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Football Manager 2015 Features Wishlist

Suggestions from the community on how to make FM 2015 better than FM14. This is a selection of the most interesting features you have requested.

By Updated on Aug 01, 2014   177482 views   152 comments
News - Football Manager 2015 Features Wishlist
Hello everyone and welcome to the FM15 wishlist article. We are now in the month of April, the football season is approaching to an end, and naturally many of us FM fans are starting to eagerly await the next episode in the Football Manager series.

With FM14, SEGA set new record high for sales of the FM franchise and it was generally received well by most fans. There are of course people complaining for various reasons; unstable game, unrealistic match engine and transfer, poor training control, and so on. Surely FM14 is not perfect, but that's the point of wishlists; to let the developers know what they can do to make the game better.

Published: 5 April 2014
Updated: 2 August 2014

Football Manager 2015 New Features (Officially confirmed)

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As usual FM15 is expected to arrive during the last quarter of the year, around late October or early November. Are you still playing FM14 with passion or has it gotten stale for you by now? How many long savegames have you had with FM14? Are you happy with the game?
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FM15 Facts

The people at Sports Interactive use the official forums to collect feature requests and evaluate them for inclusion on the next FM. We know for a fact they started the FM15 feature meetings on January 7th and concluded those meeting a month later (February 7th). They've voted for 3,399 features to work on, but we don't really now how many of these will make it to FM15. They admitted that they now have enough ideas for up to FM18, and it's going to be tough finalizing what will be in FM15.

What do YOU want to see in FM15?

There are 3 ways for you to make your own feature requests:
  1. Leave a comment here on this article
  2. Reply to the forum topic
  3. Post on our FM15 Facebook page
We'll be updating this article regularly to include fresh feature requests, so make sure to check back often.

Now let's get to the list of features you want to see!

Most interesting feature requests

Match engine

uranderson - Stop trying to code psychology
In future versions I want to see an end of this trend toward "psychological realism". I want to play a game, not some attempt at coding psychology. I'm sick of the game being about managing complacency and morale. I don't mind if they have an affect but it's starting to feel like it's become by far the most important determinant of results. I would not shed a tear at all if team talks and pre-game speeches were taken out entirely.
In some respects I like how the mental attributes matter, the tutoring of players to raise professionalism and determination and having that play a role in the results is a great feature. But it seems like even if you have a squad of professionals with determination over 15 it still doesn't matter all that much if certain scenarios arise, the most common being winning streaks or facing inferior opposition.
Reality isn't that tidy and in my opinion you should stop trying to code psychology. This is a game, and all this psuedo-pychological manipulation that is becoming a major part of the gameplay is for me, just taking away from the parts that are actually fun, like scouting players, buying players and watching them perform according to their abilities and your tactics, and not according to psycho-babble and coded scenarios.

HaydarAli - Focus on game without the ball
The game WITHOUT the ball is as much important as the game WITH the ball, if not more!
As a player touches the ball for an average of 3 minutes per game, the question is: how should he behave during the 87 minutes when he does not have the ball?

WizabaII - Ability to swap instructions
Right now, we have the ability to swap positions. That's nice, but in the real world, managers have the ability to swap instructions as well, without swapping the player's position. For example, sometimes CM 1 will make runs forward, and sometimes CM 2 will make runs forward, but never both at the same time, and not by switching positions. Or sometimes Winger will hug the touchline while Fullback cuts inside, and at other times Winger will cut inside while Fullback hugs touchline.
We currently don't have the ability to do things like this, after 20 years of simulating football in CM/FM, which is surprising because these are the kinds of dynamic tactics that are available to RL managers. The ability to swap instructions can separate many managers apart who otherwise like playing the same formation and it can provide a greater depth in a team's philosophy than just "rigid", "fluid", etc. Swapping instructions should have existed long before swapping positions.

JameScott - New shout for pressing
A new shout something along the lines of "Hassle opponents after losing possession" would be useful to help recreate some of the pressing we see in reality.
When your team loses the ball this shout would mean that all players press and close down intensively for say 5-10 seconds in an attempt to win back the ball. If unsuccessful all players would revert to their usual team and individual closing down settings.

ajw10 - Remove the player on a hat-trick takes a penalty feature

RTHerringbone and ScottGooner - Penalty taking logic
The penalty taking logic when a player has scored two goals in a game is just annoying. At the moment, your lumbering centre back who has seen the ball ricochet off his face from two corners, is given precedence over your penalty specialist, just because he might get a hat trick. In some circumstances this is "OK", but in a crucial game, it is an absolute nightmare. Surely a box could appear in game asking you if you want Joe Smith to take the pen or your normal guy to take it.

Jimbokav1971 - Expanded goal celebrations rather than being random
A little bit like Lua Lua did flick flacks and then a somersault, Shearer stuck his hand up, Holtby doing "a Klinsmann", unhappy players gesturing to the dugout. It might only be cosmetic, but it's a hell of an idea. If the option is there already, why not use it. Players refusing to celebrate when scoring against an old team or a supported club. A link to this in the commentary too.

borivoje213 - Added animations when winning trophies or important games
I know it's only cosmetic. But I would love to see animations added in the match engine so I could at least see my lads lift a trophy to the roar of the crowd at the end of a league or cup winning game.

Justice - More animated fans at matches NEW
Yes, there are the cheers and the boos, but I would like to hear a change in tone of sound, as if the fans were singing. And when your team attacks, your fans urge them on. Just more life in the fans in general would be great.

Justice - Managers on the touchline NEW
I would like to see managers on the touchline, both 2D and 3D. It adds more realism to the game to have you, the manager, on the touchline. The physios are there, the medical team on stand-by are there, how hard could it be to add a manager to the sideline?

Justice - Referees sped up NEW
I think that referees are too slow in the game. In real life, referees are practically sprinting to incidents as if their lives depended on it. In my opinion, the game is slowed down too much by slow referees in the match engine. Hopefully they can be sped up.

UI Enhancements

deserter - Have a “without-ball average positions map”
You would get a clearer picture of your attacking shape and also your defensive shape.
The true average positions map tends to mask all the movement somewhat. A wide player that comes in with ball will stay wide when you defend, a stopper may be more in line without the ball than he is when he's doing his main job and so on. If you have 80% possession the attacking shape will be quite clear and if you have 20% possession the defending shape will become more prominent, but if you have 50% possession the position map will be much less pronounced.

