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What do you want to see in FM15?

Write down your feature requests for Football Manager 2015. Share your FM2015 wishlist with us!
Started on 5 April 2014 by Stam
Latest Reply on 3 October 2014 by SteveZR963
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It's that time of the year again.
Go ahead and tell us what new features you'd like to see on FM 2015.

• What would you do to make Football Manager 2015 a better game compared to FM14?
• What did you like the most about FM14 and what you didn't like?
• Are you happy or disappointed with FM14?

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Football Manager 2015 Feature Requests - A FM15 Wishlist

Suggestions from the community on how to make FM 2015 better than FM14.
This is a selection of the most interesting features you have requested.

Let's talk FM15!
I would like to see the commentary redone, and most of all a "complain to referee/fourth official" button when in match. For instance, when a penalty, or a foul that the referee gave and you feel it was the wrong decision, you can click the button. If you complain too many times, you get sent to the stands or/and a fine/ban from the FA of that nation.
What did you like the most about FM14 and what you didn't like? & Are you happy or disappointed with FM14?
I am absolutely delighted with FM14, it was a huge success in my eyes and the revamp of the tactical system really brought the game to life. No more sliders, apart from budget adjustments, makes the game much more life-like, and player development is a lot more realistic. There have been the few bugs which annoyed me, but all-in-all, I thought FM14 was a fantastic game

What would you do to make Football Manager 2015 a better game compared to FM14?
I think that the training system needs to be developed a little more to give you more in-depth information about how your players are performing in training.

I would like to see a revamped commentary system, the amount of times my players have "put the ball in to row Z" is unthinkable.

I would like to see more out-of-football pressures influencing players, not just the homesickness issue. Perhaps events such as a player having a baby, or a relation passing away could happen, and the player could ask you for some time off and you get the option to accept or reject it.
ask a scout to search for a specific kind of player all around his area, scouting by role, skills, price, potential ability or whatever.
I think there should be news articles about players or clubs, in the kind of style you find in FourFourTwo, just a special 'behind the scenes' feature or something. I'd also like stadiums to be improved, so licensed teams might have their sponsors logo's everywhere so for example if Chelsea were licensed (which they aren't) you'd have advertising for Singha Beer, Samsung and the Sauber F1 team, and maybe they could change the colours of the net for different teams.
Better press conferences because they have potential to be great but they just are not as they are so repetitive, and if there is a penalty in the game or a dubious offside, they should actually talk about it in the press conference instead of just talking about other random crap. Also I agree with Tallery1164's idea about a complain to official button, then we could be like a real manager.
Academy management, managing the U21s or the U18s and then taking over the first team on a caretaker basis until they find a new manager, or even getting the job fulltime if you seem to do good.
I would like more in-depth profiles of our own managers. The ability to be able to choose our own preferred formation was great but I think adding in preferred style, i.e wanting to control the play with short passes would go well with the formation.

I also think we should have our own set of stats that can gradually improve over time through certain trophies, actions etc.

In addition to that, I think we should be able to choose what kind of manager our own manager is. We could be an expert of man management, like Sir Alex Fergurson, which would boost our man management, motivating and working with youngsters attributes. Or, you could be more of the Mourinho type manager which would be tactical, which would boost corresponding attributes.

Plus, I think you should be able to, when unemployed, come in to a job in a caretaker capacity. Kind of like what happened with Benitez at Chelsea. And depending on results, you could be offered the full job.
More love to the belgium leaques. With this i mean more levels down. I do not mean all the way down but one or 2 would be nice
1) Implement a value graph. Like the attribute graph so we can monitor the value of the players through the years.
2) More realistic Manager/Player interaction. E.g if a player receives the first red card of the season you just warn him and if he receives a second when you fine him he accepts it.
3) Dynamic rivalries. Rivalries between that can be created through out the years.
4) The ability to name the new stadium you build and not the board to name it what they want.
5) Dynamic favorite club and personel for manager(you) just like it is for the players. E.g when you star a new game in your profile you choose favorite club(as a supporter) but if in-game you manage a different club for 5 or more seasons then it is automatically added in your favorite club list and if you sign a player and you have him in your team for 5 or more seasons (first team or key player) then he is added in you favorite personel list.
6) More options to be added to the match training list. E.g counter like the mentality so your counter attacks are more efficient.
7) Like the favorite personel players and managers should develop non-favorite personel.
8) Richer commentary.
9) Being able to offer contract to any player that the offer has been accepted. If you have the financial capability of offering a player 10M€/month why would the player reject. We've seen in recent years that money talks and world class players joining lesser teams for bags of money. It would only add realism to the game.
10) Regens should get taller and heavier as they grow up and not be at their max height and weight when they are 15 or 16. That's very unrealistic.
11) Penalty saving attribute for goalkeepers.
12) When you already have agreed to upgrade the facilities sometimes when the season ends the board decides to upgrade them which takes more money and more time (plus 1-2 months) to be done. It's just stupid.
13) Assist bonus on the player's contract.
14) The waste time instruction shouldn't be available only when you use contain mentality but also when you use control mentality.
15) When you win a trophy you should be able if you want to see the award ceremony like in real life.
1. Match results on FM14 were dependent on the tactic used, which can be difficult to find. I hope this changes.
2. We should be able to see the awards ceremony in 3D mode when we win a trophy.
3. Lower levels! My favourite team isn't in the 6th division. For the English league, I would love it if it went down to level 8 rather than 6.
I'd like them to try and get more licences for clubs and competitions. The Premier League and Levels 7 & 8 are examples of non-licenced leagues. Not one game currently has levels 7 & 8 licenced, so I don't see how it could be so hard to licence them for FM.
Applied other jobs - I think add other jobs in game.I think do manager job very simple and boring For example I want to be director of football,or asistant manager in game.I guess It will be awesome.
I would have liked to manage a women´s team or female national team in my building of a career. In real life many managers do this, and it would be fun to manage a female team from one of the european top leagues. Having watched some games I would say that many female matches are far more fun and exciting than many of the men´s lower league matches. Just a thought!
Introduce Female football. Leagues all over the world.

Become a U21 club manager then move onto a first team manager

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