red="255" green="255" blue="0" />

Orange Palette
<colour name="low attribute" blue="0" red="102" green="0" alpha="230"/>
<colour name="normal attribute" green="102" red="255" blue="0" alpha="230" />
<colour name="good attribute" blue="51" green="204" red="255" />
<colour name="excellent attribute" red="255" green="255" blue="204" />

Red and Blue on white
<colour name="low attribute" red="62" green="70" blue="44" />
<colour name="normal attribute" red="28" green="92" blue="220" />
<colour name="good attribute" red="0" green="0" blue="255" />
<colour name="excellent attribute" red="255" green="0" blue="0" />

<colour name="low attribute" red="153" green="153" blue="153" />
<colour name="normal attribute" red="102" green="102" blue="102" />
<colour name="good attribute" red="51" green="51" blue="51" />
<colour name="excellent attribute" red="0" green="0" blue="0" />

FM07 default colours
<colour name="low attribute" red="180" green="180" blue="0"/>
<colour name="normal attribute" red="220" green="220" blue="0" />
<colour name="good attribute" red="255" green="204" blue="0" />
<colour name="excellent attribute" red="255" green="160" blue="0" />
<colour name="special attribute" red="255" green="160" blue="0" /> 


Many thanks to Michael Murray and IbaltaxGrape from the official SI forums!

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Discussion: How to use ingame Skin Colour Chooser in FM12

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