Bpz73 - Know about AI tactical moves in highlights mode
When I watch the highlights I don't understand easily which changes the AI made while those same moves are evident for me when watching the full match. We already get reports like "Team X adopted 442" or "Team X went back to his usual attitude" (whatever it means). I would like the option to get reports like "Team X is playing narrower" or "Team X is pushing down the flanks". Even if I like to watch matches in full (for sure is the most rewarding and enjoyable way), time is an issue and I would like to be able to get the same feedback when watching the highlights.

Jyuken - Visual presentation for suggested tactics
In the start of the season when your assistant manager suggests preferred tactics instead of just clicking one of the options have a visual presentation of the suggested tactics.

Gangor - Select multiple players and instruct your DoF to negotiate contract extensions

MasterOfSuspense - Quick sub roles
On quick sub screen we can now set the role of the player(s) coming on - I would like to be able to change the roles of the starter at the same time without having to go into the tactics screen after the subs are made.

mhaffy - More interactive training overview
The training Overview is great but it would be really useful if "click through" was enabled for the various pie charts. The squad Training Happiness chart currently shows that 7 of my players are unhappy - but which ones? I was hoping that you could click on the Unhappy descriptor and be shown the names of the unhappy players. Similarly for the Squad Fitness pie chart descriptors etc. It would be useful and save time trying to find out who the unhappy players are.

El Payaso - More individual scouting of opposition players before matches
Next opposition's scouting should include players' scouting. Hate it when I go to match and none of the opponent's players has been scouted so I'll have to just guess what to do with those instructions.

willycookies10 - More interactive geography
I would be very satisfied if there were an interactive map feature built into the game that could maybe be accessed via a tab at the top of the game as well as through the Club Information or Player Information screens by clicking on a player's place of birth or the stadium location of the club. I could see the map functioning by zooming in on the continent and then country that one is looking at.
Once you've zoomed in on a continent, you can drag your mouse over the various countries, which would become highlighted when the mouse is hovering above them. Once you've clicked on an individual country, the map should further zoom in and in the top left of the screen there should appear a list of the leagues within the football pyramid of that country, including the non-playable lower leagues. When you click on Serie A, red dots would pop up in the locations of all the clubs playing in that respective league. Next to the dot would be the name (s) of the club (s) playing in Serie A in that city. Once you get down into the lower-level regional leagues, the map should probably again zoom in to allow for proper spacing between the dots. That way you can focus on having local players and fostering good relationships with local clubs.
I think this feature would really allow the geography-based side of the game to shine, and it could be incorporated into scouting because smaller clubs will normally only scout close to home due to money constraints, which is why (in real life) youth cast-offs of big clubs will often latch onto small local clubs out of convenience for all parties involved.

HaydarAli - Add "Player Instructions" button on Match Screen
While watching a match in FM we can see on the top of the screen different buttons like: "Make substitutions"; "Instructions"; "Tactics"; "Style".
The fact that we have the a shortcut key for the team instructions is very User Friendly.
This button prevents us to go to the advanced tactic screen. Unfortunately it isn't the case for the Player Instructions.
Adding a new button/shortcut key for the "player instructions", were we will be able to change player roles/duties and instructions, will be very useful for making quick minor tweaks (like we can already do for the Team Instructions by clicking on the Instructions" button)

ftblmanager - Individual tactic familiarity
I would like a feature to see each individuals familiarity with a tactic, I have players who seem to play better when I am playing a certain tactic.

HaydarAli - Improving Stats Overview UI
1. Add total number of passes & crosses in the Match Stats.
2. Add average possession (%) in the Competition Stats Report.
3. Squad Report Section needs more details for: "Goals" tab and "Stats" tab.
4. Add an overview of the average stats of all the played matches will also be very usefull for analysing the strengths and weaknesses of our team.

Katana - Better "Unrealistic Transfer" filters
My board tells me the max wage they will allow for a Key Player is 10k/week. Why then does my A.Man. believe that a player who will be asking for minimum 35k/week is a realistic transfer? My board says they will not allow it, so it is completely unrealistic. The same goes for coaches.

MCC86 - Have the dark skin available from the start
I know that it's possible to adjust brightness levels etc. but I really do feel that the "light" skin is too intense, so personally as soon as the dark skin becomes available, I switch to it.

stoned_assasin - More dynamic tactics screen
I want to see shouts/instructions taking shape on that small pitch. For example, selecting push up higher would push your team up higher on the small pitch or play wider etc. And with tempo/penetration there could be animated arrows showing the direction/urgency your team is looking to play the ball. On top of that when selecting a players roll there could be a small animation or area of effect ring of the movement you would expect to see that player do.

thomit - Update stadium graphics
Make them more recognisable. Start with the big leagues, then progress from there.

gazza1950 - Better regen faces NEW
I understand that you have got to regenerate players season after season, better faces would help. But when you get a regen as a manger, who looks about 16 that's just silly, a blank face would be better than that.

ThisIsChrisBloch - A "Quick Clear" button. NEW
I can't see why this shouldn’t be included right next to the "Quick Pick" button. A small and simple, but yet highly appreciated change.

Transfers and Contracts

BriefcaseWyles - More realistic asking prices
The transfer system needs a serious overhaul. More specifically, the valuations placed on players is absolutely ridiculous. As Arsenal, I offered £140m to Milan for Balotelli, and £120m to Juventus for Pogba, and both were rejected! Insanity! When trying to sign youth players from English clubs, they want monstrous amounts of money for them. 16yr olds with valuations of over £20m is absolutely ludicrous.

JBC#1 - Add possibility for pre-arranged loan deals

Seftinho - A reason listed for why a player turns you down
I'm a high reputation Championship side. I offered to loan 3 players from PL sides who are out of favour, not playing, and certainly not too big for the Championship. They should be jumping at the chance to resurrect their careers. The fact they've all rejected me pisses me off enough, but no actual reason stated is stupid and even more irritating. At least if there was a reason I might be a bit more understanding.
As it is it seems highly unrealistic and grossly unfair on me, as well as costing the players career and seeing loads of good players potentially go to waste because they refuse to step back down a division for regular football.

abhid30007 - Give DoF more specific tasks
I would like to tell my Director of football to negotiate contract with SPECIFIC players rather than giving him responsibility to talk about contract to players any time with any player. That would be like I decide players for whom contract renewals are to be done, but negotiation stuff will be taken care by Director of Football.

Gary_Parker - More flexibility in contract negotiations
Specifically to lock out certain things, take them off the table. For example (probably the only one i'd use) would be X% annual wage rise. I remove it, increase wages a bit etc and then negotiate and it appears again.

CityAndColour - Contract exceptions when club goes pro
Get rid of "I've only just signed a new contract so I'm not willing to enter discussions" when the club goes from part time to full time. That should not apply.

Dj911 - Speaking to players before signing them NEW
I would love the option to speak to a player I want to sign. Rather than him say nope I'm not interested in your club (for no reason at all), I would love to say, "Look we have won the league twice in four years and we have a team of fantastic talent", or, "I want you to be the future of my midfield. I will build my team around you", or, "Maybe you have bigger offers but please consider my style of football over money", or, "you are in the reserves at your current club but I want you in my first team".

foals - More clauses when offering contracts NEW
There should be more clauses to propose when negotiating with clubs. I think it's a bit too limited. Nowadays when you take a look at the agreements from real life, you could see clauses like "If the team wins the title/qualifies for CL for the next season, X amount of an extra fee will be paid to club Y." These kind of options will surely make the gamers be way more comfortable on negotiations with the given flexibility, especially the ones who have limited budgets. Also would help to be careful about the club's finances.

SuperChelsea - Total contract value NEW
I'd like to see the introduction of the manager being able to see the total vale of a contract (wage + bonuses).


mack4life - Variable value
At the moment the AI looks for players based mainly on value & reputation, a players performances have no influence on how many clubs are interested, or what their transfer value is. So at the moment you can have a player who has been signed from a small club into a big league, who has a low reputation, and as a result no matter how well they play they will not attract any interest.
What I want to see is for a players performances to influence how desirable they are. So for example, if a player doesn't have a big reputation when you sign him, if he has a fantastic season with you he will get far more interest from other clubs than he would if he had simply been average.

MCC86 - Players personal lives influencing their life at the club and performance on the pitch
Obviously I don't want the game to become a soap opera, but I think that being able to discipline players for an offensive tweet or comment in an interview, getting done for driving offences, getting involved in fights at night clubs, the occasional player having marriage problems would all be a nice edition to the game. We've had players struggling to fit in to clubs for a while now; personally I see this as a kind of extension to that.

looking busy - Retired young players
The ability to ask players who have retired at a young age, due to being without a club for a while, to consider coming out of retirement, even if just on trial to see if they could still make it.

SEANB - Players more media-active NEW
Players to voice concern in tactics/personal (lack of defensive cover, ineffective partnership, weaknesses against particular opposition player, ineffective in zonal defense, etc).

lukafanzer - More African players NEW
WITH current and potential abilities, because make only players (without CA and PA) is the equivalent of not creating them at all!

kazraxqt - Added PPM's depending on attributes NEW
Would like to see a few more PPM's added for players with certain high stats. For example, Steven Gerrard had fantastic leadership in real life and you see him rallying the crowd a lot. If you can imagine a captain/player with that PPM in a cup final, gets the crowd going and the team like tighten up defensively and strikers become more clinical with the finishing.

dburnsdundeemad - More flexible potential ability NEW
"Potential Ability" should be a "soft cap", for example like what a player can realistically achieve(with non-human management) as his current ability but with the right training, match time and experience a player should be able to surpass this "soft cap" with their "potential ability" increasing if he passes it to the next "cap". These "caps" should end with a Hard Cap that a player will NEVER surpass though. Depending on the potential of the player would depend on how many caps he could have. With a maximum being 3 soft caps and a final hard cap.

Ben9170 - Revising/adding more fields to describe a player's attributes NEW
For instance the "Finishing" field could further be broken down into Shot Power and Shot Accuracy so the Finishing stat could be a combination of the two fields. This could affect how a player finishes rather than having the preferred move. If a player has high accuracy but average power more shots would be placed or the player might look to lob the keeper more often. This could tie in with other mental stats so composure would greatly affect shot accuracy but you could train a player to just hit and hope more often. This could affect how you train your players and it could restrict/improve their potential i.e. if you constantly train your strikers to put their foot through a 1 on 1 as opposed to trying to pick the corners they might become a decent 15 goal a season striker but if you train them to try and be more accurate they might not do as well at an earlier age but when they mature they could turn into 20-25 goal players.


ST3V3NBOND - Make scouting harder
Currently, to learn the stats of a player - we only have to ask the scout to get a report. I feel that this is too easy and perhaps scouting could be made more thorough if the scout returned a report card with ranged stats.
For example: Dribbling: 10 - 17 Finishing: 12 - 18 First Touch: 9 - 16
This would require the scout to take a more extensive look into the player to determine the player's ability

HopOnBaby - Filter for scout reports
Add a filter to scout reports so they just show players that aren't already on your shortlist. When there are 1,000 or so players to go through and a lot of them are in red, it's easy to miss the ones that are still in black.

Squad management

Death Ball - Moving players to the reserve squad
When moving a player to the reserve squad, wait to hit continue to trigger the reaction to that. It's been a couple times already I do some moves from first to reserve not because I want the player in reserve but for sake of organizing the squad for sorting out contracts, training, screenshots and other stuff and immediately I get the message of unhappiness for being placed in reserve team when I was not actually placing the player there.

Maleven - Physio's recommendations
On how much rest each player should be given after each game, with the option to implement these automatically, or pick and choose as you please; a 34 year-old who played the full 90 minutes might need as much as two days, while a 26 year-old in condition and with high natural fitness who came on at half-time might not need any. In addition, maybe an option to have days for light recovery work as a separate thing from dedicated rest days when players don't come into training at all; from what I gather, most players will be in training the day after playing in a match, usually just doing stretching or light pool or bike work. So a 'recovery' option would be good.

a.panda - Can we have the travelling time included in the game?
Recently I came across this amazing situation: my main squad has a pre-season friendly in Japan, and my U18 squad has a friendly at home in London. In theory I fly my main squad out to Asia and prepare for the game, while my U18s remain in UK.
On the match day, one of my players was injured so I needed a backup player on sub. I was able to choose my U18 player because (perhaps of timezone difference) the U18 match was later than the main squad friendly in Japan. This doesn't make sense at all, unless my players are all schrodinger's footballer!
So my suggestion is: for every away match, select a number of players to fly with you (can be unlimited number, if you want you can select your own squad!) and those players are the ONLY ones available for that match. Put a bit of realism in the game! And this can be related to the club finance (a cost to travel for every selected player) and tiredness.

philmcson - Finances and rewards for international teams
I would like to see money and a reward system integrated into competitions of national football teams. We all know that the teams/their national associations are being paid according to how well they've finished in EC/WC/Copa Americana. But, the associations spend the money! Germany for example has built training camps for U18 players, Croatia has invested money into the league (given higher bonuses to the clubs being in the first division) and planning to open a training camp as well. So, if the national teams play well in their competitions, they earn lots of money which they invest and benefit in the long run. If you are the manager, then the association would ask you to say what should be done with the money.

displaced_seagull - Set the disciplinary rules at the start of the season
For example, if players knew that first sending off = official warning, second = 1 week fine, third & subsequent reds = 2 week fine - they might be less likely to moan about it. Of course, you should have the opportunity to override for particularly stupid/harsh sending offs (ie to reduce what should be a 1 week fine to a warning, or vice/versa). You could also have the option to change it (another use for the Team Meeting?) in mid-season, if you had suffered a spate of dismissals etc. Players mentalities/professionalism would come into it - a highly professional player might be happier that you had gone for a strict system of fines from the off, whilst a lazy dreamer (or a thug!) might complain about it. Again, on the flip side - a lenient setup might please players with high dirtiness stats, whilst annoying model pros.

Slamka17 - More realistic ticket prices NEW
I would suggest that the ticket price could be affected, because it´s impossible to ask less then 10 Euros for the Champions League quarterfinal Kosice - Real Madrid.

Stam - Specialist to reduce injury proneness NEW
Have option for players with history of heavy injuries to be sent to other specialists in order to reduce their injury proneness.

SEANB - Dietitian staff NEW
Request diet plan(weight) for players from employed dietitians staff (new position).

omar bassiony - More flexibility in handling finances NEW
I would like to clear debts on club if the finical situation of the club is rising. For example if a team has debts and has 60 million to spend in transfers, it would be good to spend part of 60 million in clearing debts of the club.


Gangor - Relationship with staff
One of my staff just got offered another job and I want to be able to wish him luck and tell him that he'll make a great manager (in the hope of improving our relationship for future interactions).

Viggo Vickers - Players and staff becoming media personalities
I request the ability to add staff as media to countries and/or leagues. It could add some flair to the media stories in the user's news. If I'm Man Utd and failing to meet expectations, I could get a news stories about Alan Shearer questioning my ability to manage at the highest level. Maybe even get into a war of words with him, over the national media.

Schotsmannetje - Interact with player before negotiating contract
You get a chance to really interact with a player before you negotiate a contract. To tell him what position he'll be playing, what kind of role, what his future will be at the club, what the future of the club is, etc. The result of this interaction could be that the contract negotiations are smoother (or not), that he maybe decides not to join when he doesn't like the things you promise him, making him choose you as a club before others when multiple clubs are interested, etc. In my opinion, whether a player joins your club or not is almost solely based on the contract negotiations, while I always get the feeling that IRL contract negotiations are more often than not just a formality.

burdinho - More communication between board and manager
If you are performing very well, then the Board should be less willing to release you. I don't think it is accurate that any approach for your services is automatically accepted. If the Board are willing to let you go, this should be explained, as they should when any approach is rejected. The Board can then offer you more money/time/resources as an incentive to stay.

MCC86 - More fan impact and influence
Possibly even being able to interact with them occasionally. For instance, signing a player from an overseas country could generate fan interest and shirt sales in those countries, likewise selling or a playing retiring causing a loss of interest and shirt sales in those countries.

MCC86 - Kit updates
Obviously not every season. I remember those days in real life and it was annoying. But when kit sponsors and manufacturers change, I'd like to be able to change and update kits. With that, if you start off managing a small club and improve their reputation to a high enough level, I'd like to be able to get a third kit available for the club.

Roary - More in depth discussion with players NEW
The name "Football Manager" explains itself but in real life, managing the side, tactics isn't just a managers job. They have to handle the tasks and dilemmas of their players etc and this side of things should be expanded a bit more.

SAvram - Ask player to accept 2nd citizenship NEW
Make available to ask player (in private chat section) to accept 2nd citizenship (to speed up things because sometimes it takes up to a month for a certain player to accept 2nd citizenship and because of that he still will be registered as foreign player because deadline for player registration for upcoming season has passed and that player is still "awaiting paperwork").

SEANB - Report clubs for FFP violation NEW
Able to comment on clubs with excessive spending (to influence FIFA) to investigate.

garethp92 - More international media interaction NEW

engheema - Implement more relations with fellow managers NEW


JamieAdams3 - Split team shape into different situations
Pressing is my biggest qualm with the game. Why can't I create a press? Every team's press differs. How can I make my team press upon certain triggers such as: against the sideline, when a bad touch/pass is made, when a player receives the ball with his back to goal. What if my style of pressing is tightly marking the opposition man-for-man, Bielsa style? What if I want my players to cut the passing options off whilst closing down, and the other players squeeze the area for the opposition to play in, forcing them to go long? What if I want my players a few yards off the opposition's players ready to swarm them when the ball is received? How can I create pressing traps such as initially forcing the ball wide by cramming central areas, doubling up on the wide player who received the ball showing them inside and, when the ball goes back into the central area, my team collapses onto the ball and press like pistons?

Furkan - Introduce micro-tactics
I would like to define each player's role and what I want from them in different situations very clearly. And by different situations, I don't mean if the team is winning/losing or game is draw. I mean the very detail of situations that can occur during the game. I want my players to be reactive and I want it to be in accordance with my instructions (of course to a degree which is defined by my tactical knowledge/success and the player's all other conditions like personality, morale, attributes etc.) In FM14, you can't even create custom deadball situations in a complete freedom - let alone manage your tactics in micro level dynamically.

SKELETOR - Bring classic tactics back
How about you offer the classic tactics in a new jazzy pack available as a pay for add-on like the editor. I would pay to have them.

Mower20 - Relationship with staff
Need the ability to export and import team instructions and position specific instructions. At the moment you can only Import/Export whole tactics, however I have created a number of instructions for each position and it would be great if they weren't tactic specific. I have to keep creating them for every new save which can be a pain when I've made 50+ specific instructions.

NDavid95 - 2 Dimensional Tactics
2 dimensional tactics. One for your attacking shape and the other for your defensive shape. This is used within real life so would like to see it implemented with FM.

RTHerringbone and alfieham - Tactic Familiarity
I would like Tactic Familiarity not to be so strongly affected when you sign new players in the Winter transfer window. It is excessive.
I feel it takes to long to become familiar with a new tactic, IRL teams will change tactics at a quicker rate than is possible in FM. I feel around 2-3 weeks to become fluid with a tactic would be better.

looking busy - Options for direct and indirect free kick takers/ tactics
At the moment it's default to select your best free kick taker, but that is usually because he's most likely to score. For ones out wide, you want to be able to select the best crosser.

wkdsoul - Set pieces to be a separate file from tactics

el_dii - Trequartistas on the wing NEW
I really think we should be able to use a Trequartista in the wings. In the game itself it explains that a Trequartista and an Advanced Playmaker are similar. So, why can't we be able to use both?I believe that wingers that can score a lot of goals and that do a lot more in the field than just take crosses into the box or cut inside to shoot (Cristiano Ronaldo) can be more influential if we can place them in that role.On the other hand, it kind of obligates the manager to compensate defensively with the midfield, because a Trequartista isn't exactly a team player, but I do think that it gives us a different set of approaches in attack, especially when using an asymmetrical formation.

Justice Quick free-kicks and throw-ins NEW
Almost every single team worth their salt these days utilises quick free-kicks and throw-ins to keep a rhythm and tempo in their play. The days of the long ball free-kicks and throw-ins are almost beyond us. I know that Quick Throw-Ins are already in the game but they are quite simply not quick enough. Perhaps there could be an addition to the team instructions to take quick set-pieces, in the general section. This would be a much welcome to addition to many FMers as we want our teams to play quicker and smoother football.

Dawon - Player instructions for a specific player in a specific position. NEW
I would like to see a small tweak with the player instructions for a specific player in a specific position. It's a great feature, but I don't really understand why all the settings set pieces disappear when you set specific instructions for a player. For example, if I have Fellaini in my team, I want him to go forward for set pieces no matter what position he plays in. I feel like that's a simple enough change and it makes the game much more comfortable to play

Reputation dynamics

Parker - More realistic rise of attendance
Change attendance numbers during the season. I have played games where I took a team that was averaging 520 fans at the beginning of the season for a team facing relegation. After 4 months, we were in first place, but the attendance had only gone up by 20 people. By the end of the year, we were still in first and attendance was around 540. I would think that there would be a bigger growth for a team that is consistently overperforming or at the top of the table.

Santa Claus - Starting reputation
Not being from UK I don't understand what Sunday League means and does everyone plays at least Sunday League? Because that's the lowest you can set. Why can't we just set obscure/local/regional/national etc...

Jimbokav1971 - Sponsorship linked with structure/league reputation

Fr05ty - More sponsor deals NEW
A way to get more sponsors, most teams have a slew of tiny secondary sponsors. It is quite hard to get new sponsors at the moment, but it seems to be a real possibility to increase revenue in real life.

Boosan - Reputations enhanced/decreased after promotion/relegation/other NEW
One thing that annoys me is say I'm managing a team that has won promotion, I am unable to attract players of a higher calibre because I'm still classed as being in a lower division. Can we make it so that promotions and championships are recognised immediately to allow me as a manager to attract better players?

Youth Development

Parker - Request more from your U21 manager
I know that when I choose the option to have my u-21 manager control my u-21 team, I cannot do things like set the lineup each game, although I can tell them to play my tactic. It would be great if somehow I could also make a few more requests to the manager, such as having the player play a certain position during the season or to make sure that a player is a key player on the squad so they are played more often.

Nuckinya - More dynamic player growth
Not only this, but more variation in how a player grows. I mean, once the game is mostly regens, all you have to do is buy some 17 year old wonderkid, give him a season or two of games and he becomes world class at 20. All the top team will do this, and it is really unrealistic and takes me out of the immersion of the game. Not every player is Messi, Ronaldo or Fabregas. What about the Drogba’s and Luca Toni’s of the world who were late bloomers.
I would love SI to introduce a hidden stat, with say 5 different growth types like: Early Peak (Michael Owen), Early Sustained Peak (Fabregas, Messi), Standard, Late Peak (Scott Parker), Late Sustained Peak (Drogba). With these growth types, combined with other stats like "professionalism" and "natural fitness" we could see a massive variety in the way players grow and sustain that growth, making the game more challenging and exciting when trying to find new players.

scott_madridista95 - Interact with the FA NEW
As an international manager, you should be able to interact with the FA about anything to do with the future of youth development or any concerns about the international teams progress.

Fr05ty - Set up footballing schools in other countries NEW
The possibility to set up footballing schools in other countries to get players from different nationalities into the youth team and increase scouting in that country. Sort of how Barcelona have footballing schools and affiliates in multiple countries and then they get to bring them into their youth academy in Barcelona.


MasterOfSuspense - More general training options
If your player is short in several physical attributes you should be able to give him more general fitness training than concentrating on one attribute at a time or developing the attributes of a set position in "Role" and also be able to set the balance like 90% fitness and 10% technique etc.

kefmiller - Training for international teams
Include a training section for international sides. In the real world, international sides train together before a fixture.

gmilitao - Pre-season training camps
Options to choose traning camps in the pre season around the country/world.

MCC86 - More pure football matters
For instance, the set piece creator is fine, but I'd like to be able to create actual routines, focus some of the training for it and player implement it during a match. Perhaps players or coaches could approach you with ideas for specific opponents.

Amarante - Training Report before matches
So we can see how players behave in match training so we can have a more realistic feeling when selecting staring 11.

Billybobby - Ask players to go to training camp instead of holiday NEW
In the pre-season players always go on holiday but maybe you could ask your players to go to training camp instead and depending how rich your club is determines how good of a training camp you can send them too (e.g would class ,elite, average, etc.) and it also depends how the local it is so say if you are Manchester City you can send them to one of the best camps around the world but if you are Crewe you can only send them to local camps.

Billybobby - More training types NEW
You should have different types of training like a plyometric training camps to boost their athletic abilities or maybe a football tactical course to improve their understanding of the game and this would improve their positioning and anticipation etc.

giZm0 - Better training reports from coaches NEW
At the moment I get Reports from time to time, seeing my Goalkeeping Coach reports about the performance of my striker. Yes I can mark Players and then chose a Trainer to get a Report but I feel it would be smoother if the coaches only report about their group. Also I would like to see an overall report not just this monthly report about 3 Players who did good and two who did not. I want to chose when I get the Training report and if I get it I want a report about every player as a overview. Currently I have to click through every player which I feel is pretty annoying.

New Game Modes

Stam - Custom mode
Some people like the regular career mode, some others the classic mode. But I’m quite sure there are people who are stuck in between. Say for example you like the classic mode but you wish you could have team talks. So how about a custom game mode where you could select the level of detail for different aspects of the game? I think that would be great.

scott MUFC - New quick match mode
Why can’t we just play a single game as any team against any other team.
Just a match, no leagues or anything.

MCC86 - Legends/tournament mode in the challenges
Taking a team only through the World Cup, or going through single "classic" seasons. Some ideas are first ever Premier League season, various world cups, Man U's treble winning season, Arsenal's unbeaten season, a season managing the Real Madrid Galacticos (Zidane, Roberto Carlos etc), or my personal favourite - and this was an April Fools joke from our dear friends at Sports Interactive - a season/few seasons managing in the first ever football league.

Team Talks

Ranbir - Team talking that isn’t conflicting turn-based system
I want to tell my whole team they were lucky to get a result (because we were) but then single out the one or two players that did well. This can not happen right now, because as soon as I do the team talk first, the ones that did well get angered/confused. And when I try to address them directly to let them know they did well, they just end up more confused because they already got demoralised from the team talk. That doesn't seem very intuitive to how I need to praise and criticise varying levels of performance from the team as a whole and the players specifically within it. Maybe allow me to apply all the conversations I want, then a "submit" button so the responses are more relevant to the considered interactions I had.

brawla123 - More detail in the match ratings
The usual number rating along with a couple words like how the Sky Sports website does it.


thethe - Complete overhaul of how the clubs handle stadiums
I've been promoted to the Championship with Forest Green. The stadium's capacity is 5147. It was opened in 2006, so it's relatively new. It was, however, built for a club playing in the Conference Premier, and there is no doubt that the club has outgrown its stadium a long time ago. The board will never consider building a new stadium if the current one is less than 20 years old, but shouldn't this be one of the cases where that isn't relevant? They'll expand the stadium by a few thousand each year if I stay in the Championship or get promoted into the Premier League, and I'm assuming I'll reach a point where expansions are no longer possible too. Not building a new one doesn't making any sense.
Also. The stadium's only got 2500 seats. After the promotion, the board announced that they'd invest in the stadium, making it an all-seater. During the remodeling, I'll play my home games at Ashton Vale in Bristol. It's a brand new 30 000 all-seater, currently not used by any of the two professional teams in Bristol. According to Google, Bristol is a 30-40 minute drive from the club's base in Stroud. Wouldn't it be better to rent this stadium permanently? Rent or buy? Instead of spending £2 million on remodeling a stadium with a capacity of 5147?

scott_madridista95 - Be able to choose the pitch pattern in stadiums NEW

scott_madridista95 - Change net types NEW
I believe you should be allowed to change the net types within the stadium either in the seperate editor or in the in-game editor.

Fr05ty - Stadium editor NEW
A stadium designer/editor for when you build a new stadium, or at least to have a say in how big the stadium should be, pitch type, underground heating, expansible capacity, etc. Even making stadiums into more than just stadiums and having cinemas in the complex, shopping centers or other stuff like it (Think of Seoul World Cup Stadium complex). Maybe even being able to have an overhead view of the complex?

dburnsdundeemad - Stadium builders & editors NEW
Would love to see a stadium builder/editor added in with the ability to choose which stands to expand/replace. Pretty sure the best example of this I can think of was the LMA manager games, would be a great addition to the FM series if SI can get any rights and stuff they would need to add it in, this would lead to more realistic stadiums other than the seats matching your teams primary colours.

Toon - More realistic/customizable stadia names. NEW
Just don't like the idea of having 'Ameobi Park' as my 80k seater personally.

beggs22 - More unique/realistic stadia NEW
I feel more realistic stadia would be a great option rather then most being identical.


Thomasmc135 - Make it easier to find a job
I've been turned down by 10+ clubs despite having won the treble the previous season with Real Madrid. I have a win percentage of 88% and a reputation of 'World Class'. Why can't I find a job? It's beyond a joke that this is still an issue in FM.

SuperJackLester - Multiple Vacancies Filled in Job Centre
I always use the job centre to employ my staff and I've noticed that once you've employed a scout / coach it closes the job vacancy even if you want to employ multiple of the same job. I would like to see an option to keep the vacancy open until all roles are filled.

ckaracay - Shortlist for staff

Dagenham_Dave - More control over match footage
One thing I'd like to see added is more development of uploading match action. In particular, I would like to be able to make a montage of goals or incidents from multiple matches rather than only be able to do this for one match at a time. You could make a good 'goals of the season' or 'misses of the season' compilation across your whole division for example.

MCC86 - Being able to do something if you're between jobs for a while
For instance punditry. Even if it's only in the form of newspaper/TV questions after big matches at a tournament. And obviously, your answers getting reactions from fans, managers, pundits and players who agree/disagree with your point of view.

MCC86 - Be able to appoint a financial adviser
Not for contracts and transfer offers, but to help deal with the wider financial aspects of a football club. Even if they spend their time living in the pocket of the board, I think it would be a useful addition. I'd like/prefer to use my Director of Football to help with transfers and contract negotiations. I pick the players I want to sign, make the initial offer then leave the rest up to the DoF. I use the Head of Youth Development for the same with youngsters. The financial advisor would be for, as I said, wider financial issues.

Dedinho - More level up upgrades to training facilities and/or youth facilities
If the money is there for the club, when the board decides on it's own, or accept your request to upgrade facilities, it should be possible that they upgrade it straight from let's say adequate to superb or top. Not just one level up upgrades, each one of them takes a year - doesn't make sense when the club has 100m+ in the bank. So instead of investing 10 millions to upgrade training and youth facilities for one level, they should invest more (let's say 30-50 or more million), and take the facilities more than just one level up.

MBarbaric - Quiz/tutorial as short coaching course
There should be a quiz/tutorial (either before or during first 6 months you start playing the game) that should act as short coaching course explaining the player the main concepts of football tactics (how to defend against 3 attackers, reasoning behind using deep defensive line...) and the way they translate into the FM. This way you would earn your coaching badges (in game), learn a bit about game of football and FM.

Patres10Managers bio
There should be a opportunity to writte your own bio, or chosing clubs in which you played/managed. Or even takeover other personalities (such as Eric Cantona, Ronaldo, etc).

I make it short. I don’t know how bad the translation into other languages​​ is, but for Czech translation I can say, that every year it's like through Google translate. Sometimes without any football meaning. And every year we post the same issues, that where send the year before, some of them they implement in a hotfix/update but with the new release it’s the same again, as we didn’t report anything...

Dj911 - Paying off loans early NEW
The option to pay off loans early. Why would I want to keep paying a loan when I have money to pay it off? Would be VERY nice to be debt free but it generally does not happen!

Arch Mon - Staff Development NEW
I would like to see a function in the game to develop staff attributes similar to training players. It is a bummer to have to fire a long standing staff member or club alumni because there is someone available with slightly higher attributes. If you could send them on training courses for specific attributes or staff role that would be terrific. Please include a mechanism to monitor their progress would be nice. Also, a way to monitor natural attribute progression (from experience) for staff would be nice. Staff could even have ability/potential stars like players do.

koutsdimis - Competitive rivalries forming between two clubs NEW


Silent_Thunder - MLS Expansion
Giving MLS an expansion system. MLS in real life is slowly expanding, as it's not intended to operate with so few teams. However since FM doesn't model this, you're stuck with an eternally undersized league. Some sort of simulation of MLSs expanding nature would be great.

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Discussion: Football Manager 2015 Features Wishlist

152 comments have been posted so far.

  • tusharagg87's avatar
    I am trying to make a new Football Management simulation game.

    If you can take this small survey, it will be helpful.
  • vonaagren's avatar
    I would like, no LOVE, to have the possibility to make my own custom plays during a match. The play should be something you could train like offensive corners.

    The play should be defined like you setup a corner, but with more options. Player position, running paths for each player and the possibility to choose a sequence of passes.

    Example: M(c) has the ball, DM runs forward without the ball, OM(R) runs towards M(c), M(c) passes ball to OM(r) while WB(r) runs forward. OM(r) passes the ball to forward running WB(r), which tries to get to the backline to make a pass into the field, where you now should have your A(c) plus your DM (whom is a strong header).
  • galoga's avatar
    trofeo tim cup for serie A in pre-season
  • ToXic's avatar
    I speak as a person who has played FM since 1997, I have played every version since then. I have to say I was a bit disapointed with FM14, but I will still buy FM15 to see where the interation and other features takes us (for some reason this is interesting to me). But I am guessing it wont really be a lot better for a number of years. Sure it will have more features but I don't get the feeling of real life interaction. The first year I played in 1997 I played 30 seasons which in that version was the maximum possible. The most I played in later versions is 10 season, although I believe now there is no limit. I tend to get bored after 5 or 6 seasons but it is still a fantastic game and here is hoping for something really specal in FM15. Just thought I would share this with you guys lol
  • crackfend's avatar
    I don't know if it someone suggested it yet but what about an addition to the staff end of things, "a teacher for languages" which can help a player to settle into a new club and country, I find some players struggle too much because of the language barrier, I know it will take time for a player to settle at a new club but teaching them the language of the club they are playing for will be a great advantage and a great feature for the game :D ;) :)
  • djbedo's avatar
    In FM 2014, the relationships with other managers was barely touched upon. To expand on that, I believe a feature that we often see in real life would be great -- recommending players to other managers or teams. In order to strengthen relationships with other managers or if you've managed a lower-reputation/league club in the past and have moved on to bigger and better things, it`ll be good idea if you scout or know of a great player that you don't need or is not good enough for your level, to hint about him to fellow managers or favorite clubs. If said player signs and/or turns out to impress for the club, your reputation as a manager goes up..and vice-versa
  • Avidaanish07's avatar
    In FM 2015, can I be an assistant manager? or can create the player like another games?
  • hice's avatar
    I know that when I choose the option to have my u-19 manager control my u-19 team, I cannot do things like set the lineup each game, although I can tell them to play my tactic. It would be great if somehow I could also make a few more requests to the manager, such as having the player play a certain position during the season or to make sure that a player is a key player on the squad so they are played more often.
  • hice's avatar
    When you win the league or some cup it doesn't go to the players who didn't play last match even though they played at all other games
  • Vishanseru9's avatar
    Players should be allowed to manage clubs as real-life managers. As in say I want to start my career as the manager of Everton, why would they want to sack Roberto Martinez despite the fact that he had a fantastic first season. So there should be an option that allows me to continue managing Everton as their current real life manager.
  • kderaad's avatar
    - Personal specific settings for players so when you substitute a player, their personal settings are being used, not the player settings set for the position
  • asencer's avatar
    There can be two easy but important changes to be done which would improve the game significantly:

    1: I believe in this game finding new talents is far too easy compared to the real life. Just by adding some very good scouts to your backroom staff and then letting them to find you potential players with 5 stars makes the game a bit dull and unexciting. This also makes the game much easier especially after at least you stay at a club for 2-3 years. Another point is that, almost the huge database of the game becomes meaningless as almost no one does not think of transferring most of the mediocre players. I think there should be more dynamics affecting a potential player to develop as expected, even more than expected or less, regardless of the skills of your scouts. Even if the scouts would be perfect, they should be able to make mistakes as well. (better scouts, less likely to give wrong advices of course, but for example a scout can recommend better for players that have certain styles like defending better, or not running much but have a better ball control etc. Having the same nationality with the scout or certain other favoured nationalities can affect this slightly as well). Also a player having very good ratings at the matches when he is at 29 for example, there should be a reason for the other teams would be thinking of buying him. But once we know that his potential can not be higher than a certain standard, no one prefers to buy him. This can be done by the match ratings slightly affect the skills (negatively or positively) on 6 monthly basis for example. This also leads to be able to sell your succesfull but mediocre skilled players easier after a succesful season of winning a continental cup for example.

    2: As most people also have mentioned about the training system, there can be made some changes on it too. For example based on the first one, once you get a player with high potential, deciding the individual training on him should be the major factor on how he would develop. But I mean there should be some different dynamics on this too which would affect his development. For example making him to work too intensively with right backroom staff for improving his certain skills can cost him to have less time allocation for the team training which can cause him to underperform at the matches. Due to this his motivation can drop which would result as he would not develop as fast as expected etc. So there should be different variations that a manager decide how to develop his own players (by his own style). Also having an injury free career could affect this highly. So if you make him work too intensive again, the risk of the player having injuries in training or matches should be higher as well.
    2a: The team trainings can be decided more effectively. For example with a bird's-eye view on a training pitch, preparing customised moves and set pieces (at 15 moves maximum to be used during a match for example) and seeing them to be tried by players during the match would be fascinating. How well the players would do this at the match could depend on how much they have the team trainings with those moves and also the skill of the players of course. (The skill is more related with how succesful will be a move with more complicated variations or a more basic one) Having too much worked on these moves would cost lack of other trainings again.

    These two changes (scouting & player development and training systems) would bring back the old excitements of the series.
  • Carlo93's avatar
    Being able to be not only a manager but maybe a assistant manager, the job role on contract is obviously always the same but it would be good to grind your way from the bottom as an assistant or even a coach. And maybe after you retire an option to play on the board if you've done well with a team or as a director
  • ndpaid's avatar
    1. I should be able to schedule the pre-season training camp when I want, and not when the board brings it up. This way I can schedule the friendlies I want, without having to guess what the options for the training club will be.
    2. The manager having a say in sponsorships: if not to negotiate the amount, at least to negotiate the duration. If I'm building a small team I know is going to go far, I don't want a 3-year sponsorship contract based on my team's current status and reputation. On the other side, if I'm managing a big team and I'm trying something different (e.g. invest in young players, or home-grown talent), a long-term sponsorship will give the club the security it requires.
    3. The manager having a say in ticket prices, raising more money in a game I know is going to be a sellout and lowering the price before an important game, so that more people are there to support the team (especially in a losing spell).
    4. On a similar note, prices and ticket sales should fluctuate more. I took a newly promoted club with 400 season tickets. 4 seasons, 3 national championships and 1 Champions league final later, a record 1200 season tickets were sold. Hurrah! Not.
    5. Also, major transfers should have more of an impact in season ticket sales. A last-minute big name transfer should result in a sudden hike in sales, however the sales progression seems to be quite linear.
    6. The ability to talk to a player before contract negotiations. Most agents hate me because I drive a hard bargain, and thus players who want to stay in the club cannot have their contracts renewed without me paying an extortionate ransom to their agent. Sacking their agent is way too radical, but convincing the agent to lower their demands should be an option.
    7. On the same note, insert a new "with agent/without agent" filter in player searches, since this will affect their wage demands.
  • danielcf261298's avatar
    Hi!!!.. y want the Ecuador´s league with those teams (Barcelona, Emelec, Liga, Nacional)
    And the FIFA intervention...And more dialogues with the country´s federation

    Please.....I want the Ecuador´s league
  • theDokes's avatar
    Ability to copy and paste a player's ID number.

    Seems trivial enough but my desk is littered with small pieces of paper with 8 digits written on them. (Wife thinks it's code for my secret bank accounts) The numbers of course are used to rename my player pics.

    BTW, why not include the little program "FMxml" directly into the game to enhance the modes.(it rewrites the config file in a graphics folder automatically)
  • theDokes's avatar
    Replay of Penalty kicks are like replays of swatting flies.
    What should be expanded is the replay of the INCIDENT WHICH CAUSED to PK.
  • MisterStubbs's avatar
    I for one get very annoyed when I miss out on top targets to rival clubs. My idea is to allow you to speak to a potential signing once a fee with their current club has been agreed to try and convince them why they should sign for you rather than someone else. For example you could tell a player your ambitious for the club, where they fit in to your plans etc.
  • dburnsdundeemad's avatar
    Already have conformation from Miles Jacobson that there will be no new leagues added for FM2015 but i'd love to see the Highland-Lowland Leagues added to the Scottish League System.
  • dburnsdundeemad's avatar
    They need to enhance attendance growth. Taking a club from bottom to top in any league just doesn't grow the fan base enough. My most recent example has to be Montrose in Scotland. they only start with an average attendance of like 250, and by the time you reach the Scottish Premiership it's only around 1000, depending on how well you perform in cups etc as well.
  • jake.swarbrick's avatar

    I would like after a couple years of being a manager earning money to use that money for something and buying a club would be amazing because you could make yourself be manager or even someone else and you would have to work off the money that you have earned. Imagine afeter being manager at chelsea for 3-4 years having a few million in bank and using it to buy a lower league team and pushing them forward !! . being Owner/Manager YOU DECIDE WHO IS AN UNREALISTIC TARGET ... YOU DECIDE YOUR BUDGET within your means.
  • Aaron's avatar
    More in depth scouting reports
    I think one thing that could be added to scouting reports is something along the lines of a compilation of highlights for a certain player. So maybe you're looking for a top quality striker, but can't find the right type to fit your style. In FM14 your scout may tell you that said player scored and had a fine game but how do you know he will fit your style?

    With some sort of highlight compilation for players, we will then be able to evaluate the player for our own eyes, view strengths, weakness' and ultimately decide if he can fit into your teams system.
  • pakosouthpark's avatar
    merchandise sales - more info like which country has been selling the most

    stadiums - when building new, more realistic to the fans base. dont want to build new stadium and have it sold out already all the games and expand but still sold out.

    refuse any loan offers when going on holidays.

    updated rivalries

    better record stats - best goalscorer, most capped ever in world cups. champion leagues. europa leagues. instead of just in one year.
  • inja91's avatar
    Drastic Improvement!

    Possibility of drastic improvement after successful season, World/Europen/Confederation Cup. For example, if he was a good striker and gave a lot of goals, his offensive abilities rise accordingly (Finishing, Composure, Tehnique, etc.) +2 or +3 stats up.
    Because it is a big difference in the rating and stats of some players between FM13 and FM14, because it is indeed possible.
    For example (Pogba in one season made huge impact, Januzaj too and etc, and when you publish new game in September, his stats will be much more better, after just one season)
  • TheRyanFM's avatar
    I would like to see interim applications or clubs looking for an interim manager and you can then do that instead of going to a club for a long-reign. Also I think there should be either no limit on amount of assistant managers or a higher limit suchas 3 or so as if you look at all/most clubs for example Chelsea, they have Steve Holland, Rui Faria and others whereas on football manager you are only allowed to have the 1!

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